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Toxikyle: She can't stop me. I will kontinue to konstruct these puns forever
twiggy: /me opens chat, sees kon puns
twiggy: /me closes chat
Sparkleaf: /me kons sadly
Toxikyle: Aww, is someone feeling disKONtented?
DarkPegusus: Feg
Fexible: peg
Lec: keg
Fexible: leg
charlotte057: egg
bovinlep: boneless
DarkPegusus: Dead
Fexible: yes
DarkPegusus: Fex
Navarr: /me waves
charlotte057: Helloooooooooo
Kai: the
Sparkleaf: Save me.
Kai: the what
Fexible: u ok spark
Sparkleaf: kinda
Fexible: sup
Sparkleaf: trying not to fall asleep
Sparkleaf: you?
Fexible: about the same
Sparkleaf: i work 6-3, and i'm okay with that, but i still want to stay up on weekends and that doesn't work haha
Fexible: ahh lol
okunoiro: -Pokes-
Toxikyle: -Is poked-
okunoiro: Hey there
Toxikyle: Hi, welcome to Route50
okunoiro: Thanks
okunoiro: I've visited long ago in the past
okunoiro: Is it still active and things?
Toxikyle: We still have a pretty active community, and most parts of the site still have something going on
okunoiro: Yay
Toxikyle: The chat's been kinda dead lately, but that hasn't really been a big deal
okunoiro: Hmm, yeah I noticed from the message dates and things, thats why I asked about the activity, thats good to know though owo
Toxikyle: Most of the activity is on people's bases/streams these days
Toxikyle: Though you can poke the forums with a stick every now and then and something usually happens
okunoiro: Whats a base again?
Toxikyle: It works kind of like a twitter feed, as well as a profile page.
Toxikyle: People are probably going to start posting on your base to welcome you to the site. If you follow them, you'll see all their other posts too
okunoiro: Oh, I see
okunoiro: Thank you owo
Toxikyle: No problem!
Toxikyle: Just start following people, and hearting and commenting on stream posts, and you'll find your way around the site in no time
okunoiro: Thanks for the follow thingy too
Toxikyle: You're welcome
okunoiro: :3
charlotte057: Ya hey ! Welcome !
Toxikyle: Hello?
Arkangel: oh
Toxikyle: Oh hey, you are here
Arkangel: yeah somehow
Arkangel: didn't know i had the cbox open
Toxikyle: Cool
Toxikyle: You gonna stick around then?
Arkangel: maybe
Arkangel: playing some eve so
Arkangel: in between my regular delivery of high quality kinetic warheads and torpedoes
Arkangel: pretty quiet moments of transit
Toxikyle: Fair enough
Toxikyle: Unless someone attacks you
Arkangel: i don't get attacked
Arkangel: stealth bomber with cloak + very high quality torpedoes
DarkPegusus: As much as I like the convenience of it, we probably need to get rid of the Discord. It makes me feel bad to see the chat dead for six days. Granted I don't really chat in either of then, but with the CBox dying, I feel like the site is one step closer to being put down.
DarkPegusus: *either of them
DarkPegusus: That's worded a bit poorly. We don't need to get rid of it, obviously. But I do feel like it's hurting the site.
Toyguy: aaaa
Maestra: /me throws books
charlotte057: The books do not hit anyone because there is no one around here anymore.
AnnaBondevik: :1
bovinlep: boneless
Sparkleaf: I did feel the same way about the skype
Sparkleaf: Hm
Sparkleaf: Honestly
Sparkleaf: We just need a more mobile friendly chat
Toxikyle: Does the Skype group even exist anymore? I left it a while ago
Sparkleaf: I wouldn't know
Toxikyle: But yeah, this chat has always kinda sucked on mobile
Toxikyle: I wouldn't know how to do this, and it would probably be an impractically large project for the devs, but for the sake of arguement, what if there was an R50 mobile app that was synched with the chat, bases, forums, etc.?
Sparkleaf: Yeah, we've had that idea floating around for a while
Sparkleaf: But everyone is busy :(
Sparkleaf: I think Frosti and Navarr were originally working on it a year or two ago?
Toxikyle: But no progress?
Sparkleaf: Not as far as I know
Sparkleaf: Here's one thing I figured out
Sparkleaf: Through 2016, people would linger in chat because mae, typh, xeta, fex, and I were here a lot
Sparkleaf: Actually
Sparkleaf: Even if there were just two of us, people would stick around
Sparkleaf: But after my laptop died, we were using discord a lot more
Sparkleaf: No one sticks around in chat because no one is here
Toxikyle: So people just need to start lurking in here a lot more
Toxikyle: Y
Toxikyle: Whoops, misclick
Sparkleaf: Yeah, pretty much
SkyWarrior: the skype chat is still around, but it's dead thank god.
SkyWarrior: no wait, i just have the notifications off
SkyWarrior: its still going it seems
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