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<Toxikyle> so, multi? //shot
<DarkPegusus> weed
<Lec> If there's hardly anyone here anymore, why have the snipers not left? Breaking the site might well have been a TEMCO strategy to flush them out.
<Vee> hi?
<DARK_X_SHADOW_X> hi deedo
<Deedo> Hiiii :)
<DARK_X_SHADOW_X> t or d?
<Deedo> D
<Deedo> This site is almost dead, barley any people are on this site
<basscannon> I just come back here to look at my cringe
<Deedo> eeeeeeeee@googlemaps
<Deedo> lol
<Deedo> I just looked at your account, you art is exrtemly good! Better than mine!
<Deedo> The best I can do is all 12 Homestar charaters lol
<Deedo> or Im looking at the wrong account
<DragonDiamond> I miss this site so much, I just returned after years
<DragonDiamond> I'm sad it's kind of empty though
<bovinlep> deez nuts

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