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<Xetaja> He said it on Sunday, but yeah
<SkyWarrior> i know
<SkyWarrior> i just needed something fun to say
<Metatyph> bunnies >:U
<SkyWarrior> many bunnies
<Toxikyle> bunnies are good
<SkyWarrior> mine is a jerk
<SkyWarrior> but the best jerk
<Toxikyle> A lot of pets are either idiots or jerks
<Toxikyle> Or both. But we love them anyway
<SkyWarrior> lol true that
<Toxikyle> My betta doesn't know how to eat food. He'll try to bite a bloodworm, but he misses, and then it floats away. I have to hold it in place with my finger and wait for him to get lucky and actually get it in his mouth
<Toxikyle> It's so dumb and cute and I love it
<SkyWarrior> omg
<SkyWarrior> thats great
<Kai> yam
<charlotte057> 10/10 with brown sugar and butter
<Aura-Flare> anyone in this chat seen bee movie?
<Aura-Flare> theres a canon pic of naked burmy now
<Aura-Flare> https://68.media.tumblr.com/9cd6feee...t0mo1_1280.jpg

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