Project Fear

8 years after the Madman's demise...

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June 24, 2010 6:36pm

Eight years have passed since the brain-washed pokemon and the mad man were destroyed. Some of the heroes went their separate ways, and some even stayed together, feeling a bond that couldn't be separated. Everyone probably had the same thoughts that very day when it all ended; Even though they were taking their separate ways, they would someday meet again. Boy, were they ever right.

You see, even though though they defeated the Scientist, that didn't mean his creatures didn't live on. Only one kind of creature lived on: the FEAR. They had very sharp, bloody red, glowing eyes that could be seen in the dead of night. Once you looked into their eyes, horrible memories and fears would wash into your mind, and while their victim was in this terrified state, they would attack.

The FEAR had a leader. It was an Umbreon with blood red rings, and he was the first one of his creature that didn't end up in failure. He, like all the others, had ambitions, and very dark ones indeed. They captured the original heroes, putting them in steel crates. They were fed, but it was disgusting. But that was just their first step to their ultimate goal to rule the world.

Will any pokemon have the guts to raise up against the FEARS? Or will the pokemon of this world live in fear forever?


1. No God-Modding.
2. No, Spamming/Flamming.
3. Romance is allowed, but keep on a PG level.
4. There should be no blood or gore.
5. You can have up to three characters.
6. You may be a legendary but you can't be all powerful.
7. Don't rush anything or make anything to easy, both are unacceptable!
8. You can evolve some time in the RP.
9. Write at least 4-5 sentences.
10. No swears, but you can make up your own.
11. You are allowed to know as many moves as you want, but your pokemon can only use attacks they are able to learn
12. You can start RPing only if Frosti or I accept you.
13. Please, only 2 of each species.
14. Do not post a random/make no sense post, those are also unacceptable and ruin the RP for everyone.
15. To be accepted you must answer this question: Why do you want to join this RP? The plot is epic is an unacceptable answer.
16. You can sign up even though you didn't join Pokemon to the Rescue but it's highly recommend to read this
17. Here is the map for this RP
18. You must use the grammar you were taught in school (no chat speak please)
19 KEEP IN MIND THIS RULE IS IMPORANT: ONLY Frosti and I are allowed to summon the bosses, NOT you. If you break this rule then you are PLOT RUSHING.
20. I hope you enjoy Project Fear~.


History: (must have)
Extra: (trivia, etc.)

Currently closed for joining

General FEAR Information

FEARs, they are matter of pokemon that were tampered with scientist. Some were alive while they were being changed into the monsters you see before you but some, some, are tampered with when they were dead. Its unknown however, if the old soul comes back to the new body or not, it has not shown in any species yet.

Now lets see… Lets talk of the body build and abilities given to them unnaturally. You see, they have gleaming red eyes much like the brain-wash pokemon from the past but only this is way different. These eyes see right into your soul and if you make eye contact with them you will be frozen as fear seeps into your body. I’ve discovered that some FEARs have the power to put you under their spell without you meeting their gaze, but that ability is only being held by high ranking FEARs. They are either have a tougher build then normal or slicker, it depends on the job that they were made to accomplish.

There is another species I have to speak about. I haven’t seen them often but who knows where they are in this damp shadowy place? They are shadowy pokemon I believe they’re made of dark matter. Its hard to know if they’re well built on not for their body seems to be ever moving and blending the shadows. They’re eyes still have the fearsome ability and should be noted for being more violent, rude and blood hungry. I see them doing more of the dirty work, fighting then the regular pokemon FEARs. I can’t help but wonder… is 001 part shadow body FEAR too?

-From Denki’s Journal

Boss Info

The leader of the entire FEAR race. He is known by all simply as 001, although he allows a select few of the higher ranking members to simply call him Umbreon. His intelligence and power are frighteningly high, and he is constantly enhancing his genetics to empower himself even further. His minions follow him without question, allowing him to maintain his huge armies with eases. 001 is ruthless, cunning, and will do anything it takes to have his way.

002 is a blue Espeon with the same striking, red eyes as the rest of her kind. She was the first FEAR Pokemon made by 001, and he keeps her around as a sort of second-in-command. Because her DNA is nearly identical to 001's, she behaves in many of the same ways as he does, though she isn't quite so powerful. Still, she isn't one to be messed with.

013, who insists on being called Ms. Jane, is a bit of an odd one. She was made by 001 not for power, but for stealth. She has the normal, nonthreatening look of a normal Rattata, wears a large, floral sun hat, and even sports purple contacts to make herself look like a completely average Pokemon. Yet, that's not even close to the truth. 001 sends her out to spy on his enemies, deceiving them into thinking she's on their side, so he can collect their secrets. And, in times of trouble, her weak appearance also proves false. Although not overly muscular, Ms. Jane has a secret weapon- Her kiss carries a deadly poison.


