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<Toxikyle> But yeah, this chat has always kinda sucked on mobile
<Toxikyle> I wouldn't know how to do this, and it would probably be an impractically large project for the devs, but for the sake of arguement, what if there was an R50 mobile app that was synched with the chat, bases, forums, etc.?
<Sparkleaf> Yeah, we've had that idea floating around for a while
<Sparkleaf> But everyone is busy :(
<Sparkleaf> I think Frosti and Navarr were originally working on it a year or two ago?
<Toxikyle> But no progress?
<Sparkleaf> Not as far as I know
<Sparkleaf> Here's one thing I figured out
<Sparkleaf> Through 2016, people would linger in chat because mae, typh, xeta, fex, and I were here a lot
<Sparkleaf> Actually
<Sparkleaf> Even if there were just two of us, people would stick around
<Sparkleaf> But after my laptop died, we were using discord a lot more
<Sparkleaf> No one sticks around in chat because no one is here
<Toxikyle> So people just need to start lurking in here a lot more
<Toxikyle> Y
<Toxikyle> Whoops, misclick
<Sparkleaf> Yeah, pretty much
<SkyWarrior> the skype chat is still around, but it's dead thank god.
<SkyWarrior> no wait, i just have the notifications off
<SkyWarrior> its still going it seems

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