Posted June 25, 2010 at 4:10pm

I've been going through the same routine for three days... get up, get on the computer, check to see who's online on Facebook, browse dA and Google Reader to catch up on webcomics I'm following... run to Route50 to browse around for a while... check facebook chat again... go play around on the NES for a while... and come back to the computer to do it all again...

I need to get a life.

...I don't like that saying.. "get a life." I don't like where everyone uses it. In arguments among teenagers, you'll always see "get a life" somewhere in there. Having or not having a life most likely has no relation to the argument or how the argument started... it's just stuck in there as some kind of comeback.

As for me, I know I need to get a life. School was my life. See, I live 9 miles away from the town my school and all my friends are in, so I can't go walk to a friends house or anything like they can. I wish I lived downtown there. I could just take a walk down the street and see someone I know. Maybe if I lived there I'd have a bit more of a life... Ah well, I lived two years with less social life than this before, I think I can last a few months while school's out. |D

This style has been such a pain in the aff to code. Mostly because it didn't come out quite like I expected it to. I think I'm going to take a break and just doodle for the night, cause all this CSS is getting to my brain. Maybe I'll go test out the art boards. |D