Plot by SkyWarrior and Frosti
Name by Frosti
001 design by Frosti
002 design by SkyWarrior
013 design by ChocolateEevee


SkyWarrior and Frosti
June 24, 2010 6:47pm
Name: Slash
Species: Sandslash (hence the name)
Gender: Male
Personality: Slash is a very dutiful, hardworking Pokemon. He has a strong sense of justice and will not tolerate something he feels is wrong. He can be easily irritated at times and is very, very dangerous when angered.
Appearance: A really bada-- sandslash.
History: Slash grew up in a family filled with dysfunction and constant fighting. He left because of his disgust of they way the treated themselves and others. He is currently traveling with an incredibly annoying Eevee.
Other: Slash is Slash’s signature move. I wonder why. :D

Why do I want to join this RP? *muses* Well, I always wanted to join PttR, but I was always too *lazy* busy. Project Fear is my chance to make up for that. ...oh, and the plot still sounds epic. *shot*

I'd post the form for my second character, but it's on another computer. :\ I'll post it later.

Oh, and one more thing: Perhaps you should specify that this is PttR 2? ...Er, this is PttR 2, right?
June 24, 2010 7:00pm
"Why do you want to join this RP?"
Because I loved being in Pokemon to the Rescue, and this is a chance to develop some characters who take their roles AFTER Legend of Light in my stories. Note that this Leaf has nothing to do with the one in DDS.

Name: Leaf
Gender: Male
Species: Chikorita
Appearance: Typical
Personality: To develop as RP progresses. Timid and shy.
Moves: Razor Leaf, Tackle
History: Leaf was born in Golden Town, but his parents were killed in a rockslide that blocked off the road to Golden Town and Silver City. Thalia herself saved Leaf from the disaster, and brought him to the Sytadel. When Lightning- the first Sparktail- and Thalia were taken by the FEARs, however, Leaf knew that it was time to take up their mantle...
Other: In case you don't know it yet, the cities in Legend of Light are named after the games.

Also, I will be gone for the weekend, but I want to establish my claim on Chikoritas.
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June 24, 2010 7:05pm
Name: Sasquachi
Species: Wailmer
Gender: Male
Personality: Sasquachi is an outgoing Pokémon and is a tough guy. Although his size might be daunting, Sasquachi loves to help people. He likes to eat. A lot. Krill is good and so is phytoplankton.
Appearance: You know -- big, round, ball whale like. Sasquachi has an abnormal large belly that sticks out.
History: Sasquachi comes from a family of overweight Wailords. His pops died a few days before Sasquachi was born, so he was raised by his uncle and mom. Sasquachi has an older brother that picks on him constantly, criticizing Sasquachi's weight even though his brother weighs almost three times as much. He had one encounter with a human. Sasquachi sat on her (coughXetajaadmcough).
Extra: Sasquachi also likes pie. To travel on land, Sasquachi hops around.

"Why do you want to join this RP?"
Because it's epic and Sasquachi isn't a part of it yet!

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June 24, 2010 7:23pm
Oh, my gosh. I'm so happyyyy ;w;

Name: Damien
Species: Cyndaquil
Gender: Male
Personality: Damien always acts like he's fearless and mighty, despite his small stature. He's always in fighting mode, thus his back flame is nearly always lit, except for when he's asleep. He's not afraid to be rude to anyone, even if they are stronger than him, and his pride often overpowers his common sense. He softens up slightly around his sister, Kenna, though only slightly. Although he's headstrong and reckless, he does have some admirable traits, such as being incredibly brave and loyal to those he cares for.
Appearance: The blue area on normal Cyndaquil are a ruby color, instead. Also, Damien is rather small for his age.
History: Damien was born about four and a half years ago to Torch and Rose. Soon afterwards, his little sister, Kenna, was born. They lived peacefully in a forest for all of their childhood years, with their only action coming from the spirited tales of their parents. One day, though, 001 came in person to abduct Rose and Torch, leaving Damien and Kenna to fend for themselves.
Extra: He often carries around a bag full of belongings, which used to belong to his father before he was taken away.

Name: Lumin
Species: Electrike
Gender: Female
Personality: Lumin is quite full of herself, and won't hesitate to prove that she's the best. She can be quite rude, but only towards Pokemon who have landed on her bad side. Most of the time though, she's rather outgoing, and quite curious. She's fairly smart, but will still insist that she's correct if her ideas have flaws.
Appearance: She's a normal Electrike with violet eyes.
History: Lumin is the oldest child of Rukuto and Komachi, with Alice as her little sister. She lived with her family in peace for her entire life, until a squad of FEAR Pokemon came to take her family away. They would have killed her and Alice, but she managed to slip out with the Skitty before they were discovered.
Extra: None

Well, I'm joining because its my RP I loved being in the first PttR, and have been looking forward to this for ages. And, I accept myself :B

Pope, Spark, and Pikachu are all accepted~
June 24, 2010 7:39pm
Why did I join? Well, it's because I was a part of PttR and it was amazingly awesome, so I joined this and hoped it would be epic like the original.

