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<charlotte057> It's alive?
* DarkPegusus is still dead?
* Lec drops a coin paasing
* Lec drops a coin passing though the chat and the sound of it hitting the floor warps space and time
+ Chat: Would you like to make a wish?
* DarkPegusus would like to make a wish
+ Will you become meguca to fulfill your wish?
<DarkPegusus> I think I already am?
<bovinlep> bone hurting juice
<ChocolateHydra> How do I change my background?
<Kai> who up
<bovinlep> The B icon doesn't send
<bovinlep> Navs fix plz
<Fexible> emojis don't work in chat
<bovinlep> i need that b o n e l e s s
<DarkPegusus> All I do is scream
<Chookie> pewpew
<Pope> * 3 *

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