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SpicyCentipede: So how is everyone
TheConceptionist: SpicyCentipede: I'm doing well :)
SpicyCentipede: ooo you changed to red!
Sparkleaf: red is for mentions
SpicyCentipede: Oh! that's cool
SpicyCentipede: TheConceptionist
SpicyCentipede: haha
SpicyCentipede: (did it turn red )
Sparkleaf: oh whoa, notifications work on firefox
SpicyCentipede: Omg!
TheConceptionist: it did turn red
twiggy: chatbox :'0
Sparkleaf: twigs, yo
twiggy: spark!!!
twiggy: dude I just told a friend of mine about fred the other day. because he was talking about getting a turtle
Sparkleaf: oooh?
twiggy: I don't think he'll go through with it but I had a nice moment just thinking about fred's old tumblr :"")
Sparkleaf: confession: the reason I ended fred's tumblr was because I'm not the one who takes care of her
twiggy: lmao that's valid
Karkat: Wow this is the most active I've seen this chat in years
DarkPegusus: For like two years, me calling someone shitty was in the box
DarkPegusus: Becuase they wanted to just use the site as an art dump
Sparkleaf: whoa
TheConceptionist: I mean, that's what some people are doing
Navarr: Woah a DP
TheConceptionist: elaborate
TheConceptionist: never mind i just connected the dots
TheConceptionist: i'm smart
TeamYellGruntEzra: hi
TeamYellGruntEzra: hi
TheConceptionist: howdy
TheConceptionist: discord is down, time for the next best thing
TheConceptionist: told you it was a good idea to keep this, navarr
SkyWarrior: screech
Floop: i forgot this website existed-
TheConceptionist: well now you remember it
TheConceptionist: also hi, discord is down again
Braixen: Greetings
Sparkleaf: Hello there!
Braixen: Lovely place around here ^^
Sparkleaf: Glad to hear it ^_^
Braixen: Still getting the hang of things, though...
Toxikyle: See, I knew people still used the cbox
Braixen: What's everybody up to?
Toxikyle: Procrastinating
Braixen: Nonsense! You're just recharging your batteries for the next time you're gonna do something productive
Sparkleaf: playing a VN atm
Braixen: oh, anything good?
Sparkleaf: Was just going through the backlog earlier, but I decided to skip to Fureba because I was looking forward to it
Braixen: oh you have a backlog too? To be honest I've never really clicked with VNs all that well, since if I want a story, I get a book, but if I want a game I go for something a bit more action-y? Though I suppose that VNs are the best of both worlds?
Sparkleaf: hmm, I think of them as more like, interactive anime
Toxikyle: yo Braixen, are you in the discord yet?
Braixen: Yes, I am!
Braixen: Though I'm much of a lurker
Toxikyle: that's understandable lol
Braixen: I was thinking that maybe I kickstart the RP channel over there, sometime; but I'm not that confident in my acting either >.>
Toxikyle: I'm sure you're great!
Toxikyle: We've also started RPing more in the forums lately
Braixen: oh yeah, I should give those a look at sometime as well!
TheConceptionist: it's def really fun c:
DragonDiamond: Dang it I always hope to find anyone online here but I guess I always log on at the wrong time xD
Navarr: First (2021)
TheConceptionist: congrats, you have been sandwiched by September 15 messages
Tyler: Hi all. Okay, see you all in therapy.
Luce: Merry Christmas Y'all.
Tybro23: hey
brae: First (2022)
SkyWarrior: wtf are you here
SkyWarrior: KYLE
Toxikyle: It still works!
SkyWarrior: for now
Toxikyle: Calling it now, if this site ends up breaking completely, cbox will be the last page standing
SkyWarrior: lmao
SkyWarrior: i'll cry and i need to save the RPs
Toxikyle: so uh........
Toxikyle: multi?
bovinlep: POGGERS
brae: it
brae: i hit enter early help
brae: its so sad its imploding... i want my old art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toxikyle: oh hey someone's actually here
Toxikyle: hello Droi
Toxikyle: and they're gone!
Droi: huh?
icyolive: O_O
basscannon: rip
Droi: damn
Lec: THE SITE LIVES! #thehorrorthehorror
Lec: ♥♥♥
twiggy: KYLE i see u in the sidebar
twiggy: cbox my beloved.........
Toxikyle: The only part of the site that never broke
basscannon: Good to see things working
twiggy: the chat lives eternal
basscannon: true
Toxikyle: so, multi? //shot
DarkPegusus: weed
Lec: If there's hardly anyone here anymore, why have the snipers not left? Breaking the site might well have been a TEMCO strategy to flush them out.
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