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<RobotCat> Did u know discord actually means chaos I think if I am remembering that correctly
<Fexible> u are correct
<RobotCat> Hah yes 20 points to Puffle fluff
<AdamTheFurret> Rip chat system.
<RobotCat> 2002-2019
<AdamTheFurret> :(
<SkyWarrior> most of us are in the discord chat, haha
<SkyWarrior> god its been awhile since i've been on this chat qq
+ Eeveebot chose no shade out of shade, and no shade (asked by SkyWarriorcoord)
+ Eeveebot chose shade out of shade, no shade, shade, shade, shade, and shade (asked by RobotCat)
<DarkPegusus> Chat
<DarkPegusus> More like
<DarkPegusus> I miss this box
<SAMTA> hey guys
<Fox11111> hi
<Fox11111> [color = red]text[/color]
<Fox11111> hi
<Fox11111> fuck
<RobotCat> Test
<RobotCat> Try it without the spaces, Fox

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