Code of Conduct

By registering at Route 50 and agreeing to our Code of Conduct, you agree to abide by the following rules in regards to etiquitte and conduct:
  1. Do not engage in discussion deemed to be inappropriate by our moderating staff (sexual, racist, or hateful topics)
  2. Swearing and cursing is not acceptable in most situations, but may be permissable if used in a lighthearted manner or "for effect". The choice to moderate lies at the discretion of moderating staff.
  3. Do not hack, or attempt to hack, Route 50 or accounts thereof, or abuse any glitches.
  4. Obey the requests of staff members.
  5. Do not spam or abuse BB code styles or emoticons
  6. You may have one account only. Do not create extra accounts.
  7. Do not cheat or attempt to cheat the system.
  8. No flaming, harrassing, or hating other members or members of the staff are allowed.
  9. We kindly ask you to use the English language at Route 50 until such times that we may hire multilingual moderators to moderate other language discussions. This is for the overall safety of our members and community.
  10. No content above a PG+13 level is allowed WHATSOEVER. Pornographic, sexual/erotic, suggestive, gruesome, and explicit text, images, and other media violate this rule.
  11. Do not impersonate staff members and other members of the site.
Breaking these rules will result in warnings, suspensions, bans, and the freezing of your account. Members of the staff may utilize any of these techniques at their discresion, however in general, the more severe the act, the more severe the punishment.

We may change our Code of Conduct at any time without notification. Make sure to read this Code of Conduct frequently and keep yourself familiar with it.

Last Updated: March 11, 2012