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Twill: |D Sounds like how half my days have been this past week, punctuated with random, long, boring trips to town.
Grovyle: you live out in the country? cause out to town sounds like you live on a farm and..xD
Twill: I live 30 minutes from the closest town.
Grovyle: The only time i had to say that was when i lived in the juvy,my dad was a warden,so i had to live in a small house near the boys.
Grovyle: hey,hey i did too :D
Twill: So a trip to town means at least an hour of nothing but driving.
Twill: o.o You were in juvy?
Grovyle: no,no,i was the warden's daughter. xD
Twill: *locks his lab* Ahhhhh!
Twill: We live WAAAAAAY out in the sticks.
Grovyle: My dad almost got the head manager poistion but..
Twill: We only recently, maybe, got Cable Internet.
Grovyle: another guy beat him. :I
Grovyle: oh :u
Twill: D: Awww.
Grovyle: so now he runs the most successful target store in all of florida.
Twill: |D Directions to my house include "Turn off the paved road".
Twill: :D Well that's cool~
Grovyle: mhhm~
Twill: Our house has a tree line on all four sides of it.
Twill: We have the ninja house! No one can find it!
Grovyle: our old one was surroneded by trees,we could see the mess hall,warden's quarters,and the boy's quarters.
Grovyle: on hurrican ivan we evacuated,went to my nina's house. when we got back no one tree hit the house. One missed by a few feet.
Twill: :O That's an awesome story!
Grovyle: lul.
Grovyle: we almost couldnt get to the house,the bridge fell down and all the roads were flodded.
Twill: :O
Grovyle: and when we got into the woods our jeep got stuck in the mud.
Twill: |D
Grovyle: we then walked all the way to the detention center.
Grovyle: i dont like walking so i was whining the whole way |D
Grovyle: brother got bit by a black racer,thought it was a stick.
Grovyle: when we did get there everyone was glad to see we didnt fall over the fallen bridge and died.
Grovyle: :D
Twill: o.o Well he shouldn't have been messing with random sticks!
RubyPikachu: ¦C You guys and your stories...
Grovyle: mhm. i laughed at him :D
Grovyle: gtg,the office is onnn~
Twill: *noms Ruru* Well either join in with a story of your own, or just sit back and enjoy story time.
Twill: Gotta go as well, almost time for Church~
RubyPikachu: There's no interesting stories for me to talk about ¦c
RubyPikachu: seeya o3o
Grovyle: Back :U
RubyPikachu: wb :u
Kat: Hey guys
: Warning: The Chat system will go offline shortly
RubyPikachu: o3o!
Grovyle: Baaa'w
Grovyle: and hey-o there kitty.
: Chat system is offline (but you will be able to continue chatting if you don't refresh)
Grovyle: ;v;
Coolio: Ooh, interesting. Chat updates? :o
Grovyle: asdf,hey cools :D
Grovyle: and probably.
Kat: Yus
Grovyle: Ohh,wonderful.
RubyPikachu: *pokes Notice Board* o3o
Kat: owO
RubyPikachu: It's just... there owo;;
Kat: owo?
Grovyle: lulwha
Kat: this is what happens when you break the laws of programming
Coolio: Woa, I don't see anything different. ._.'
Grovyle: "Mmm we already have a Grovyle so perhaps I'll call you GC." ...I feel Special.
Kat: have you refreshed, Coolio?
Kat: /me ponders
Grovyle: mmm,i see you've removed the options toolbar for the forums. ahhhh.
Kat: options toolbar?
Grovyle: w/ [i],[b],[url] etc.
Kat: Ah. Yes. Did you want those?
Kat: I was going to try to find a new/better one
Grovyle: I myself do,yes.
Kat: My apologies
Kat: /me yawns
ShadowSceptile: Hi.
RubyPikachu: hello? =w=
ShadowSceptile: I'm very bored.
ShadowSceptile: I think I may do more on the project.
Navarr: I can't believe there are still people in here
RubyPikachu: YOU SHOULD
RubyPikachu: >:I
Navarr: i feel like someone was going to yell out at me
Navarr: "BELIEVE IT!"
ShadowSceptile: BELIEVE IT!
ShadowSceptile: That better? ^^
Navarr: /me shrugs
RubyPikachu: /me disappears
ShadowSceptile: Dammit. I don't l being in empty chats...
ShadowSceptile: /me[Disappears too]
ShadowSceptile: Shoot. :/
ShadowSceptile: I gotta work that out.
ShadowSceptile: /me [Disappears too]
ShadowSceptile: Next time I'll leave the square brackets.
ShadowSceptile: /me Disappears too
Sparkleaf: ...This chat lives? :D
Akwardphobicsmileyabsol: Hehehehehehehehehe!
dustin: BAH.!
Navarr: I claim this box for the year 2015.
Sparkleaf: /bulletin Test
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