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<SkyWarrior> okay, found a repost on tumblr that gave credit
<SkyWarrior> and they did delete their account
<Fexible> ah okay, good to know
<Fexible> thanks for looking it up for me!
<SkyWarrior> http://kaizoku-musume.tumblr.com/pos...oon-and-i-ship this post has the links, just in case you wanted to know for sure
<SkyWarrior> do i get a cookie
<SkyWarrior> thank you for looking into my reports btw
<Fexible> yes, and a hug
<Fexible> no prob!
<SkyWarrior> fex, every time i see something cat related im like, 'fex is going to like this'
<SkyWarrior> just wanted you to know that i think of you when i see cat pics
<SkyWarrior> only on twitter tho, lol
<Fexible> :D aww that's sweet, i'm glad you associate me with cats lol
<Fexible> cat pics are the best things about twitter tbh
<SkyWarrior> you right
<SkyWarrior> have you see your cat neighbors as of late?
<Fexible> ahh not recently, it's been too cold for them to sit in the windows, hahah
<charlotte057> You should knit some nice kitty scarves for them
<charlotte057> That would be cute

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