Posted July 30, 2018 at 11:42pm

im typing this on my phone dont @ me
last week we had the All-Team Meeting. according to DL, the owner roasts us and then tells us what a good job were doing so naturally i was hoping to get hit by a bus on my way to the meeting so i wouldnt have to be there. we kicked it off with the owner yelling at us to yell the culvers motto guys i shit u not we had to say it about 11-13 times (sorry dont know the exact amount i was gettin lightheaded) before she was appeased. then each manager said smth, JM was talking about availability and when he was done he goes "by the way i just wanna give a shoutout to kathleen" (me: buffering) "she closes all the time and has great availability" (everyone caps, albert einstein gives me a medal etc.) DL was like "yeah last night she came in to close, on her day off". then CL was like "shes the real mvp". then the owner says "if u have availability like kathy's, it will be easier on everyone. great job, kathy." me: (i guess getting ur employees names wrong is a power move of some sort). anyway now JM crosses out kathleen and writes kathy in the schedule just to grind my gears. yesterday i told him i only go by kathleen at work, everyone else calls me katie and his mind was blown lol.

last night i was only supposed to be 12-5 but i knew someone wasnt gonna come in so DL was like "close for me?" and im like... cause no one else would be able to so, yeah. im glad i did. DC, an older lady who sounds like she eats 2 packs of cigarettes a day and is kinda lazy but super friendly in a mom-type was so its okay, had to close dining, then she left (while i was still closing front, i mean i was mostly done but w/e, if it was p much any other employee, they would be expected to stick aroud and help, no matter if its front or kitchen or dishes who is behind). so DL goes to check dining after DC leaves (ive got my music in idgaf) and then DL walks by me looking PISSED. which is weird to me bc ive never seen him pissed b4. im like "uhh everything okay??" and hes like "im sorry kathleen, i would help you, but i basically have to redo dining" and im like ?????? he shows me pics he just took and sent to the manager group chat. gross tables, some with napkins still on them, unswept floors, trash not changed, ice not filled, teas not drained, soda nozzles not cleaned. basically DC didnt do shit. he reads the text he sent along w the pics, which was not a happy text. but i agreed with it. we chatted for a min about DC, i said "if she needed help lifting something, im right here. i dont like when we have 2 people on reg and say im on drive and ive got 5 custard orders down and no ones coming to help. if u cant even close dining, what are you doing here??" DL totally agreed w my sentiments. he said i could leave when im done closing front but i was like Nah Bruh and i helped him close dining.
when we were walking out hes thanking me, and he says "yeah normally i dont close sundays, but cause were still down a manager i get sundays." then he kinda stops and turns to me and says "have you thought about being a manager?? cause youd be great. no pressure or anything, only if youre willing." i dont remember what exactly i said but i was like "yeah im totally interested." or smth. but yeah

now on to the kinda main point of this journal which is, also last week i worked 53 hours
in 1 week, 53 hours. anything over 40 is overtime, which is time and a half, which is why the owner is apparently pissed lmao. whatever its not my fault, its not bc of the money, more like if they need me im there yanno?? so i forgot how it was brought up (i think JM dared me to drink some Mysterious Floor Liquid that he was mopping up) and i was like "ur gonna have to give me a bonus for me to do that. or a promotion or something" and JM's just like "huh i didnt know u wanted to be a shift leader." and i was like "neither did i." and he kinda made a face and i was like "what, u dont think i would be good?" and hes like "noooo the opposite, you would be good." so were like Talking about it, he told me id have to deal w customers (which is the only way in which he seemed hesitant about Shift Leader Kathleen, but ive never had to deal w customers b4 so) but he said i caught on reaaaaally quickly (which i honestly thought i didnt?? like when i learned to close custard machine it took me like 5 diff people to teach me lol). i forgot what he said at this point cause i was p much blacking out but he said something along the lines of "i can put it into motion". cause the owner loves JM, and CL is easily swayed by JM (not in like a shady kind of way, more like CL focuses on more Business type stuff, while JM does more coworker type stuff).

uhhh so yeah im probably gonna get promoted?? idk if i would make a good shift leader. at least, DL and JM endorse me (tonight JM said i was the best worker we have) KS said i would make a good shift leader the other day...,,, but then again im moody, idk how to deal w customers, ive never been in such a leadership position before, im not sure my coworkers would see me as a shift leader. but i just wanna be someone who can be trusted and who inspires my coworkers to do better (hopefully its not just me but, when i see one of my coworkers putting in 110%, it inspires me to work that hard too). i just want everyone happy and doing their jobs (the latter some people are pretty bad at, i mean everyone has their off days but cmon) cause sometimes whoevers on dining doesnt clean out there at all throughout the night. Bitch Do Ya Job Thanks.
also if im promoted i get More Money (making 9$/hr currently, apparently its 10.25$/hr just in manager training sooo, still not A Whole Lot but a lot better than 9, this really would be a perfect job if i got paid more). also also they wont put me on drive as much probably. also also also i would get to wear a tie. (closes like 19 tabs of wacky ties i was just browsing)

the owner was supposed to stop by today, but she didnt (which means JM, DL, and CL live another day). when she sees that 53 hours from kathleen someones leaving culvers in a body bag lol. shes probably gonna be here tomorrow then, i wonder if her and the mangers will talk about me??????

song ive been listening to a lot:
sever by porcupine tree
a song with a sense of "motion", idk how to explain. like, songs that almost seem to move in space or smth?? they sound like theyre moving?? idk. a few songs i really like capture this effect for me, a lot of songs by space/prog band hawkind are the main culprits, this tune is a perfect example. but with sever, its more of a "suspension" type effect (which is fitting when you take a look at the album cover which is one my fav covers (remind me to make forum post about album covers btw??)) yeah special thanks to porcpuine tree singer/guitarist/keyboarder/ipod destroyer steven wilson for rereleasing new mixes of prog albums and getting people interested in prog. like some old ass albums were soooo shittily mixed (looks at gentle giant's octopus, jethro tull's too old to rock n' roll to yo7ng to die, caravan's cunning stunts) but with his remixes its like hearing them for the first time again its Great i love steven wilson he is my dad

also btw if u hit me up on discord im not ignoring u im just Computerless
um yeah bye