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<vaporeon_chan> yeah ik thats kinda how i feel
<charlotte057> It's alright tbh
<vaporeon_chan> ikr but u know how ppl r these days
<DarkPegusus> I scream at anyone who hates my gentle son
<charlotte057> Nah ur son is ok
<Toxikyle> And once she was in bed, she said "What a fine night. What a good walk. I knew the wolf wouldn't find me."
<Toxikyle> "Oh, but you must tracel through those woods again," said a shadow at the window.
<Toxikyle> "And you must be lucky to avoid the wolf every time."
<Toxikyle> "But the wolf... the wolf needs only enough luck to find you once."
<charlotte057> So u had better bring a spiked club next time, dear.
<charlotte057> Boy I love to hear when she calls me sweet daAAaaaAAAdyyy. What a beautiful dream mmm
<vaporeon_chan> i wanna dream of desert and me being a princess ( plz don't judge )
<charlotte057> Mmmm dessert
<Lec> *crunch* *gulp* *eats sandwiches* *plays unfitting music*
<Karkat> *casually slides across the cbox for a couple minutes wearing some heelies while thisplays in the background*
<Lec> *wacky arm motions to Karkat's music*
<basscannon> hm
<charlotte057> Hey pals so how is everyone doing nowadays ? ♥

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