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<charlotte057> https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e0/3e...6fa9fbcc55.jpg
<SkyWarrior> screech
<DarkPegusus> All I do is scream
<DarkPegusus> But nothing ever gets out
<DarkPegusus> *dab*
<charlotte057> No dabbing is dead
<charlotte057> U can no longer "dab"
<charlotte057> *Posts a sign saying "U can no longer "dab".*
<vaporeon_chan> dabs anyway
<charlotte057> No U cannot
<charlotte057> Motions to sign look it even says so
* Fexible dabs
<charlotte057> That is against the rules!!!! I will get very upset if u keep dabbing :(
* Fexible eats the sign that says no dabbing, then dabs
<charlotte057> .....My sign
<charlotte057> ..........That was.......all I had.....left....after the.....tornado
<charlotte057> How will I sell the family farm with out my.......sign....?
<DarkPegusus> Dabbing is practically an art at this point. I've evolved to the shameful point where I dab unironically. You just have to accept this. Accept my art. It is my gift to you and the world.
<DarkPegusus> *dab*
<DarkPegusus> To be fair, it's also like the only thing I post in the chat. Does it count as spamming if each post is spaced over several weeks?

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