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<Sparkleaf> playing a VN atm
<Braixen> oh, anything good?
<Sparkleaf> Was just going through the backlog earlier, but I decided to skip to Fureba because I was looking forward to it
<Braixen> oh you have a backlog too? To be honest I've never really clicked with VNs all that well, since if I want a story, I get a book, but if I want a game I go for something a bit more action-y? Though I suppose that VNs are the best of both worlds?
<Sparkleaf> hmm, I think of them as more like, interactive anime
<Toxikyle> yo Braixen, are you in the discord yet?
<Braixen> Yes, I am!
<Braixen> Though I'm much of a lurker
<Toxikyle> that's understandable lol
<Braixen> I was thinking that maybe I kickstart the RP channel over there, sometime; but I'm not that confident in my acting either >.>
<Toxikyle> I'm sure you're great!
<Toxikyle> We've also started RPing more in the forums lately
<Braixen> oh yeah, I should give those a look at sometime as well!
<TheConceptionist> it's def really fun c:
<DragonDiamond> Dang it I always hope to find anyone online here but I guess I always log on at the wrong time xD
<Navarr> First (2021)
<TheConceptionist> congrats, you have been sandwiched by September 15 messages
<Tyler> Hi all. Okay, see you all in therapy.
<Luce> Merry Christmas Y'all.
<Tybro23> hey

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