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Posted November 22, 2016 at 1:42am

This world is widely inhabited by mysterious creatures known as Pokémon.
Pokémon harbor mysterious powers within them.
They come in many shapes and sizes and live in many different places.

Humans live alongside Pokémon.
Sometimes, as playmates, and at other times, as comrades.
As partners, as friends, as family, and so much more.
The bonds between humans and Pokémon come in many forms, not all good and not all bad.

But, what are humans?
Where do people stand in this world inhabited by Pokémon?
I’d like to believe that humans, too, hold power within them.
Whether that power resembles that of Pokémon or follows an entirely different avenue of wonders remains to be explored.

As such, I’d like to ask more about you, but as you can see, that cannot be.
I cannot even ask for your name.

Still, grant me the honor of pleasantries, though I may not deserve it.
Welcome to this world of Pokémon, this world of vast potential and endless possibilities.

And, I’m sorry.

Fingertips hovered over the console keys, lingering with the weight of finality. After the countless years they had spent poring over so many documents and files, this was it. The experiments, the research, the field tests, everything. All the small successes and breakthroughs they’ve achieved through the bitter failures and errors have culminated to this moment.

And all these fingers could convey were hollow words. These words meant everything, yet said nothing. But, so be it; that won’t be the case forever. This project was far from over, but for now, their part was done.

With another key click, the entry vanished, saved for a future generation to one day discover. A few more clicks followed, turning the monitor’s glow red as a bar began its steady journey towards its goal.

A door opened from behind. “It’s time.”

No other words were exchanged as the room emptied, leaving the doors to close upon the console just as the bar reached its goal. The console shut itself off.

Yes, this part was done.