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May 21 at 2:33am
so a few days ago i was on register 1, closest to the door. whoever's on reg 1 usually greets people ("hi, welcome to culver's!") its kind of a running joke that i say it too quiet for people to hear (fair point). so JM challenges me to a game. greet people, but don't say culver's. just something that sounds like culver's. if a customer notices you said something different, you lose. he demonstrated by saying "hey folks, welcome to carver's." which the couple didn't notice. i… continue reading


May 3 at 9:03pm
suh dudes. life has been... 6/10

we've been SHORT as HECK at work dude. its sooo bad. chill days like mondays and tuesdays feel more like fridays. i actually have to do my job. its bullshit. some guy named JB is working again, he used to work here before i was hired. apparently the dude is a legend, they say he closes custard machine in 10 minutes... how. anyway JB is a really cool guy, young, was stationed in north carolina (so idk why hes here?? or how long hes gonna be working here). the f… continue reading


April 5 at 4:49pm
suhhhh dudes. life has been 7/10.

> work <
theyve been putting me on drive more (last week i was on drive 3 times). i was kinda :/ about it at first, but i dont mind it as much now because i have the experience and feel more confident on it. on the 3rd day i didn't make any mistakes (not to say that i make mistakes a lot, its just occasional little things like remembering to repeat the order back to them, queue up drinks, etc.) time management, speed, proactivity, and communication ar… continue reading

work journal

March 21 at 7:43am
yesterday was z e s t y guys
so we've been super short-handed these past few days (but we are getting new employees soooo). things are really disorganized and stuff. well, one of the fans in the kitchen stopped working and the restaurant filled up w/ smoke. the fire alarm started going off. and it kept going off. like, D would run to turn it off, and seconds later it would start up again lmao. meanwhile literally all of us are like :3 cause it really breaks up the monotony, yanno? one of my cow… continue reading

thanks 4 the reminder :)

February 17 at 11:03pm
this journal is about my Job

its going great tbh i love my job my coworkers are great and its a good challenge and i think they like me there?? anyway let me spin you some tales of my work so far

> yesterday two of my coworkers (C and D) found like, pills?? loose pills? under the counter and they were like "wtf" so were making all these jokes about these mysterious pills and D was like "nah but seriously... what are these?" and i, in my infinite knowledge (more like,… continue reading


January 3 at 6:33pm
hey its ur gal apsa here w some Life Updates! things are going Awesome so im happy~~~~~

general stuff [hide] i asked my doc to up the dosage of my adderall the smallest he could (because i noticed that it lost effectiveness the longer/more consistently i took it, and that meant i was developing a tolerance, which worried me because its adderall were talkin about, so...). i'm still taking a really small dose, but i feel like it's made a lot of difference! it doesn't fall off anymore, and it ju… continue reading