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Rosebunny: Yeah!! That's wy i have rumours and stuff
Sparkleaf: the reason PitW failed was that no one wanted to take it in nwe directions
Rosebunny: if someone decides to take another direction I can add it, and announce events
Rosebunny: I'm just worried about event deadlines, and mass grouping up
Rosebunny: if people decide to participate in main events, or group off into smaller plot lines, it could get confusing, and they'll naturally want to join in on what everyone else is, I guess?
Rosebunny: like... we have player 1, 2 and 3 in Rt Academy Camp, all posting with each other, and player x, y, and z simultaneously posting something entirely different in their rift walking
Rosebunny: sigh...
Nepeta: heck
charlotte057: Flip
DarkPegusus: squelch
Frosti: schpop
DarkPegusus: Peg
Frosti: Dan
DarkPegusus: Sup
Frosti: Playin' some Love Live
Frosti: sup with you?
DarkPegusus: Getting hecka angry at Mario Kart
DarkPegusus: So I stopped playing
Frosti: oooooo
DarkPegusus: I watched an AI dude rubber band to me
Frosti: I suck at Mario Kart
DarkPegusus: So I beat that cup and then quit before I got more mad
Frosti: we should play Mario Kart next week, dude
DarkPegusus: Stop suck
DarkPegusus: If we come, ye
Frosti: :D
DarkPegusus: We gonna try
DarkPegusus: We also might have a third
Frosti: sweeeeet
Frosti: That is totally fine
DarkPegusus: Cost reduction. He cool, tho.
DarkPegusus: He MIGHT make fun of the anime you like, but he cool
DarkPegusus: And by might, I mean will
DarkPegusus: but now I don't have to drive for seven hours, only like five
Fexible: /me slides in
DarkPegusus: /me slides
DarkPegusus: brb gonna ice the cream
Frosti: Enjoy
Fexible: k
Frosti: Fex! :D
Fexible: fro! :D
Frosti: What do you mean, my anime tastes are great
Fexible: sup
Frosti: probably about to draw; how're you doing?
Fexible: pretty good! i should also be drawing but i'm not
Frosti: life is: wanting to draw when you don't have time, not wanting to draw when you do
Fexible: so true
Frosti: I need to get into a fandom with male characters so I draw more than anime girls all the time
Fexible: lol
Fexible: i think i have the exact opposite problem
Frosti: we should switch art topics for the day
Fexible: yes
Frosti: Stan Time
Fexible: the best time
Frosti: I should.... get further into Gravity Falls
Fexible: you should!! :D
Fexible: join me in grunkle hell
Frosti: I have a lot more free time on my hands now, so I think I will :'D I started it a long while ago but didn't have time to get very far
Fexible: aaa good! let me know how you like it! ^^
Frosti: of course!
bovinlep: @Frosti I draw too many girls these days too :P
Frosti: girls are 2 cute
bovinlep: yes
bovinlep: If it's of any interest i drew Michiko in a swimsuit
Frosti: :O!!!
bovinlep: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Frosti: high interest
Frosti: ooh, I should draw Michiko... feels like I've abandoned my child
bovinlep: If I can be not lazy, I'll try to finish it
bovinlep: I've kind ben doing random doodles of her
bovinlep: She is perfect
Frosti: :'''D
DarkPegusus: Got cream
DarkPegusus: Talked to room mates for long time
Fexible: what kind of ice cream
DarkPegusus: Chocolate Moose Tracks
Frosti: mint chocolate chip is better
DarkPegusus: Friend just called
DarkPegusus: Pretty sure he's having a mental breakdown
Frosti: oh man, like... actual mental breakdown?
DarkPegusus: Read what I send you on FB
basscannon: Hello
Arkangel: hai
DarkPegusus: Feg
Fexible: peg
DarkPegusus: suup
Fexible: not much
DarkPegusus: Dead?
Fexible: ye
DarkPegusus: Good
DarkPegusus: Same
Iscariot: Lonely! I'm so lonely! I have nobody! All on my own!
Iscariot: Sod it all. I'm gone.
Sparkleaf: ????
bovinlep: i know that feel
SkyWarrior: emoooo
charlotte057: Sighs and flips hair loudly
Sheep: lol
Nepeta: aaaaaaaaaaaaa
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