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<DarkPegusus> One month of dead chat
<DarkPegusus> Big sad
<rehler> That is a shame
<RobotCat> f
<Vorchitect> Ey wus poppin
<Vorchitect> E
<Vorchitect> Hell ye
<Vorchitect> Anyway, not gonna be active on this site at all. Just going through all the different sites my multiuploader is linkable with and connecting em, and this is one of em
<DarkPegusus> Well, that's shitty, but we appreciate your honesty
<RobotCat> Honesty is the best prophecy
<RobotCat> Wait, that's not right...
<eevee4432> Hi
<Navarr> Hi, nobody
<Navarr> oh, I think the invisible person left before I joined. Oh well
<RobotCat> That always happens to me
<RobotCat> People leave when I enter the room
<RobotCat> Even the invisible people
<Vorchitect> Idk why ya said it's shitty. It doesn't look like y'all are all that active either.
<Maestra> we all pretty much have moved to the discord server :v
<RobotCat> U right

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