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Maestra: We forgive mother
SkyWarrior: good, just working a lot it feels Q_Q
Maestra: Oh sky I got a job at my school
SkyWarrior: like i get those middle of the day shifts all the time now
SkyWarrior: nice!! :D
Maestra: I sell merch at football games
Maestra: I don't think I work too much but it's something
SkyWarrior: lol that sounds fun
Maestra: I work all day during those games, it's a lot of work apparently
SkyWarrior: O: i bet its busy
Maestra: I can also extend to basketball games but I might not because there's more weekday games
Sparkleaf: SkyWarrior: i'm sorry to hear that :(
SkyWarrior: have you had to deal with any rude customers yet
SkyWarrior: this old man gave me attitude cause i needed to see his ID
Maestra: I haven't even started training yet
SkyWarrior: oh i see
Maestra: And the job doesn't formally start until the first football game of the season
SkyWarrior: oh okay, it just sounded like you started already. oops.
SkyWarrior: bruh, did i tell you guys that i almost got hit by a truck
Sparkleaf: whoa, what
SkyWarrior: the man really wanted this handicap spot i was near orz
Maestra: r00d
Sparkleaf: jeez
SkyWarrior: people go like 50 in the parking lot
Sparkleaf: wtf
SkyWarrior: its crazy
Sparkleaf: das messed up
SkyWarrior: even with a green vest people act like they cant see me, lol
SkyWarrior: anyways, done venting. whats up with you guys
Maestra: I almost got hit by a streetcar because I was tired and forgot to look both ways
Sparkleaf: you need a sign that says "THIS IS NOT A FREEWAY"
SkyWarrior: i dont talk to you guys too much anymore
Maestra: Back in college
SkyWarrior: lol we do sparks
SkyWarrior: ouch mae
Sparkleaf: wait really
SkyWarrior: glad you didnt get hurt
Maestra: Green vests do not mean go
SkyWarrior: no i mean like, we do need it
Sparkleaf: ah
Maestra: The streetcar thing honked fortunately
SkyWarrior: pfft
SkyWarrior: good
SkyWarrior: bruh
SkyWarrior: that reminds me, i was near one car, right?
SkyWarrior: and this little kid slammed on the horn
SkyWarrior: and i nearly had a heart attack, it scared me so bad
Maestra: So I'm in Florida atm
SkyWarrior: !!!!
SkyWarrior: dude where
Maestra: i remember being the little kid who honked car horns
Maestra: Boca Raton
Maestra: Going to Miami tomorrow
SkyWarrior: oh dang, nice
Maestra: Gonna make some noise there jk
SkyWarrior: i was going to laugh so hard if you were in like, jacksonville
Maestra: Is there anything to do there lol
Maestra: I mean we're only in this area to help my sister look for apartments
SkyWarrior: yeah, its a big city
SkyWarrior: it has a lot of shopping centers
SkyWarrior: better down town there is super dangerous
SkyWarrior: *but
SkyWarrior: going to see if i can post in the fe rp finally
Maestra: go sky go
Sparkleaf: ooh
SkyWarrior: probably just tamamo's part tho
Sparkleaf: rawr
Maestra: /me throws books
Sparkleaf: is that a xetu
Maestra: /me sets chat on fire
Sparkleaf: /me runs around with tails on fire
Sparkleaf: note to self: and gbf will make browser lag
Sparkleaf: //sets out routian bait
Maestra: /me throws metal
Sparkleaf: //ducks metal
Sparkleaf: okay, that was definitely a xetu
DarkPegusus: /me dies in several areas of chat
Sparkleaf: /me retrieves DP's remains and fuses them back together
charlotte057: Flips lever, opening the ceiling to the night sky. Thunder can be heard from above.
Sparkleaf: what have you doneeeee
charlotte057: It's alive?
DarkPegusus: /me is still dead?
Lec: /me drops a coin paasing
Lec: /me drops a coin passing though the chat and the sound of it hitting the floor warps space and time
: + Chat: Would you like to make a wish?
DarkPegusus: /me would like to make a wish
: + Will you become meguca to fulfill your wish?
DarkPegusus: I think I already am?
bovinlep: bone hurting juice
ChocolateHydra: How do I change my background?
Kai: who up
bovinlep: The B icon doesn't send
bovinlep: Navs fix plz
Fexible: emojis don't work in chat
bovinlep: i need that b o n e l e s s
DarkPegusus: All I do is scream
Chookie: pewpew
Pope: * 3 *
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