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basscannon: :3
basscannon: (The mice in my room are driving me mad)
charlotte057: R.I.P. I know what that feeling. Just beat 'em up
charlotte057: Wait or do you mean pet mice
Toxikyle: Fact: you will swallow 28 spiders in your lifetime
Toxikyle: Not on average
Toxikyle: Exactly 28
Toxikyle: If you go your whole life only having eaten three spiders, 25 more will show up when you die just to crawl down your throat
Toxikyle: If you die having eaten 100 spiders, 72 will crawl out of your mouth before you draw your last breath
Toxikyle: I don't know who the next person to read this will be, but I hope they sleep well tonight
Fexible: THANKS
DarkPegusus: lol
charlotte057: I slept great actually, because for dinner I had 28 spiders.
DarkPegusus: /me dabs
charlotte057: A spider was on the inside of your elbow and as you dab, you accidentally swallow it. 27 more to go
Sparkleaf: kon kom
Sparkleaf: Heyy, this looks semi okay on tablet
Sparkleaf: /me refills the salt shakers with preimium mae salt
FishPaste: no one
FishPaste: no ones up in here
FishPaste: is anyone even alive
FishPaste: where am i
FishPaste: i remember i got banned from chatting in this thing when i was like 9
FishPaste: ok gotta blast
charlotte057: *Jimmy Neutron sounds*
charlotte057: *the weird brain thing happens*
basscannon: *incoherent screech*
SkyWarrior: hey fex
SkyWarrior: stay on i need to ask you a thing
SkyWarrior: have you seen this?
SkyWarrior: nvm i reported everything. that little button is so forgetable and tiny. but i guess its better for it to be tiny lol
Fexible: ahh no i hadn't seen it
SkyWarrior: its okay ovo !!
Fexible: thanks for reporting tho!
SkyWarrior: do i need proof it was stolen because that pic has been everywhere ;;;
Fexible: if you could give me a link to the original that would be helpful
SkyWarrior: screech
SkyWarrior: lol lets see if its possible
Fexible: if not i can go look for it tho, it's no problem
SkyWarrior: no, there is just a lot
Fexible: ahh
SkyWarrior: i'm about to burn pinterest omg
Fexible: pinterest is hell
SkyWarrior: most of the results are from there lmao
SkyWarrior: its from pixiv?
SkyWarrior: but of course this person doesn't link the artist =_=
Fexible: :1
SkyWarrior: it seems the ID they gave doesn't work
SkyWarrior: i mean, there is this
Fexible: iirc zerochan isn't a reliable source
SkyWarrior: im trying, it seems people just made a gellery of that person's art :/
SkyWarrior: i wouldn't doubt they just deleted their account
SkyWarrior: *gallery
Fexible: ahh it's okay if you can't find it
SkyWarrior: are you sure?
Fexible: i think the fact that it's been reposted a million times is proof enough that this person also did the same
SkyWarrior: yeah
SkyWarrior: okay, found a repost on tumblr that gave credit
SkyWarrior: and they did delete their account
Fexible: ah okay, good to know
Fexible: thanks for looking it up for me!
SkyWarrior: this post has the links, just in case you wanted to know for sure
SkyWarrior: do i get a cookie
SkyWarrior: thank you for looking into my reports btw
Fexible: yes, and a hug
Fexible: no prob!
SkyWarrior: fex, every time i see something cat related im like, 'fex is going to like this'
SkyWarrior: just wanted you to know that i think of you when i see cat pics
SkyWarrior: only on twitter tho, lol
Fexible: :D aww that's sweet, i'm glad you associate me with cats lol
Fexible: cat pics are the best things about twitter tbh
SkyWarrior: you right
SkyWarrior: have you see your cat neighbors as of late?
Fexible: ahh not recently, it's been too cold for them to sit in the windows, hahah
charlotte057: You should knit some nice kitty scarves for them
charlotte057: That would be cute
SkyWarrior: oh man
SkyWarrior: aaaaaaaaa
Maestra: aaaaaa
charlotte057: Oh
charlotte057: .................................Oh
DarkPegusus: Who there
basscannon: Echo... echo... e c h o..
vaporeon_chan: Do u guys want pokemon to make a dolphin themed pokemon
charlotte057: No need, pal
charlotte057: The cutest dolphin Poke'mon you've ever seen already exists.
vaporeon_chan: oh guess i might not be caught up to date on my pokemon
charlotte057: Ya and Stakataka is my favorite it is the cutest one out of gen 7
vaporeon_chan: not sure who my favorite is but i really like alolan ninetales and primarina
charlotte057: Hmmm. Acceptable favorites, I suppose....
vaporeon_chan: yeah i guess
vaporeon_chan: u know ppl r going kray kray for mimikyu it makes no sense
charlotte057: *Shrug*
vaporeon_chan: yeah ik thats kinda how i feel
charlotte057: It's alright tbh
vaporeon_chan: ikr but u know how ppl r these days
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