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Sparkleaf: how much echo
Xetaja: I didn't pay too much attention
Xetaja: I made Metera attack while she had Rosetta's echo and her own echo. I couldn't see the numbers;;;;
Sparkleaf: rip
Maestra: man i wish you could get more pink medals from raids
Sparkleaf: same
Xetaja: The best place to get them is either Extreme or Manic in the solos
Maestra: yeah i've been doing extreme
Maestra: just feels a little tedious after a while
Xetaja: Yeah, it's a pain
Sparkleaf: yeah
Xetaja: Kill the middle Pinya that usually cuts charge bar
Xetaja: Then kill the bottom Pinya that does poison because the one on top usually does multihit, and I want that hit stack on Rosetta
Xetaja: Next stage, summon to kill the gold Pinya
Maestra: i could do maniac but 13 million is too much for me to handle
Xetaja: Mm, well, until Gawain gets stronger?
Sparkleaf: I'm not sure if I can handle maniac @_@
Xetaja: Hm...
Xetaja: Damascus crystal or supreme merit...
Metatyph: whispers
Metatyph: crystaaal
Sparkleaf: sureme damascus
Metatyph: LOL
Xetaja: I have 8 supreme merits. Hm
Xetaja: Izmir, Ygnwie, and Catherine need 3 per, and then Naoise needs 1 for his 5*
Metatyph: so two more
Xetaja: But Naoise needs Blue Sky crystals, so he's on the backburner until then
Metatyph: but wouldn't it be better to wait for merits in unSPARKS WHAT THE FRIG DID YOU DF:WJ"PKROTERKLADSC:DVS
Sparkleaf: so one more
Xetaja: Hmm, yeah
Xetaja: Yngwie and Catherine use up rainbow prisms though
Xetaja: So really, just Izmir
Xetaja: The only reason I haven't uncapped her was because I want to earn up more rupies
Sparkleaf: wild spider appears under typh's bed
Xetaja: Hm, in time, in time.
Sparkleaf: Oh
Sparkleaf: Gran died
Sparkleaf: And windcat took his place
Metatyph: oh... oh wow. I just laid out what I need to do for the week, and most of my entire workload is production art @_@
Sparkleaf: production art?
Metatyph: sparks i hate u ;A;
Sparkleaf: would you have preferred actual corpse party music
Xetaja: /me slides out to sleep
Sparkleaf: night xet
Maestra: laters xeta
Metatyph: oh right, I signed up for a workshop tomorrow
Metatyph: bleh, I better get hw done today then...
Maestra: got another fan
Maestra: just need 99 more medals...
Sparkleaf: maybe you'll get lucky and one will drop
Maestra: i got a flip chest
Maestra: but it was a fire urn
Maestra: it'll help with the xeno axe at least
Sparkleaf: wonder when the next xeno showdown is
Metatyph: I want axe >:U
Metatyph: I should work towards axe next xeno ifrit raid
Maestra: gawain can damage cut now
Metatyph: hurrah! ?
Metatyph: wait what do you mean now?
Sparkleaf: damage cut is his fate episode skill
Maestra: i got his damage cut skill if that's what you're asking
Metatyph: ohhh
Metatyph: right my bad <w<
Sparkleaf: is fine, you don't have him so you wouldn't know
Maestra: let's try level 60 nightmare with the wind team now
Metatyph: woo, go for it!
Metatyph: if I can do it you can too >:U
Maestra: we made it, but it's still much easier with the light team
Sparkleaf: who's on the light team (aside from uzuki)
Maestra: Rosamia, Uzuki, Naoise, Albert, Johann
Maestra: Superstar has the debuff resistance up skill which makes it easier
Maestra: solo'd yugu yugu
Sparkleaf: Congrats
Sparkleaf: so my brother called
Sparkleaf: and i have no idea what he said toward the end
Metatyph: O_O
Sparkleaf: i don't know if he asked me to pick him up or not
Metatyph: call him again to make sure?
Sparkleaf: he didn't pick up
Metatyph: oh no
Sparkleaf: Why the oh noj
Sparkleaf: *?
Metatyph: I... I don't know <w<
Metatyph: sorry, my mind's all over the place bc I'm trying to multitask a thousand things ;A;
Sparkleaf: ah
charlotte057: Uh?? It was alive ??
SkyWarrior: am i too late
Sparkleaf: lmao
bovinlep: Fex's CPR worked for a bit
Fexible: my work here is done
Sparkleaf: w-was that already 5 days ago, dang
Fexible: time flies
Sparkleaf: time is a bird?!
Fexible: ye
charlotte057: YA THIS CHAT is alive that is good news
bovinlep: is ded agin
Sparkleaf: is nt
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