just me talking about stuff journal #91861821

Posted September 17, 2018 at 3:09am

may not be the best place to post this but this is the only Social Media™ i have and i got to tell someone so. for the past few weeks at work have kinda sucked cause i dont really care anymore. i used to take pride in my work and try my best every day and now i have to remind myself to keep myself busy. monday was no different, i was closing manager (cause theyre still training me even tho im leaving neato i guess) and rg and ks were there. rg and ks were vaping some thc oil and my mom was late picking me up and they offered me some and i was like "why the heck not" ive heard thc and bipolar can be Iffy together, and ive never been high before. i took 2 dabs (is this the correct terminology?? im gonna Suburban White Mom this shit) and it was pretty cool. my body felt Yeah, and music sounded even better than it usually does. i kept squinting and making weird facial expressions tho. my mind wandered to Bigger Picture Thoughts. it felt extremely similar to a manic state.
also both g2 (contrary to my expectations) AND cloud9 qualified for worlds so hell yea
also also i just have today and tomorrow and then im done at my job :( im leaving all my friends behind. whats weird is this is like the first real time ive made friends on my own tbh, most of my schoolfriends were like, younger siblings of my sisters friends so then by association we would be friends, yanno?? but now im like Aaah my friends. i made these. all mine. grrrrrr
um so heres some music ive been eating cause i feel like feeling stuff and also like talking about something and what better thing than music and feelings ???

hunnybee by unknown mortal orchestra

normally im kinda ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about music videos, a lot of the artists i listen to dont have music videos, for those that do, i dont really seek them out. i finally got around to listening to UMO's latest album, which is SO FRICKIN GOOD, and i really liked this track on it (also ministry of alienation!!) so i was looking for a link. figured id give the music video a gander, and i love it! its cozy and yet hopeful. i think the animation style, kinda simple and sketchy in my eyes, hints to a sense of naivety of the girl?? idk. the ending is interesting too, i like how it takes what i saw as positive and plants seeds into ur mind of Bad things that could happen, and is left ambiguous.

skateaway by dire straits
1) mark knopfler is one of the greatest guitarists ever
2) see #1
one thing i noticed in a lot of my favorite bands/artists is that they do character study type songs (steely dan for example, my #1 fav band, likes to write songs about people. but the people they write about are usually creeps or losers or criminals. you can see why i like this band). i think dire straits were great at this type of song, just talking about someone you could see on the street. skateaway is just a wholesome, happy song. i LOVE mark knopfler's voice too. many people, when dire straits were getting big and hell even now, claimed knopfler was just doing a crappy bob dylan impression and cited the singing as the weak point in dire straits, but i couldn't disagree more. theres so much emotion in how he sings. like, in this song especially, you can HEAR the smile in his voice.

lead a normal life by peter gabriel
this song is one of a few that hits my feeling receptors hard. its from my favorite peter gabriel album (fun fact: peter banned cymbals on this album. a weird and very fitting stylistic choice. to me it had the effect of one of those light dimmer switches, a warm bright room's lights being dampened to dark shadows), really just one of my favorite albums overall. i thought it was an instrumental upon first listen, cause the lyrics dont come in for a while. but the single verse manages to transform the song into something intimately familiar to me.

inner cell by king gizzard and the lizard wizard
my favorite modern band. their 4th of 5 albums released last year, and far and away the best, imo. the song is from polygondwanaland, a concept album based around ~p o l y r h y t h y m s~ and i was HOOKED. inner cell is frickin transcendental. like from 2:35 or so onwards its just so ridiculously good, like, its unfair to all the other songs out there. kgatlw make very noisy music, theyre a 7 man outfit with 2 drummers, and most of their members play multiple instruments. polygondwanaland gives each sound a space in the album, so it never feels overcrowded, more like everything is balanced, things surface when they're ready, none of the instruments meddling with one another.

one of these days by pink floyd
this song is hypnotic. two basslines, the jam in the second half gives me life. the lyric was directed at a radio dj the band didn't like. people discard pre-dsotm floyd but its gr8. burning bridges, from obscured by clouds, is tied with one of these days for my fav floyd song.

starless by king crimson
so king crimson are, like, the Kings of progressive rock. this song is from their album red, their last album of the 60's-70's, red was released in 74. red took some time to grow on me tbh, but its like my 2nd fav king crimson album. so after red, the band Split Up. in the 80's there were rumors of the band getting back together with a fresh new lineup and the people who weren't like "what the heck is a king crimson" were like "haha grandiose prog rock in 1980?? nice try" cause yeah prog had, for the most part, been phased out by the 80s. THEN robert fripp, the only constant of king crimson, guitar god and also god, was like "nah check it" and revealed his new lineup of tony levin, bill bruford, adrian belew, and himself. this quartet released the MASTERPIECE, my favorite album E v e r, 1981's discipline, which embraced the 80's with open arms while still being very king crimson-ish.
but starless is a sad one for me because of the lyrics, its almost like they all knew they were donezo after the album. cause they kinda did, cause they were in debt and shit. but around 9:10 when it Spices up. unf. j a z z y.
at least they had a triumphant comeback.

andy by frank zappa and the mothers of invention
one thing ive been interested in lately is outsider music. outsider music is, for lack of better words, music made by people who really have no business making music. usually people in their own home studios releasing music into the void. many outsiders used to be buskers (like damo suzuki or larry fischer). frank zappa made a record label to house various outsider music acts, god bless that man. syd barrett (yeah the pink floyd one!!) and moondog are some of my fav outsider artists.
the only thing i knew about frank zappa before listening was that he made a bunch of gross songs and that was it. which is probably not true. dude was the king of satire in music, and also one of the greatest composers ever. oh and also one of the greatest guitar players. not only that, he was a big advocate for freedom of expression in music. i guarantee without his smartly roasting the senate on a regular basis things would be a lot different. like he straight up dismantled them lol. it didnt help that he had a personal vendetta cause they put a content warning on his album jazz from hell (the final album released when he was alive) even though the album was entirely instrumental.
sometimes i wonder what a keen mind like his would think of the state of the country today. sucks he died so young. he was a real sickly kid, so the doctor was like "yeah just stick radium in your nose". then he got cancer and died in his early 50's so yeah it sucks.