Posted December 6, 2018 at 5:58pm

oh man STUFF HAPPENED SO MUCH!!!! so today i quit my pizza job and got rehired at culvers. yeah

so pizza job was pretty good, but i realized they werent gonna make me a shift leader just yet and i like being a shift leader. also i wasnt quite fitting in as well as i would have liked. plus i only get like 30hrs a week at 10.50, which is Not A Lot Of Money. i think with time i would have fit in better and enjoyed the job more, but tbh i didnt really care that much, like i feel like they dont need me that much (they tried to convince me to stay, my boss likes me and so does most everyone else but the employees are all pretty good and smart so SHRUG). i feel like i can make more of a difference at culvers, and i have more of a connection there i guess. but yeah bye pizza job. the thing im gonna miss most is the music they play there IT'S SO GOOD BRO LIKE MODERN STUFF LIKE MGMT, CAKE, AND DR. DOG AND LIKE GOOD THE WHO SONGS, TALKING HEAD DEEP CUTS, B R O they played elvis costello like every other song it was GREAT.

so what then for a job??? well back to cuvlers. lol. i stopped in the other night to say hi to my Pals and kinda see how theyre doin yanno. i walk in theres like 192812981 new people. so im like "id like to speak to the manager." the FEAR in their eyes. DL walks up and were like "heyyyy bro" lmao they were all so confused lol. then i just kinda walked behind the counter and chatted them up. turns out it was DL's last day! he was leaving. but like, all the squad were there. i was talking to the bossman and Perhaps Expressing Interest In Returning. especially cause they upped the pay a lot, plus i get a guaranteed 40hrs and everything over 40 is overtime which is time and a half so basically $$$$$. after sloshing thru the catchup chats and memes and "lol we knew u would come back" they want to train me to be Assman (assistant manager) cause JM is leaving. theyre gonna teach me how to do the schedule and all that, and shore up my shift leader training.
so im starting back there on monday. i wanna improve things over there. i want people to enjoy their jobs (most of the time at least). i want customers to be happy. im gonna make culvers great again (dont worry i wanna run into a knife after writing that).

ALSO i found out what im getting for christmas??? i was talking to my dad and hes like "whaddaya want for chirstmas" and im like "idk nothing really" and he was like "how about a bass guitar." me: ?????
turns out he noticed i talk about the bass a lot, like "oh man this song has a bitchin bassline" and i was like WTF THATS SO THOUGHTFUL and i realized like, yeah bro, i frickin LOVE the bass???? my dad said hes getting me the same model tina weymouth of the talking heads played: a fender mustang. im READY bro i think im actually gonna regularly play it unlike mr guitar lol.

okay im tired now bye