Posted September 23, 2018 at 3:58pm

Hey Gang so uh last day of work journal which ive been putting off cause yeah.
so my last day was Tuesday. it was alright. had a pretty lit staff tbh, so it was pretty cool.

before i tell u about tuesday i am going to tell you about monday, which is one of my favorite days thats ever happened. so i decided to close even tho i wasnt scheduled to #thuglife so i texted my mom to pick me up at 11. but RG, who was closing manager with me, was like, "i dont feel like doing my job" and i was like "heck yea big agree" so RG said shed give me a ride home so my mom wasnt mad. there have been some new players in the past few weeks i dont think ive mentioned yet: SG (a junior in highschool who is KG's younger sister), MD (who is bffs with SG) and NK (another teen, this guy is like bone thin and kinda tall, who was really quiet at first, but is super funny). SG and MD really like me for some reason?? like MD said i was her favorite to work with, which is cool. so thats everyone who was there.
we finished closing at like 11, and i hop in RG's car. shes like "just so u know, i blast music." and im like "i should hope so". so she hard blasts rap music (which i dont really listen to but i was, as the kids say, vibing). and shes like "do you wanna go home?" and i was like "no" and so she goes home, runs into her house to get her dog, and runs back out before her father wakes up. then we drive around for like an hour and a half blasting rap music and gossiping and her dog is just chillin on my lap with his head out the window and its great. normally i dont drive w the windows down, but we had all the windows down and just felt the cool night with sick trap beats shaking the car. i even stuck my hand out the window at RG's prompting (something ive only seen in movies lol), which felt pretty cool. so it was a very happy day.

okay back to tuesday. yeah it was okay, OL came in and gave me a huge bag and told me to open it when i got home. it was full of a bunch of cool stuff, a nice book, candy, a super comfy blanket... OL put a note in there. i said i wasnt gonna cry on my last day, but when i got home and read the note i was :""""| yanno?? i chilled in the managers office chatting with JM. he only works like tuesdays and on the weekends cause hes a Teacher now, he tells me stories of the kids, which is nice. he showed me and RG a pic of hi new gf. and also he was trying to get me to stay again (no). but yeah when he left at 9, he was like "youre gonna let me leave without a hug?" and we hugged, which was super nice!!! it was like, a good hug too, not like one of those weak ones u give relatives so they leave u alone lol. JM was like a cool older brother to me (i told him as much on that day), so i think im gonna miss him the most.

so i got hired at a place called buona beef. its a chicagoland area restaurant, so u might not have heard of it. its pretty okay tho. so they tried to call me and i didnt answer. then they emailed me. apparently, theres a guy who used to work at culvers who now works at buona, and when he saw on my application that i worked at culvers, he was like "yooo hire her!" even tho usually if they dont answer by phone then youre SOL. talking to JM and DL, this guy is apparently JM's archnemesis? the two didnt really like each other. so its kinda funny that hes the reason i got hired.
i just came back from orientation, actually. the assistant manager interviewed me for the 1st interview, and walked me thru orientation. the general manager was for interview number 2. the general manager seemed kinda Businesslike, but not that uptight. that interview was during a rush, so it was delayed a bit. he asked me how much i think i should get paid, i said 10.50, he said okay and after 25 days if ive proved im worth more, he would give me more. hey alright.
but during both my interviews i was looking at how the employees were. they chatted, seemed busy. general manager gave some dude a high five, which is nice. assistant manager seems pretty cool, i like him. i met a few of the other people, including the Archnemesis.
everyone seems kinda Older, which is fine i guess.

i just hope it will be as great as culvers. i dont know yet, im nervous and excited. i cant shake this weird nostalgia-ish feeling that i will be back at culvers soon. probably not, and maybe its just cause i miss my squad. eh we'll see.