jk i quit

Posted September 3, 2018 at 11:12pm

i went to the ren faire and it was gr8, also im writing my two weeks right now. hm

so with work, basically ive been very :/ about it these past few weeks and it came to a head today and im BEYOND PISSED... i started to cry while typing this bc im so frustrated lol.

i got promoted right??? yay!! except i didnt really tell you guys all that went into that, which is me threatening to quit. the short of it is, the owner, S, didnt want me to be a shift leader because JM is still here (tho he only works like 20hrs a week now). originally all the managers agreed to train me behind S's back, but i guess she found out?? but she hasnt said anything about it and im officially in training so i guess shes cool with it or someone talked some sense into her or whatever. but they said i was gonna start training a few weeks ago and then they delayed it. i told JM i was gonna put in my two weeks unless they put me on the schedule to train this week (yeah this was a few weeks ago). so they went and changed the schedule last second, but stil a week later than they said they would lol). the only reason i was gonna stay was to be a shift leader, and i said that.
ur probably like BUT APSA??? U LIKE UR JOB?????? WTF???
not really, as of these past few weeks. and today is the nail in the coffin (btw any advice/different perspectives would be appreciated)
well theyre opening a new location in a different town. which has caused Issues.
> J, the manager of the new location, has been doing the schedule for us for a while now. DL and/or JM used to do it and it was gr8. but now, J doesnt know anything cause he doesnt know any of us or where we are best. i can count several weeks in which i was on drive thru all day, every day. everyone knows i dont like drive. now i get if sometimes i have to be on drive, which is Fine I Guess. when DL was doing the schedule, i asked him to try his best not to put me on drive for the whole day (i have tinnitus. being on drive for 11 hours sucks. a lot.) DL heeded my request, god bless. J doesnt. im training to be a shift leader and im on drive all the damn time, but... why not anywhere else?? for example, i dont know how to close 2 of 4 closing positions, and ive still been in kitchen just Once. leads me to my next point...
> S has been sending new location people to train with us. okay i guess. meanwhile they havent trained me in kitchen yet (ive asked 1000000 times... like it needs to happen). we have new people in kitchen from day 1 (btw for new location peoples first day there working 10 hours like what... when we get new people they work like 4hr shifts to start out). okay what??? so we have the resources to train new people in kitchen on their first day yet i havent been trained yet????? what???
> when im at work, i do the jobs of 3 people at once. this isnt me being like "wow im so good i work so hard" its more like "if im not working at 210% capacity, nothing would get done". new people arent trained in making custard for some stupid reason, and DC and PK (mainly) are on register a lot, but when someone orders custard whoever is on reg has to make it, but they just never do??? and if i dont do it (while 9 times out of 10 being on drive, keep in mind) we will have custard orders waiting for like 12 or 13 minutes. between new people and the older people who work here (DC, PK mainly) none of them can/know how to do custard machine/shake machine/p much any damn thing. people say i work hard, but i have no choice because people dont do their jobs, and people are not being properly trained.
i come home e x h a u s t e d. just drained. and ACHING. i never, ever have a moment to breathe. cause theres custard thats been there for 9 mintues. or someone just pulled up in drive thru. or im pouring buckets of water down the custard machine. or whoever worked earlier didnt bother to fill ice in the dining room, and i have to carry 10 buckets of ice there to fill it up or else there will be 0 ice.
> i get everyone has different abilities. but im deadass sick of people not helping out. if im on drive and have like 5 custard orders up, and say DC is on reg and its dead in dining, WHY is she not helping me make custard??? today she was rollinh her eyes and complaining cause she had to make 2 custards like are you insane (guys i was THIS CLOSE || TO SNAPPING I SWEAR TO GOD...)... youve never closed custard machine and front while being on drive. in fact youve never done any of those things. you cant even do the most basic shit, youre useless. bottom line.
theres a woman named MK, shes gonna be a manager at the new location. she gets to sit down in the middle of her shifts. just... whenever she feels like it... she doesnt get clocked out, shes getting paid to sit. Um Okay I Guess. i feel like if u cant even be on your feet for your entire shift without needing to sit down, you cannot do this job.
> NAIL IN THE COFFIN: tonight, MK let it slip how much she makes. wanna know???? 11.25.... LET ME PUT THIS INTO PERSPECTIVE FOR YOU just so you know HOW MAD I WAS... or, AM... starting is 8.75 (minimum wage). raise after 2 months, except mine was after 6 months (KS waited even longer). so up to 9$. manager training gets 10.25, then 10.50 after 2 months (so, probably never). meanwhile this BRAND NEW PERSON WHO CAN'T EVEN DO THEIR JOB GETS 11.25 AN HOUR. DUDE. WHAT. THE. HECK.
starting pay anywhere else is so much higher... the pay here is trash.

>>> basically even tho i just got promoted, im writing my 2 weeks tonight and im gonna hand it in tomorrow. im terribly overworked, grossly underpaid, being given the run around... it just sucks these days.

it was great i went with my sister and OL (nice to g somewhere with a friend of my own for once). i bought a sword. and a cloak.
my sister has been to the faire before and she was like "guys. no matter what. we NEED to see broon." and were like yeah sure idk who broon is but well see his act i guess. guys. broon is a magician, a hot old guy (i told my sister "you didnt tell me he was hot" and she was like "yeah he seemed like ur type" and i said "wait i have a type" lol). hes like the funniest person ever probably. like i cant even quote stuff he said cause it was just rapid fire joke after joke, my cheeks and stomach hurt from laughing so hard. for his finale he juggled a bowling ball, flaming torch, and an apple which he took bites of while juggling and not messing up??? how??? at the end he was like "theres a lot of different people here. old, young, black, white, democrat, republican, anything and everything". and he said how despite these differences we all just laughed together for an hour, and he said we should try to spred joy and laughter in our lives as well.
we were hungry so we went to get Food, and we got some cheese fritters. this middle aged soccer mom lookin lady next to us was like "wow dont those taste great?" and i was like "theyre like crack" and the lady laughs a lot, then just sits back and says "they ARE like crack." so we chat with her and its her 1st time at the faire, she said she lived in the area but never bothered to go, she said she should have gone sooner.

i was looking for internships at radio stations. most said u have to be enrolled in college to be elligible for an internship. i dont wanna go to college yet lol. one station, my fav, didnt say anything on their site about internships, theres just a page to submit ur resume. the only way to contact is thru the emails of staff directly.
i could also just straight up apply for a radio job (i have 0 experience but u can bet that bippy i can talk circles around Jim The Baby Boomer about classic rock and you can quote me on that). idk... advice??? what to do?? i want my dream job :')

September 5, 2018 at 4:02pm
Ok, I just got a chance to sit down and read all this! I really like reading your journals, they have a certain style to them that I like. :thinking emoji:
I'm really sorry about your job, that sounds awful. But, as toxic as it was, I hope that it's sort of a relief to be leaving.
I'm glad you enjoyed the fair, that sounds so cool!
Good luck on the internship!! I really hope you get accepted, it really does seem like something you'd be interested in. :)
September 4, 2018 at 9:05pm
dude....I'm not in a state to comment as fully on this as I'd like to, but holy shit that sounds like it sucks, I'm sorry we didn't know the full story I feel like I encouraged you so much and that might've not been good if you were feeling this way :( i hope you find a better job that treats you well, if you decide to look for one!!! on the bright side I'm so glad you enjoyed the faire!!
September 4, 2018 at 10:09pm
nah man no worries at all, i realized i was kinda only posting good stuff lol, it never used to be this bad tho. thanks :D