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SkyWarrior: aaaaaaaaa
Maestra: aaaaaa
charlotte057: Oh
charlotte057: .................................Oh
DarkPegusus: Who there
basscannon: Echo... echo... e c h o..
vaporeon_chan: Do u guys want pokemon to make a dolphin themed pokemon
charlotte057: No need, pal
charlotte057: The cutest dolphin Poke'mon you've ever seen already exists.
vaporeon_chan: oh guess i might not be caught up to date on my pokemon
charlotte057: Ya and Stakataka is my favorite it is the cutest one out of gen 7
vaporeon_chan: not sure who my favorite is but i really like alolan ninetales and primarina
charlotte057: Hmmm. Acceptable favorites, I suppose....
vaporeon_chan: yeah i guess
vaporeon_chan: u know ppl r going kray kray for mimikyu it makes no sense
charlotte057: *Shrug*
vaporeon_chan: yeah ik thats kinda how i feel
charlotte057: It's alright tbh
vaporeon_chan: ikr but u know how ppl r these days
DarkPegusus: I scream at anyone who hates my gentle son
charlotte057: Nah ur son is ok
Toxikyle: And once she was in bed, she said "What a fine night. What a good walk. I knew the wolf wouldn't find me."
Toxikyle: "Oh, but you must tracel through those woods again," said a shadow at the window.
Toxikyle: "And you must be lucky to avoid the wolf every time."
Toxikyle: "But the wolf... the wolf needs only enough luck to find you once."
charlotte057: So u had better bring a spiked club next time, dear.
charlotte057: Boy I love to hear when she calls me sweet daAAaaaAAAdyyy. What a beautiful dream mmm
vaporeon_chan: i wanna dream of desert and me being a princess ( plz don't judge )
charlotte057: Mmmm dessert
Lec: *crunch* *gulp* *eats sandwiches* *plays unfitting music*
Karkat: *casually slides across the cbox for a couple minutes wearing some heelies while thisplays in the background*
Lec: *wacky arm motions to Karkat's music*
basscannon: hm
charlotte057: Hey pals so how is everyone doing nowadays ? ♥
AdamTheFurret: Hai
BlackChaosMew: Hi friends, I still think about this site and the Pokemon community from 2006-2009 and I'm almost 24 now. I really miss all the community I was a part of and wish I knew of a good way to revive everything.
BlackChaosMew: Anybody still active here that remembers when this was Eevee's HQ? I miss the internet community from those days.
AdamTheFurret: :P
AdamTheFurret: hello
AdamTheFurret: :)
Nsyse: Checking this site out
AdamTheFurret: Hey
Kai: umyu
Karkat: frick
charlotte057: Lots of new users
charlotte057: But that's good!! Hello!!
vaporeon_chan: Eevee is awesome even know i wasn't active that sounds awesome
Toyguy: nyeh
vaporeon_chan: XDDDDDDDDD
Lec: BlackChaosMew: Yes! I miss the 2006 Internet as well :S
charlotte057: Actually the 1843 internet was probably the best because u had tin cans and a string to yell at each other with
vaporeon_chan: lol
charlotte057: That way, everyone back then had very strong lungs for shouting.
vaporeon_chan: yes they did
charlotte057: But I remember one time, Peter overdid it....
charlotte057: So tragic.... He never did grow all of his hair back....
charlotte057: Who knew grizzly bears liked peanut butter so much?
AdamTheFurret: Boop
vaporeon_chan: aah yes the peanut butter yummy
Sparkleaf: konkon
SkyWarrior: screech
DarkPegusus: All I do is scream
DarkPegusus: But nothing ever gets out
DarkPegusus: *dab*
charlotte057: No dabbing is dead
charlotte057: U can no longer "dab"
charlotte057: *Posts a sign saying "U can no longer "dab".*
vaporeon_chan: dabs anyway
charlotte057: No U cannot
charlotte057: Motions to sign look it even says so
Fexible: /me dabs
charlotte057: That is against the rules!!!! I will get very upset if u keep dabbing :(
Fexible: /me eats the sign that says no dabbing, then dabs
charlotte057: .....My sign
charlotte057: ..........That was.......all I had.....left....after the.....tornado
charlotte057: How will I sell the family farm with out my.......sign....?
DarkPegusus: Dabbing is practically an art at this point. I've evolved to the shameful point where I dab unironically. You just have to accept this. Accept my art. It is my gift to you and the world.
DarkPegusus: *dab*
DarkPegusus: To be fair, it's also like the only thing I post in the chat. Does it count as spamming if each post is spaced over several weeks?
charlotte057: :thinking: I dunno
charlotte057: Porbably not
Nepeta: gay
charlotte057: Dang u r right :(
vaporeon_chan: OH GEEZ U GUYS
RobotCat: ? U ok, friend?
: + Eeveebot chose pancakes out of parfait, and pancakes (asked by Maestracool)
DarkPegusus: Someone's here
DarkPegusus: I saw that number change
DarkPegusus: And now it's back down to one
RobotCat: One hero
RobotCat: To save everyone
RobotCat: With the power of cheese
Navarr: /me waves
Sparkleaf: kon kon
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