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<Toxikyle> You and what angry mob?
<Sparkleaf> ~~remember, pegu is a mob all unto himself~~
<Sparkleaf> frick
<DarkPegusus> I am
<DarkPegusus> INFINITE
<Sparkleaf> http://route50.net/galleries/view/13752
<Toxikyle> Perfect
<Sparkleaf> :D
<Toxikyle> Now it's time for Season 2: A Typical Day in the Discord
<Sparkleaf> XD this brings back memories of my spriting days...
<Sparkleaf> at some point i realized i was always pulling the pants from hilbert every time
<Iscariot> Been a while since I was on here.
<Iscariot> Hello again.
<Iscariot> . . . . No one even here. Guess I'll check back later, if I remember to anyway.
<Pope> too many words to remember. a decade of living literature. The archives go a long way but they can never fully bring back those days to my mind.
+ Just a quick reminder! We are currently transitioning to Discord!
<RobotCat> Yes
<RobotCat> Did u know discord actually means chaos I think if I am remembering that correctly
<Fexible> u are correct
<RobotCat> Hah yes 20 points to Puffle fluff

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