Posted January 3 at 6:33pm

hey its ur gal apsa here w some Life Updates! things are going Awesome so im happy~~~~~

general stuff




im a late bloomer lol, seems like ive got a lot to catch up on, sometimes i get a little overwhelmed. a new social environment with my coworkers (oops how do i interact with humans again??) and hopefully make some friends and some money. look at colleges and what i'll do during/after my gap year, try (unsuccessfully) to not worry as much about the future. practice, practice, practice... guitar, singing, harmonica, korean. amass musical knowledge. with my job and school, theres just not a lot of time in the day... :/ and OH GOD I JUST REALIZED THE LCS SEASON STARTS SOON I WON'T HAVE TIME TO WATCH THE GAMES HOLY SHIT IM CRYING...... well all my schoolwork is done sooo, ill watch them at school, and play wow, they cant stop me >:) once school is over, with the gap year, it should be easier, more free time, practice time. i'm working at m a x i m u m c a p a c i t y cause thats what it takes. working hard... im not used to it lol. but im gonna keep at it, the instruments, the studying, all of it.

okay thanks for reading im gonna practice more, later

January 3 at 6:54pm
dude YOU GOT THIS!!! keep working hard. if you ever need motivation or anything hit me up because I am.. pro self-motivator :'| I'm so glad you're dedicating yourself to all these fun awesome things. I never thought about how much physical work guitar is lol.. you have a plan, work to stick to it ;^)) we are always in your corner
January 3 at 7:09pm
thanks i appreciate it ♥ :D and yeah i didn't realize it would hurt either, i mean i knew my fingertips would (esp. cause im using steel strings) but you need to be Strong to play some chords.