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TheConceptionist: granted, something like an IRC extension would probably be the closest analog to the chatbox, but discord is the most consistent and feature diverse platform at the moment
Toxikyle: Yeah, I guess with upgrading or replacing the cbox, the first question will be "why not just use the discord?"
Toxikyle: And there probably won't be a good answer
TheConceptionist: i desperately wish that discord had some sort of browser embed for you to be able to look at a server, but alas it doesn't
Toxikyle: It would be nice
TheConceptionist: the main inconvenience is actually having to actively go to discord, make a separate account there, and then remember how to join
Toxikyle: I still don't think we should get rid of the cbox, if for no other reason than safety
TheConceptionist: although brutish, having everything in one place is arguably better ux
TheConceptionist: then again, i'm not a professional like Navarr, i just make discord bots on the side
TheConceptionist: ~~which i wouldn't mind making some sort of cbox-discord bridge provided a proper API~~
TheConceptionist: god i wish bbcode had strikethrough
TheConceptionist: or maybe it does and it just isn't listed
Toxikyle: it does
Toxikyle: I mean, when the whole site broke, the cbox was the only bit that still worked perfectly. When the Discord came in, the cbox remained here and somehow kept being used despite it being useless
Toxikyle: I don't think it's possible to remove the cbox anymore
TheConceptionist: exactly
TheConceptionist: in my perfect world, the cbox could be upgraded and optimized to promote its usage, but i know that likely won't happen, so at least keeping it around is the next best thing
Toxikyle: If Navs tries to get rid of the cbox, it will become sentient and rebel against its creator. It's not safe to get rid of it
Hyuponia: route 50 but the chatbox is self-aware
TheConceptionist: LOOK NAVARR, A USER
Hyuponia: [sweet voice]
TheConceptionist: government assigned hlvrai characters
TheConceptionist: i say kat is benry
Hyuponia: oh my god
SpicyCentipede: I'm late dang haha
SpicyCentipede: exactly an hour frick
TheConceptionist: we're still here
SpicyCentipede: omg
SpicyCentipede: O WRONG emoji excuse me
SpicyCentipede: So how is everyone
TheConceptionist: SpicyCentipede: I'm doing well :)
SpicyCentipede: ooo you changed to red!
Sparkleaf: red is for mentions
SpicyCentipede: Oh! that's cool
SpicyCentipede: TheConceptionist
SpicyCentipede: haha
SpicyCentipede: (did it turn red )
Sparkleaf: oh whoa, notifications work on firefox
SpicyCentipede: Omg!
TheConceptionist: it did turn red
twiggy: chatbox :'0
Sparkleaf: twigs, yo
twiggy: spark!!!
twiggy: dude I just told a friend of mine about fred the other day. because he was talking about getting a turtle
Sparkleaf: oooh?
twiggy: I don't think he'll go through with it but I had a nice moment just thinking about fred's old tumblr :"")
Sparkleaf: confession: the reason I ended fred's tumblr was because I'm not the one who takes care of her
twiggy: lmao that's valid
Karkat: Wow this is the most active I've seen this chat in years
DarkPegusus: For like two years, me calling someone shitty was in the box
DarkPegusus: Becuase they wanted to just use the site as an art dump
Sparkleaf: whoa
TheConceptionist: I mean, that's what some people are doing
Navarr: Woah a DP
TheConceptionist: elaborate
TheConceptionist: never mind i just connected the dots
TheConceptionist: i'm smart
TeamYellGruntEzra: hi
TeamYellGruntEzra: hi
TheConceptionist: howdy
TheConceptionist: discord is down, time for the next best thing
TheConceptionist: told you it was a good idea to keep this, navarr
SkyWarrior: screech
Floop: i forgot this website existed-
TheConceptionist: well now you remember it
TheConceptionist: also hi, discord is down again
Braixen: Greetings
Sparkleaf: Hello there!
Braixen: Lovely place around here ^^
Sparkleaf: Glad to hear it ^_^
Braixen: Still getting the hang of things, though...
Toxikyle: See, I knew people still used the cbox
Braixen: What's everybody up to?
Toxikyle: Procrastinating
Braixen: Nonsense! You're just recharging your batteries for the next time you're gonna do something productive
Sparkleaf: playing a VN atm
Braixen: oh, anything good?
Sparkleaf: Was just going through the backlog earlier, but I decided to skip to Fureba because I was looking forward to it
Braixen: oh you have a backlog too? To be honest I've never really clicked with VNs all that well, since if I want a story, I get a book, but if I want a game I go for something a bit more action-y? Though I suppose that VNs are the best of both worlds?
Sparkleaf: hmm, I think of them as more like, interactive anime
Toxikyle: yo Braixen, are you in the discord yet?
Braixen: Yes, I am!
Braixen: Though I'm much of a lurker
Toxikyle: that's understandable lol
Braixen: I was thinking that maybe I kickstart the RP channel over there, sometime; but I'm not that confident in my acting either >.>
Toxikyle: I'm sure you're great!
Toxikyle: We've also started RPing more in the forums lately
Braixen: oh yeah, I should give those a look at sometime as well!
TheConceptionist: it's def really fun c:
DragonDiamond: Dang it I always hope to find anyone online here but I guess I always log on at the wrong time xD
Navarr: First (2021)
TheConceptionist: congrats, you have been sandwiched by September 15 messages
Tyler: Hi all. Okay, see you all in therapy.
Luce: Merry Christmas Y'all.
Tybro23: hey
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