an update!

Posted April 3, 2019 at 4:16am

how many updates will i write to only become inactive after a while? hopefully not this time! i can't guarantee i'll come on everyday, or even every week, but maybe every month? i'd love to keep up with you all.

so anyway! hey, name's bee. i guess i'm still part of the staff?? i remember applying and feeling proud that like, 12 year old me or smth was courageous enough to do that! and actually getting the part made me feel ~special~ but if i had to be a helping hand in any forum on the internet, it would be here

i can't say i always had that feeling tho? i stopped being active because i was growing up i guess? i didn't wanna be tied to the internet too much, or if i was, i would rather be updating my irl friends online. tbh i felt shameful/embarrassed because i didn't know anyone who had internet friends. i thought maybe people would think it was weird, or warn me about the ~dangers of the internet~ but i'm in a much happier place now, with loving open-minded people who i tell everything about! i hope i can have y'all in my circle of friends again, cause if you come to toronto i'll welcome u with some ayce sushi naw mean

i'm not sure how i was when i was active. probably cringey and over the top? sorry for that, haha! i'm still pretty cringey and can get super hype and annoying over certain things but i'd say i've calmed down a lot. i'm 21 now (kahdfsd i feel so old compared to some of you now??? bruh) so i've done a lot of growing up. let's finally catch up i guess???

irl stuff: i'm in college lol i don't even think i was here during my high school years. but i'm working toward a degree in graphic design! i luv art and i really hope to be a part of the art industry somehow but it seems like graphic design is the most accessible way to do that so ya lmao i'm not particularly good at it. shrugs!! i also have a job that can be super fun but super stressful cause i commit way too much into a pART TIME JOB but i basically work at eb games/game stop??? hehe also i have a v loving bf who is probably the only person who really knows that i have internet friends?? tbh it's only brae because we interact on twitter from time to time but if i told him about you all i'm sure he'd think it's cool!! he makes me very happy

interests: i still luv a lot of things from back then, like niche video games and pokemon and drawing and memes but here's a bunch of other stuff that might be new
- broadway?? recently been loving heathers and mean girls, so tempted to go to nyc to watch mean girls because baRRETT WILBERT WEED
- kpop!!! stan twice
- lots and lots of games!! indie games are sweet, would highly recommend moonlighter; am also watching a let's play of yakuza and hfhsfsre so good????
- MOTHER/EARTHBOUND my fave game series of all time. pls nintendo, pls reggie, mOTHER 3
- figure collecting/special edition collecting! i have a bookshelf dedicated to all that
- workiNG OUT!!! guess who's tryna keep their lazy ass from being... lazy? dis gal
- anime!!! i luv cardcaptor sakura, one punch man, k-on!, bunny girl senpai, etc.

how to contact me: we don't need to chat everyday or interact that often, but i'd still love to get to know y'all again, even if it's thru mindless tweets or occasional meme posting. my twitter is @swagomba and i also have discord, pls msg me privately for that

i guess that's that. if you read all this bravo, pls post a as proof lmao i miss y'all. sorry i disappeared. hope it's not tooooo late :'(

April 5, 2019 at 8:55pm
BEE HELLO! I already said so in my stream post reply, but it is wonderful to see you on R50 again!
It's awesome to hear that you're working on a graphic design degree, and that you have a loving bf who makes you feel happy!
Related to anime, are you into Mob Psycho 100 at all?
April 7, 2019 at 6:04pm
omg I haven't watched it but I would love to when I get the time! I loooove one punch man tho like, i'm out here tryna get a body pillow of him LOL