So... hello again.

Posted February 28 at 12:11pm

It's been a good six years since I've even thought about this website, and in the wake of Pokémon Day just a couple days ago, my brain just decided to unlock my very buried memories of this website. After a couple days of trying to get back into my account, here I am once again.

I guess I should introduce myself again. I'm The Conceptionist; most of you likely know me as either SpectrobeMaster or GamerGodPKMN. Over the last six years, I've grown an actual brain, transed my gender, and decided that Gen 3 really isn't my favorite. It's Gen 4 now. I honestly didn't expect this website or the community inside of it to have survived by the time I remembered this website, but I'm pretty happy to be wrong.

Because I hate what 2011~2014 me was like, I elected to wipe my Stream, my five(?) Journals, and my three Galleries that I had posted before abandoning this account. My forum posts should still be up and accessible if you need a laugh, though. In addition to this Journal, I just made a Forum post in the Pokémon category to talk about the Pokémon of the Year poll, which you should check out.

Hopefully I should be around more often. I missed this place.


May 7 at 10:43pm
We love coming back to major PHP errors. Still mean what I said, though.