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Sparkleaf: that was at "go to sleep"
Metatyph: oh pfffft XD
Sparkleaf: morning bovin, charlotte
Metatyph: the one time I want to work on assignments, suddenly it's 12:25 at night and tomorrow is a morning class day >:1
bovinlep: Morning
bovinlep: When you post your drawing on Reddit and get an 80+% approval rating :))
Metatyph: nice
Sparkleaf: das good :D
bovinlep: :^)
Sheep: hello
Metatyph: haihai! :0
Sparkleaf: sheep, yo
Sheep: yay, you are all alive
Sheep: what do you guys do when you have writer's block
Metatyph: I cry in a corner
Sheep: lolol i wish i did that
Sheep: is it different for when it's an assignment
Metatyph: when it's an assignment, I cry slightly more
Sheep: lmao
bovinlep: Sheep, can I ask you something?
bovinlep: (if you're still there)
bovinlep: Guess not rip
Metatyph: welp
bovinlep: I was gonna ask why they don't follow anyone here. Not a salt-driven question
Metatyph: oh lol
bovinlep: They've been on the site for years, I think
Metatyph: that is true
bovinlep: How do they even know anyone, really, if there's nothing on their Stream?
Metatyph: eh, why not I guess
Sparkleaf: Sheep was active in the years when the site's central was Chat instead of Stream
Sparkleaf: There's other ways to know people than through Stream, I mean.
Lars: claws out of the ground, yelling at an unreasonably loud volume
Sparkleaf: yo
Metatyph: lars haihai!
Lars: ey
Lars: i finally managed to get a stable schedule down for a fic i'm writing with a friend and it's .. really nice
Metatyph: ooh
Lars: though it might have to get put on hold for a month cause i might not have laptop access until mid may rip
Metatyph: rip
Kittu: roaaarrrr
Sparkleaf: rawr~
Kittu: its been a really long time since ive been in the chat,,,, its still half dead
Kittu: pray for the dead chat
Sparkleaf: it dead son
Sparkleaf: let me eject my hard drive damnit >:(
Kittu: eat the hard drive
Kittu: let it go spark
Sparkleaf: xD all my files are on it
Kittu: u gotta let go
Sparkleaf: lol tell that to my computer
Sparkleaf: i gave up and just unplugged it
Sparkleaf: so how're you doing
Metatyph: go to bed sparks <w<
Sparkleaf: will you stop saying that when i just woke up D<
Sparkleaf: You go to bed
Metatyph: fair enough lol
Sparkleaf: for realsies, sup
Metatyph: I'm doing assignments at nearly 4 AM :D is gud
Metatyph: how about you?
Sparkleaf: doing good, looking over grad stuff //late
Metatyph: :D!
Sparkleaf: hey fex, do you use safari or opera?
Fexible: *late* safari
Sparkleaf: ah, okay
Arkangel: i used to go fishing with skrillex
Arkangel: but he kept dropping the bass
Arkangel: yes i am here on my own telling jokes to noone
Arkangel: thank you for your time
Frosti: you made me spit out my coffee a lil
: + *police sirens*
DarkPegusus: Bork
Fexible: berk
DarkPegusus: Feg
Fexible: peg
DarkPegusus: Someone is here
DarkPegusus: I sense
DarkPegusus: Spk
Sparkleaf: Pg
DarkPegusus: Sup
Sparkleaf: manga]
Sparkleaf: you?
DarkPegusus: Youtube
Sparkleaf: rawr
bovinlep: What were those sirens
Sparkleaf: I forget
Sparkleaf: sup with you?
bovinlep: (sorry late reply) Not much
bovinlep: Recently made something semi-nsfw
Sparkleaf: ???
bovinlep: Recently made something semi-nsfw
Sparkleaf: What of? (no links of course)
bovinlep: Homura in a swimsuit of sorts
bovinlep: (if you remember her)
bovinlep: One of my OCs
Sparkleaf: gdi tablet
Sparkleaf: ooh rîght, her ^^
Sparkleaf: swimsuits should be fine for galleries, i think
Sparkleaf: With content warning thumbnail, I mean
Sparkleaf: well, it's up to you, anyway. Do you like how it came out? o:
bovinlep: It's okay I guess
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