some u p d a t e s

Posted April 15, 2019 at 10:50pm

i always check in here every day even though i dont say anything much these days. cause ive been saving it all for this journal i guess lol.

so i have like a 2 1/2 week gap where i didnt work which means, no money, which is a very important thing to me right now considering ill be leaving soon. ive still got a lot of money in my account and i have the first leg of the trip all planned out and paid for. the flight from chicago to dublin is on august 26th. my itinerary so far is dublin ~ galway ~ edinburgh ~ glasgow ~ cardiff ~ london ~ malta, all throughout the month of september.

i applied for my passport last week, i cant wait for it to arrive. from there ill see if theres countries i wanna visit that need extra documentation. check my vaccinations too. ive done all the planning and booking that i possibly can at this time. i also have mostly all the Stuff im gonna need. i just need a to buy a good pair of shoes lol. and despite yesterday's impulse purchase of a nintendo switch (and why the hell are switch games so expensive), i've still got about 1500 in the bank, so with my new job (which i will have for 4 months before quitting yikes) ill have plenty of money. plus all the places im staying so far are airbnbs which are SICK!! cheaper than hotels but just as good lol. i was thinking of hostels which are even cheaper but idk if i like that dorm style. at least at the beginning, im sticking with airbnb lol. public transport will do just fine with everywhere on the trip so far, and mostly anywhere else id like to go, so thats not a big concern of mine so far.
and now, i just need to Wait. because october is the big guns. i will be following worlds (you know, the biggest league of legends tournament i shitpost about every year?? ;) ). all anyone knows is its in europe. each stage will be in a new city. so im waiting for them to release the dates and cities so i know where the fresh heck im going.

my parents seem to think im just taking like, a week or two in ireland. ill let them believe that for at least a little while longer. theyd never stop me from going, but they will definitely freak out when i tell them ill be gone for a long time. and i totally get it. just 2 years ago was when finally decided to step out of my shell and, like, Live My Life. for me to go around the world on my own must be so scary for them. i know its hard for them not to but i just dont want them to worry about me, i told my mom ill do all the worrying lol. its not gonna be easy on my end, either. even just the planning was draining. ive suffered with anxiety, depression, and bipolar, for a long time. so even though its always been my dream to travel, this is a HUGE leap. but i wouldn't waste all this money if i didnt think i could do it.

so basically this trip ill just be travelling on my own. i just wanna see new things and meet new people and be another version of me when im out. im not quite sure what i want, in the end. i dont know how long ill be gone, who knows, in the first week i might find that i hate travelling and run back home with my tail between my legs. i dont think thats how it will go though lol.
i would love to live in another country thats not america, i dont like it here. so maybe i might fall in love with some country and move there (that is difficult or so ive heard). im also putting off going to college lol, so maybe i might be able to study abroad. i dont know. but ideally, i wont be coming back.

another thing ive been focused on is Losing Weight. i want to be In Shape for when i leave, and i was doing alright, but it turns out when ur not on ur feet most of the day u have trouble losing weight. lol. so when i was jobless for like 2 1/2 weeks i didnt gain TOO much, but i definitely didnt lose any weight. i just wanna not be winded and feel confident that my body can take me where i want it to go. and also because i wanna like what i see in the mirror lol. ive been going on walks around my neighborhood at night, which is super fun cause i listen to music and i get Fresh Air.
hopefully once i start working again things will go smoother for me.

um so In Closing this is kinda dumb but, if u guys wanna offer some advice for me on these Choice Subjects i will love you FOREVER~
> how do airports work??
HELP. ive never been on an airplane before. i dont know how it works lol. i already got the ticket, but i dont physically have it, do i need to print it out (can they do that at the airport)?? if i bring my bass (see below) how will that work with my backpack?? TSA???? how much earlier before my flight should i be at the airport?? i literally dont know anything AAAAAAAAAA
> do i take everything with me?
by that i mean, everything i deem Important. because like i said ill be gone for as long as i can be, and hopefully i wont return home. i have the one backpack im gonna use, its a big boi 46L. i think im gonna bring my laptop and my switch, though i dont see myself using those very much. but the other thing i want to bring with me is my bass. ive got a nice gig bag for it, and i really love my bass, playing it is sooo much fun! and i wonder how bad what little skills i have will deteriorate if im away from it for that long. i know bringing it with me will be kind of a pain. i know if i can take my backpack and the bass on the flight without needing to check them, i dont think i can though. so thats gonna be a bit of Xtra money. its risky because it could get damaged, and kinda heavy to carry around, plus ill spend Worry Credits on it if its not with me at all times. im still feeling like my wanting to bring it is outweighing the negatives though (especially because if i dont come back, i would miss the heck out of that thing). but idk.
>do i pre plan my trip post-worlds?
the first leg of the trip is all planned and booked and paid for, now im waiting for information so i can get the second leg of the trip all planned and booked and paid for. after october though, i dont know where i'll go. i cant plan the third part without planning the second lol. ive seen a lot of folks online talk about how they never plan, because they really like this city or met someone they wanna hang out with or an event is going on they wanna see, and not planning their trip ahead of time allows them much more freedom to go wherever the wind takes them and spend more time doing the things they really wanna do. that sounds awesome to me, but on the other hand the idea of Not Planning makes me nervous. not knowing where you'll be sleeping in a weeks time, plus accommodations and things like that might all be full. plus its more expensive to book things last minute. but i would be planning my trips, while im on my trips. sounds kinda Whack.
my thought for this was to plan up until after the new year. because october+november+december is Holidays, which is people travelling, which means things will be more full and more expensive. after say mid january depending on how comfortable with it i feel, ill go with a more fly by night approach.
any good music for travelling?
G I V E I T T O M E!!!!!!!!! i have 2 playlists for travel, a bigger one with travel themed songs and songs i think would be nice when im away. the smaller one is songs that give me Feelings that relate to setting off on this journey. i might post this playlist when the time comes.

so if u guys have any advice for me about the questions i have or anything else u think i should know in general i would be so so so grateful.
also btw if any of you want to see me, please let me know!! i would L O V E to visit you.

thats all for now. later folks!

April 16, 2019 at 5:14am
You're in luck because if I know about anything it's airports!

wrt taking all your stuff, I guess your judgement is best on that since you know what you're taking with you. See what you can fit in that backpack. If you need more space I honestly recommend getting another backpack over getting a suitcase since it's lighter and usually has carry handles, unless you want to transport things that are fragile to the point where you NEED a hard shell case.

Also I know I mentioned it before but I live like 20 minutes by train to London and you're absolutely welcome to either visit me and my boyfriend in Crawley or I can come up to London and spend some time with you!!
April 17, 2019 at 7:51am
ill reply to this in depth later but i just wanted to let you know YOU ARE AN ANGEL thank you so much for responding!!