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Posted November 6, 2018 at 12:15am

hey so im typing this with my radio next to me, which is currently playing the aptly named "on the radio" by cheap trick and i am eating microwaved pizza which is Very Good because i made it myself :)

right so my job!!! training took place over 4 days at the location i will be working at, which is decorated awesomely. i met my fellow employees who seem Pretty Frickin Cool! i think im the youngest but everyone is young so its chill.

for training they brought in some people. the area training lead of the Entire Midwest, and 4 other employees called "all stars". so what all stars do is they literally just travel around the country training people and talking about the company. can i get a heck yeah?? i was talking to one of them and hes like "yeah its my first trip its awesome" and he told me they get paid A Lot, they stay in nice hotels, everything including travel is paid for. he said you worked long hours but it was fun and worth it. he said to be one you have to be working for 90 days at least, then you can get picked.

when training i learned p much everything, prep (where i chop stuff with a Sharp Knife and wear a cool chainmail glove), oven (where i slung some zzas and the girl who trained me said i was really good and at my doubt she insisted she wasnt just saying that lol), line (also fun!). i didnt really talk to people much during the breaks, but every once in a while, especially as the days went on, i was able to do those cheeky bantz so people laughed ya feel me.
one of the guys came late to training cause he was still at school. area training lead told me to teach him how to press dough (he told me to because no one else was free to teach him at the moment and when i was training at the other location i pressed dough all day lol) so i trained him and it went good! i tried to crank up my (nonexistent) Teaching Skills lol
the area training lead called me over when i was about to leave today and said some stuff to me. he was basically like "i think youre like me. dark sense of humor, dont really care much for people" (which we had a good laugh at). he said he didnt normally tell people to teach other people, but that i did great. he said he was proud of my growth just over these past 4 days, and that he saw a lot of potential in me. it made me Happy lol.
that made me wonder something. it didnt hit me until on my way home from work after. im gonna put in under a thing cause it has Triggering Content

so yeah the company itself seems really cool. which is pretty dumb to say about a company. but they help out their employees, the founders are cool, and they have good philosophies. i am pretty happy to be working for them, and i R E A L L Y wanna be an all star so i can travel around the country and teach people stuff. im excited to get working and try my best.

also i need to clean my room lol. bye