100 pageviews

Posted July 27, 2010 at 1:42pm

So, just wanted to get a word out that I finally reached 100 pageviews on my base. I know it is not much, but I will take it. I honestly didn't expect that many. My myspace took almost a year to reach that many pageviews (I no longer have a myspace in case you were wondering).

Well, outside of that, my clinicals for echocardiography are going pretty terrible... I am thinking about quitting and working toward another career, but I am not sure how I can manage that. I am doing terrible, making so many mistakes, and overall feel hatred toward the field because I am terrible and making mistakes. For those that are Christians, pray for me, for those that aren't, keep me in your thoughts.

Oh, a bright spot is that I got tickets to see the Idaho Vandals play near where I live. I am really excited to go see that game now =D

Well, I think I will wrap my little blurb up here.