This is the chat for Meta, Route 50's group for promoting onsite activity. discuss or die

Anyone who is interested should join the group, comment, and contribute. do it
<Kstan> display name is bandit keith
* Maestra lurks
<Kstan> wellwellwelllll
<Kstan> how about #lobby
<Pokey> uh
<Pokey> pope i see you
<SHiNKiROU> back for a while.
<Pope> whoa! shinkirou! :o sup, bro
<DarkPegusus> I won't be able to Meta much for a bit. Band stuff.
<Pope> heh, no prob xD me neither, really: school
<Pope> sorry for doing practically nothing, guys: sickness is a disease
<Atar> bounces in
<Coolio> I feel like we need to get something rolling here! I don't know what though :C Figured I'd chill in the chat and see if somebody would come to discuss
<charlotte057> HEY
<charlotte057> -SUMMONS-
<Pope> whoop whoop whoop whoooooooooop
<Pope> hey guys
<Pope> Waking this thing up. It might become importatn.
<Pope> importatin' away
<Toyguy007588323> importatin

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