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<Sparkleaf> you?
<DarkPegusus> Youtube
<Sparkleaf> rawr
<bovinlep> What were those sirens
<Sparkleaf> I forget
<Sparkleaf> sup with you?
<bovinlep> (sorry late reply) Not much
<bovinlep> Recently made something semi-nsfw
<Sparkleaf> ???
<bovinlep> Recently made something semi-nsfw
<Sparkleaf> What of? (no links of course)
<bovinlep> Homura in a swimsuit of sorts
<bovinlep> (if you remember her)
<bovinlep> One of my OCs
<Sparkleaf> gdi tablet
<Sparkleaf> ooh rîght, her ^^
<Sparkleaf> swimsuits should be fine for galleries, i think
<Sparkleaf> With content warning thumbnail, I mean
<Sparkleaf> well, it's up to you, anyway. Do you like how it came out? o:
<bovinlep> It's okay I guess

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