The end

Posted October 3, 2015 at 9:16am

This post is very long overdue, I know. A year overdue at the least. Route 50 came to my mind this morning, along with a lot of other things, as something I did wrong. When I get scared of a situation...I run. I drop the thing I'm scared of and try my hardest to never deal with it again. Today though, I'm facing that head on by making this post to say...

I'm sorry.

To Frostia and Leafio
I'm sorry for not being a good friend when that was something I, both then and now, strive to be. One of you I ran from when you needed a friend, the other I smothered with over friendship. In each it caused hurt feelings and skewed ideas. I'm cannot apologize enough to each of you for both the pain I caused you and harboring hurt feelings towards you.

To Kat and Xeta
I'm sorry for causing so much strife as a mod and in the community in general. I was a wide eyed idealist with good intentions and bad skills at dealing with indigent people (something that has not improved with time). I'm sorry for making more work for both of you and if I caused you to dislike R50 at all.

To Mae and Candy
I'm sorry for dropping StEB. It got hard for me to RP and I just ran from it. That was really wrong of me considering I condemned someone else for doing the same and I am so sorry.

To the rest of the Route
I'm sorry for leaving behind half finished stories with promises of more. I'm sorry for stirring up trouble without any purpose. And I'm sorry for vanishing without a trace.

And finally, I'm sorry that this will be my final post on Route 50. I won't be returning after today. I wish every member of this site only the best. You guys helped me a lot, whether you know it or not.