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vaporeon_chan: aah yes the peanut butter yummy
Sparkleaf: konkon
SkyWarrior: screech
DarkPegusus: All I do is scream
DarkPegusus: But nothing ever gets out
DarkPegusus: *dab*
charlotte057: No dabbing is dead
charlotte057: U can no longer "dab"
charlotte057: *Posts a sign saying "U can no longer "dab".*
vaporeon_chan: dabs anyway
charlotte057: No U cannot
charlotte057: Motions to sign look it even says so
Fexible: /me dabs
charlotte057: That is against the rules!!!! I will get very upset if u keep dabbing :(
Fexible: /me eats the sign that says no dabbing, then dabs
charlotte057: .....My sign
charlotte057: ..........That was.......all I had.....left....after the.....tornado
charlotte057: How will I sell the family farm with out my.......sign....?
DarkPegusus: Dabbing is practically an art at this point. I've evolved to the shameful point where I dab unironically. You just have to accept this. Accept my art. It is my gift to you and the world.
DarkPegusus: *dab*
DarkPegusus: To be fair, it's also like the only thing I post in the chat. Does it count as spamming if each post is spaced over several weeks?
charlotte057: :thinking: I dunno
charlotte057: Porbably not
Nepeta: gay
charlotte057: Dang u r right :(
vaporeon_chan: OH GEEZ U GUYS
RobotCat: ? U ok, friend?
: + Eeveebot chose pancakes out of parfait, and pancakes (asked by Maestracool)
DarkPegusus: Someone's here
DarkPegusus: I saw that number change
DarkPegusus: And now it's back down to one
RobotCat: One hero
RobotCat: To save everyone
RobotCat: With the power of cheese
Navarr: /me waves
Sparkleaf: kon kon
DarkPegusus: Big scream
Navarr: OwO whats this
Sparkleaf: pegu
DarkPegusus: Same
: + The Official Route 50 Discord is open for business!
Toxikyle: Rip chat
Sparkleaf: the next evolution of chat, more like
Toxikyle: Well yeah, but I always did like this one best for some reason
Toxikyle: I wasted enough of my early teenage life in IRC chatrooms to be nostalgic for this sort of thing
Sparkleaf: Ah, gotcha
Navarr: I mean, I have a place deep in my heart for IRC and chatboxes
Navarr: but honestly I'd prefer to be closer to the community that I got to know in those places, than the venue I got to know them in
Navarr: This will be the third community I've converted from a chatbox to a Discord
Toxikyle: Oh for sure, it's always better to do what's necessary to keep a community together and active, but leaving the old style of chat behind is a bit bittersweet
Toxikyle: Hey Sparks, as a sendoff you should post one more "A Typical Day in the Cbox," but it's just you asleep in an empty room
Sparkleaf: xD
Sparkleaf: I've been tempted to do that for years, but nah
Sparkleaf: im also too lazy to sprite a sleeping sparkleaf *shot*
Toxikyle: The eyes on your current sprite are pretty narrow, it probably wouldn't be too hard to just edit them shut
Sparkleaf: Mm, I think I did that for the dead sparkleaf sprite
Toxikyle: Yeah but this one has Zs above his head, so he's probably alive
DarkPegusus: Get rid of the Chat and I riot
Toxikyle: You and what angry mob?
Sparkleaf: ~~remember, pegu is a mob all unto himself~~
Sparkleaf: frick
DarkPegusus: I am
DarkPegusus: INFINITE
Toxikyle: Perfect
Sparkleaf: :D
Toxikyle: Now it's time for Season 2: A Typical Day in the Discord
Sparkleaf: XD this brings back memories of my spriting days...
Sparkleaf: at some point i realized i was always pulling the pants from hilbert every time
Iscariot: Been a while since I was on here.
Iscariot: Hello again.
Iscariot: . . . . No one even here. Guess I'll check back later, if I remember to anyway.
Pope: too many words to remember. a decade of living literature. The archives go a long way but they can never fully bring back those days to my mind.
: + Just a quick reminder! We are currently transitioning to Discord!
RobotCat: Yes
RobotCat: Did u know discord actually means chaos I think if I am remembering that correctly
Fexible: u are correct
RobotCat: Hah yes 20 points to Puffle fluff
AdamTheFurret: Rip chat system.
RobotCat: 2002-2019
AdamTheFurret: :(
SkyWarrior: most of us are in the discord chat, haha
SkyWarrior: god its been awhile since i've been on this chat qq
: + Eeveebot chose no shade out of shade, and no shade (asked by SkyWarriorcoord)
: + Eeveebot chose shade out of shade, no shade, shade, shade, shade, and shade (asked by RobotCat)
DarkPegusus: Chat
DarkPegusus: More like
DarkPegusus: I miss this box
SAMTA: hey guys
Fox11111: hi
Fox11111: [color = red]text[/color]
Fox11111: hi
Fox11111: fuck
RobotCat: Test
RobotCat: Try it without the spaces, Fox
Nepeta: o
Nepeta: p
RobotCat: q
Fexible: f
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