Chat Rules

The following rules apply to all chatrooms, regardless of whether or not they are official and without respect to whoever owns them or their own rules. By violating any of these regulations, you run the risk of being infracted for the violation and a mark will be made on your account. If you break the rules multiple times you may be muted or banned for any period of time, at the moderators' discretion.

  • All content must be G-rated and appropriate for all ages. Sexual, racist, and hateful comments will not be tolerated.
  • Excessive swearing is banned, but light amounts may be allowed in moderation and by moderators' discretion.
  • Do not advertise or excessively post links
  • Two or three messages sent consecutively maximum, or you may be infracted for spamming.
  • Spamming or abusing BB code, styles, and emoticons can result in infraction
  • Flaming or harrassing other members is unnacceptable and you will be banned
  • In public rooms, we kindly ask you to use the English language at Route 50 until such times that we may hire multilingual moderators to moderate other language discussions. This is for the overall safety of our members and community.
  • Inappropriate, pornographic, sexual/erotic, gruesome, or other explicit content (such as images, videos, and text) may NOT be posted
  • Do not impersonate other members or staff members
  • Observe and obey the requests of staff members (all staff members will appear on the official staff page)

Be respectful. Don't spam. Don't hate. Be kid-safe and appropriate. Have fun chatting!