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Navarr: OwO whats this
Sparkleaf: pegu
DarkPegusus: Same
: + The Official Route 50 Discord is open for business!
Toxikyle: Rip chat
Sparkleaf: the next evolution of chat, more like
Toxikyle: Well yeah, but I always did like this one best for some reason
Toxikyle: I wasted enough of my early teenage life in IRC chatrooms to be nostalgic for this sort of thing
Sparkleaf: Ah, gotcha
Navarr: I mean, I have a place deep in my heart for IRC and chatboxes
Navarr: but honestly I'd prefer to be closer to the community that I got to know in those places, than the venue I got to know them in
Navarr: This will be the third community I've converted from a chatbox to a Discord
Toxikyle: Oh for sure, it's always better to do what's necessary to keep a community together and active, but leaving the old style of chat behind is a bit bittersweet
Toxikyle: Hey Sparks, as a sendoff you should post one more "A Typical Day in the Cbox," but it's just you asleep in an empty room
Sparkleaf: xD
Sparkleaf: I've been tempted to do that for years, but nah
Sparkleaf: im also too lazy to sprite a sleeping sparkleaf *shot*
Toxikyle: The eyes on your current sprite are pretty narrow, it probably wouldn't be too hard to just edit them shut
Sparkleaf: Mm, I think I did that for the dead sparkleaf sprite
Toxikyle: Yeah but this one has Zs above his head, so he's probably alive
DarkPegusus: Get rid of the Chat and I riot
Toxikyle: You and what angry mob?
Sparkleaf: ~~remember, pegu is a mob all unto himself~~
Sparkleaf: frick
DarkPegusus: I am
DarkPegusus: INFINITE
Toxikyle: Perfect
Sparkleaf: :D
Toxikyle: Now it's time for Season 2: A Typical Day in the Discord
Sparkleaf: XD this brings back memories of my spriting days...
Sparkleaf: at some point i realized i was always pulling the pants from hilbert every time
Iscariot: Been a while since I was on here.
Iscariot: Hello again.
Iscariot: . . . . No one even here. Guess I'll check back later, if I remember to anyway.
Pope: too many words to remember. a decade of living literature. The archives go a long way but they can never fully bring back those days to my mind.
: + Just a quick reminder! We are currently transitioning to Discord!
RobotCat: Yes
RobotCat: Did u know discord actually means chaos I think if I am remembering that correctly
Fexible: u are correct
RobotCat: Hah yes 20 points to Puffle fluff
AdamTheFurret: Rip chat system.
RobotCat: 2002-2019
AdamTheFurret: :(
SkyWarrior: most of us are in the discord chat, haha
SkyWarrior: god its been awhile since i've been on this chat qq
: + Eeveebot chose no shade out of shade, and no shade (asked by SkyWarriorcoord)
: + Eeveebot chose shade out of shade, no shade, shade, shade, shade, and shade (asked by RobotCat)
DarkPegusus: Chat
DarkPegusus: More like
DarkPegusus: I miss this box
SAMTA: hey guys
Fox11111: hi
Fox11111: [color = red]text[/color]
Fox11111: hi
Fox11111: fuck
RobotCat: Test
RobotCat: Try it without the spaces, Fox
Nepeta: o
Nepeta: p
RobotCat: q
Fexible: f
AdamTheFurret: Boop
GrassGreninja: bop beepity boop
GrassGreninja: text
GrassGreninja: I'm the real M.C. S.W.A.G.
GrassGreninja: I'm sorry
DarkPegusus: One month of dead chat
DarkPegusus: Big sad
rehler: That is a shame
RobotCat: f
Vorchitect: Ey wus poppin
Vorchitect: E
Vorchitect: Hell ye
Vorchitect: Anyway, not gonna be active on this site at all. Just going through all the different sites my multiuploader is linkable with and connecting em, and this is one of em
DarkPegusus: Well, that's shitty, but we appreciate your honesty
RobotCat: Honesty is the best prophecy
RobotCat: Wait, that's not right...
eevee4432: Hi
Navarr: Hi, nobody
Navarr: oh, I think the invisible person left before I joined. Oh well
RobotCat: That always happens to me
RobotCat: People leave when I enter the room
RobotCat: Even the invisible people
Vorchitect: Idk why ya said it's shitty. It doesn't look like y'all are all that active either.
Maestra: we all pretty much have moved to the discord server :v
RobotCat: U right
Lec: We need YOU to liven this chat up!
Darklite: there's a discord server????
Darklite: wait hol' up found the link, WE GOOD
solitonmedic: Yo
RobotCat: Rip in peace
TheConceptionist: hello 2020
Sparkleaf: rawr
Toxikyle: Oh hey, this works now
Frosti: test...
Frosti: test again?
Frosti: :O
Toxikyle: what're we testing?
Leopard: Chatbox in 2020 squad where we at
EeveeBot: Messages capped at 100.