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<Metatyph> call him again to make sure?
<Sparkleaf> he didn't pick up
<Metatyph> oh no
<Sparkleaf> Why the oh noj
<Sparkleaf> *?
<Metatyph> I... I don't know <w<
<Metatyph> sorry, my mind's all over the place bc I'm trying to multitask a thousand things ;A;
<Sparkleaf> ah
<charlotte057> Uh?? It was alive ??
<SkyWarrior> am i too late
<Sparkleaf> lmao
<bovinlep> Fex's CPR worked for a bit
<Fexible> my work here is done
<Sparkleaf> w-was that already 5 days ago, dang
<Fexible> time flies
<Sparkleaf> time is a bird?!
<Fexible> ye
<charlotte057> YA THIS CHAT is alive that is good news
<bovinlep> is ded agin
<Sparkleaf> is nt

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