Digimon and Pokemon, Deathnote and FMA

Posted May 22, 2009 at 9:32pm

Me: *whistles as I spin around*

Light: *watches as Misa growls at Chibi*

Misa: Why are you watching her?!

Ryuk: *walks in with Al, Terra and Arwen* I see she's bored again.

Me: Not me, I was trying to beat my record of spins. *still spinning*

Al: *laughes* That Chibi loves to learn.

Me: :3 Al-kun! *finishes and tackles him* Hi Terra and Arwen!

Terra: *swishes her tail in greeting* Good evening Child of Love.

Winry: Since when is she a digidestined?

Me: Who knows, Terra always calls me that.

Arwen: Nyaaa! *chases her tail*

Ryuk: Your Skitty is hyper again.

Me: She is , must be the catnip. *picks her up as Kayley comes in with a Ratacate*

Misa: *screeches* Ewwwwww!

Me: Kayley leave Mr. Mouse alone.

Kayley: Pers!

Me: Ugh that Persain. *picks up Mr. Mouse and returns him* He isn't mine Kayley, he's a friends. Ugh great.