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so i just want to bring this to light

July 21, 2012 at 10:59am

Please Read this.

It might be long but it’s important, to me at least.

Last summer a major car crash happened in my village. I honestly didn’t take notice of it until I found out who was involved. All three people in the car were my neighbors. Bob & Margret (Married) who lived across the street from me and Stan who lived next door to me. They were all elderly. Stan was driving and I believe Margret was in the passengers seat. Stan who had some sort of seizure or stroke ran into a tree which caused the accident. Margret didn’t believe in seat-belts and also wasn’t wearing one at this time died of blood loss before she could make it to the hospital.

Stan and Bob were okay but Bob was put in a nursing home and Stan was put into a assisted living arrangement so their houses are kinda lonely now. Bob also blames himself for his wifes death, saying he should have made her wear a seat-belt. It’s incredibly saddening.

However, today I learned something new that makes me infuriated and even sadder. Stan who is actually 98 to be specific, served in the war and countless other things is being charged with reckless homicide.

what do I do? What is there to do? How am I supposed to have any faith in my country?