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<DarkPegusus> Read what I send you on FB
<basscannon> Hello
<Arkangel> hai
<DarkPegusus> Feg
<Fexible> peg
<DarkPegusus> suup
<Fexible> not much
<DarkPegusus> Dead?
<Fexible> ye
<DarkPegusus> Good
<DarkPegusus> Same
<Iscariot> Lonely! I'm so lonely! I have nobody! All on my own!
<Iscariot> Sod it all. I'm gone.
<Sparkleaf> ????
<bovinlep> i know that feel
<SkyWarrior> emoooo
<charlotte057> Sighs and flips hair loudly
<Sheep> lol
<Nepeta> aaaaaaaaaaaaa

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