various work stories

Posted May 21, 2018 at 2:33am

so a few days ago i was on register 1, closest to the door. whoever's on reg 1 usually greets people ("hi, welcome to culver's!") its kind of a running joke that i say it too quiet for people to hear (fair point). so JM challenges me to a game. greet people, but don't say culver's. just something that sounds like culver's. if a customer notices you said something different, you lose. he demonstrated by saying "hey folks, welcome to carver's." which the couple didn't notice. it was back and forth all evening. calvin's, crushers, calzones, craig's (this one technically makes sense since craig culver is the chairman of culver's), and the boldest ones i said were "hi, welcome to coleslaw" and "hi, welcome to khrushchev's". no one called either of us out lol.

KS apparently stashed a slice of cheese behind the shake machine. he kept showing people the cheese. we didn't want to see the cheese

JM had to change the lights, which must be done by getting on a Very Tall Ladder. only JM could do this, cause he was the only one who knew how to change the lights. however, this is complicated by the fact that JM is afraid of heights. of course we all took advantage of this. TT kept nudging JM's back, and KS would blow kisses at him to distract him.

theres a regular who comes in every day and orders the same thing. one scoop of lemon ice with Extra Raspberries and a cupholder. TT said "he's making a fort with all those cupholders." i happened to tender the guy, and when i shut the drive window i said to OL, "that dude's car smells so nice." i open the window and hand the guy the lemon ice and he says very meaningfully, "thanks for that."

speaking of drive, i kind of like it now. idk. a few days ago these two girls said i was really nice :) and yesterday a guy said i was doing great, he even used the term "on fire" lol.

the other day i was Sluggish (due to not getting any sleep cause i was watching msi lol). JM got wind of this. as ive mentioned, JM uses various Substances, which are just barely within legal limits, to keep himself focused and awake. he takes me to the back office, where DL is doing schedules. JM gives me two large pills, and then takes a cup and puts some powder in it, swirls it around, and advises me to chug it quickly cause it "takes like metal. or ass." i say, "metal ass?... iron man's ass?" the two are cracking up, and im like "how do u know what iron man's ass tastes like?" and DL says, "i mean... i wouldn't say no, u know what i mean?" JM says "yeah dude iron man is a snack."
so i ingest the Liquid and the Pills and i s2g i think it was LSD. Colors were Happening so much. and i had ENERGY guys. like, my mental was still in sleep deprivation mode, but physically, i could fight someone. JM went to water the plants, and when he comes back he sees the countertops and cabinets Clean and he just laughs and goes "i told you it would work!" later on i stopped back in the manager's office to get some applications and chatted with DL, i made him laugh a lot so it was good :)

KV showed up after we closed, and scared the shit out of me as i was cleaning the countertops in the drive thru lol. i opened the window, she said "IM COMING IN" and literally climbs thru the window.