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January 3 at 6:33pm
hey its ur gal apsa here w some Life Updates! things are going Awesome so im happy~~~~~

general stuff [hide] i asked my doc to up the dosage of my adderall the smallest he could (because i noticed that it lost effectiveness the longer/more consistently i took it, and that meant i was developing a tolerance, which worried me because its adderall were talkin about, so...). i'm still taking a really small dose, but i feel like it's made a lot of difference! it doesn't fall off anymore, and it ju… continue reading

job journal. jobnal

December 11, 2017 at 5:24pm

right so i walk into the best buy w/ my portfolio n shit and say i have an appointment at 4 with the assistant manager named tim. i was 10mins early so i just scoped out the store, the employees looked not dead inside so that was a plus. at 4 on the dot tim walks out and i was expecting Assistant Manager Tim to be some middle aged grouchy guy (idk why) but he was actually an early 20… continue reading

some quick reflections

November 8, 2017 at 10:40pm
this is mostly pertaining to emotions during school and social interactions. irritability + bitchiness + resentment + loneliness + sadness... there have been some changes for the past couple months in the way i act during school, and i have no idea what to think/feel about it

this is just a smaller thing before i get to the main topic here, but... ive been feeling, especially lately, people seem to take and take from me, and don't give back. don't really consider my feelings much, or what i w… continue reading

i feel 100% super good yell heah

September 24, 2017 at 10:58pm
just some updates and things

> im so... done with my anxiety. not done like, "ugh just end it" but like... i just dont give a shit anymore lol. my anxiety tries to be like "hey remember me suhhhh dude" and i just slam dunk it and it doesnt bother me, cause i know it makes 0 sense. this relatively new feeling was what allowed me to go to thee oh sees concert! i think a big part of it is... it really hurts so much when i look back on like, my entire life, and realize… continue reading


June 6, 2017 at 3:23pm
wow for the most part things have been going really well for me so im super happy

things that are good:
ill start w/ my birthday, which was the 3rd, i turned 17;
it was really nice, because it was on a saturday my dad was home. so i woke up that morning and get out of bed and theres this big ass box with a bag beside it and im like wtf so i open the big ass box first and its a fricking TURNTABLE for RECORDS and stuff and im like holy heck but then im like,, i dont have any records
… continue reading

i should be doing math but im writing this instead

May 14, 2017 at 3:47pm
i feel super good, mental health wise. my particular cocktail of medicine is really working. genuine, non-manic motivation, a sleep medicine that knocks me out (so for the first time in Literally Forever, my sleep schedule is normal!) im not a fan of the side effects (mainly the blurry vision, and bad memory - like the tip of your tongue feeling or forgetting what you were about to say/do. but those are pretty inconsequential.
i'll be taking driving lessons soon (nearly 17 and ive never driven … continue reading