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Xetaja: Not lounging, but almost touching the ground JK
Maestra: might be the closest thing
Xetaja: We'll go with that. Just put the person on their back, and they're good to slide
Maestra: on sudden thought, there might not be much difference between acting useless and acting chuunily if you take the chuuni part out
Xetaja: LOL
Xetaja: Hm, that is an unnecessary strikethrough, but either way.
Sparkleaf: hm, i need new ways to torment typh
Xetaja: Well, he's not here yet
Maestra: i'm a fool, i sent out first unit to fight but forgot to restock troops
Xetaja: Call them back ASAP
Xetaja: And throw people into repairs for the daily mission
Maestra: i did
Maestra: it's just the usual punching bag no need to worry
Sparkleaf: how much space does digital download for fe fates take up? im tired of changing cartridges
Maestra: not sure
Maestra: do you have separate cartridges for both games
Sparkleaf: nah, i just mean changing cartridges between fe fates and AS
Maestra: okay, let's try farming again lol
Sparkleaf: i'm always worried i'll somehow damage my AS cartridge when removing it because it's slightly misshapen
Xetaja: What happened to your AS cart?
Sparkleaf: It was made that way
Xetaja: You didn't want to return it for a new one?
Sparkleaf: I didn't notice for half a year
Sparkleaf: Mostly because I never took it out of my 3ds
Xetaja: Welp
SkyWarrior: HEY
SkyWarrior: ITS PEOPLE
Maestra: motherrrrr
SkyWarrior: I dislike people
Fexible: yo
Maestra: well then mother
SkyWarrior: its been years
Sparkleaf: not quite
SkyWarrior: did anyone get that reference i dropped for the event
Xetaja: The Secret Santa?
SkyWarrior: yeah
SkyWarrior: i made a reference in the tag thing lol
Xetaja: I'm assuming that's a 3000 years reference
Maestra: unless 84 is specific?
Xetaja: Or the old lady one
SkyWarrior: the old lady one
Maestra: what old lady one
SkyWarrior: idk where shes from
SkyWarrior: titanuc
SkyWarrior: skdjndg
Xetaja: Oh, it's Rose
SkyWarrior: titanic
SkyWarrior: yeh
Xetaja: I recently saw a Facebook post about the director for Titanic regarding how there was enough space for Jack and Rose on that piece of ship debris
Xetaja: "It's art."
SkyWarrior: raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag
SkyWarrior: dskgsdg
SkyWarrior: im 5 points away from passing a class
SkyWarrior: ///lies down
Xetaja: Is it close to the end of the term?
SkyWarrior: yeah
Maestra: i feel the end of semester stress
SkyWarrior: but she hasnt entered my extra credit and there are still some things that need to be done
Xetaja: Hang in there and get those 5 points (ง •̀_•́)ง
SkyWarrior: im just worried that the darn thing is lying to me again
SkyWarrior: anyways, its night time, gotta go to bed
SkyWarrior: night night
Maestra: night mother
Xetaja: Good night, Sky
Sparkleaf: ...i kinda want the new 2ds xl
Sparkleaf: you think the poke ball variant will still be available in a month
Xetaja: In January?
Sparkleaf: yeah
Xetaja: Mm...
Xetaja: I just found the amazon page for it
Xetaja: Anyway, I can't say it will, but you'd most likely be able to get it if you don't mind a possibly used one
Maestra: /me throws books
Sparkleaf: /me catches books
Sparkleaf: rawr
Sparkleaf: i wonder what twigs would think of the moon card
Sparkleaf: *moon summon
Maestra: in gbf?
Sparkleaf: yeah
Sparkleaf: all the leashed bunnies
SkyWarrior: did someone say bunnies?
Xetaja: He said it on Sunday, but yeah
SkyWarrior: i know
SkyWarrior: i just needed something fun to say
Metatyph: bunnies >:U
SkyWarrior: many bunnies
Toxikyle: bunnies are good
SkyWarrior: mine is a jerk
SkyWarrior: but the best jerk
Toxikyle: A lot of pets are either idiots or jerks
Toxikyle: Or both. But we love them anyway
SkyWarrior: lol true that
Toxikyle: My betta doesn't know how to eat food. He'll try to bite a bloodworm, but he misses, and then it floats away. I have to hold it in place with my finger and wait for him to get lucky and actually get it in his mouth
Toxikyle: It's so dumb and cute and I love it
SkyWarrior: omg
SkyWarrior: thats great
Kai: yam
charlotte057: 10/10 with brown sugar and butter
Aura-Flare: anyone in this chat seen bee movie?
Aura-Flare: theres a canon pic of naked burmy now
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