Name: Alice
Species: Skitty
Gender: Female
Personality: Alice is uncaring towards others when she first meets them, but this is different with Lumin. She pretends to have a strang additude, but clearly, she's accually a coward at heart.
Appearance: Normal looking Skitty and has orange eyes.
History: Alice is the youngest child of Komachi and Rukuto, and her older sister is Lumin. Her and her family lived with peace and happiness until the FEAR squad kidnapped her parents. Alice and Lumin escaped with stealth before they were discovered.
Extra: N/A

June 24, 2010 7:43pm
Okay, I'll try not to die this time. owo

Why do you want to join this RP?
Well, in the last one I died and missed out on a lot. I also liked PttR in the little time I was in it. c:

Name: Permont
Species: Larvitar
Gender: Female
Personality: Ever since she was taken in by a gang of rouge of some badarse Ditto, she's been the quite type known to give death glares every now and then. Behind this shell that gives off that wonderful killing intent she is quite a happy Larvitar who loves to prance around in a field of Sunflora, and bounce on fat, squishy bellies.
Appearance: She wears a blue bandanna around her left wrist to signify that she is one of the BDG (Blue Ditto Gang). On her right ankle she wears a anklet of different kinds of beads. Her eyes are also a fierce yellow-gold.
History: When she was young her parents suddenly left her alone in their cave, only to be found by a blue ditto who just so happened to be a nurse and not one of the I'll-kill-any-Pokemon-RAWR Pokemon who lived in the area. She was taken in by the BDG, which was very known at the time - and it still is - and feared by many. When she was old enough they told her about her past and that she wasn't a Ditto. (Yeah, she thought she was. Broke her heart when she heard she wasn't.) Rumors had it they were brainwashed, others say captured by humans, even enslaved. Nobody really knows.
Extra: None

Name: Kero
Species: Squirtle
Gender: Male
Personality: He's rather hyper and declares himself as a star. He likes being at the center of attention. Doing anything to get stronger, he's even planned to be like all those strong Pokemon who faced a human and all his brainwashed Pokemon. Not only that, but to surpass them as well. In spite of being raised by Magikarp and Slowpoke he's both strong and fast, though he tends to trip himself sometimes and gloats too much in battle thus ending in him getting beaten up.
Appearance: On his shell he has painted a star in green (mushed up kelp) to show he's a star.
History: He's never known his parents, they've never known their own, and they certainly don't know him. He was left as a baby, wailing on the sandy beach, on his shell, unable to get up, and drying up like a prune. Only some stranded Magikarp and Slowpoke who came to help the fish back into the sea noticed him and raised him in a nice tide pool.
Extra: None.

June 24, 2010 8:38pm
I'm joining because I love my first ever RP, so I know I will just love this, specially cause I have improved in RPing. Anyways, this RP was planned at the starting month of this year, close to the time as the first one was made. ;P

Accepted Ryu and Hana :3

Name: Kenna
Species: Vulpix
Gender: Female
Personality: She often doubts herself as a strong pokemon, she thinks she can never be as strong as her sibling or her parents, her lack in confidence often get's her brother's attention for he wants to help her get more confident in herself. She also is a worry wart, always wondering if there following the rules correctly. Kenna is also very timid, but she might talk if her brother is with her.
Appearance: Her eyes are oddly green, it's own how she got them since both mother and father have amber eyes. She got her father's color fur as you can plainly tell. Her fur is fire proof 'cause of her ability, Flash Fire, so she isn't bothered by her brother's flames. Also, the thing our her neck has the words 'I'm always with you' engraved on it, also the thing that holds the pendant is what held Rose's key.
History: Her life was pretty care free, always nice and fun. Enjoying the company of her family and the stories her parents told of the days of the Mad Man, this always put her to sleep dreaming of the battles they have told her. Then one day, one day terrible day he came, the leader of the FEARS. Even though her parents fought bravely they were no match for the umbreon, making Kenna and Damien flee before they were killed.
Extra: None

Name: Crimson
Species: Eevee
Gender: Male
Personality: He is a mellow pokemon, thinking first before acting, because of this he is easy to land a hit in battle. He is smart but not smart as his father, Denki. Crimson loves to hang around other pokemon always hoping they would tell him something he didn't know. He puts his sister, Stella before his needs.
Appearance: He got his color from his dad, Denki that pachirisu, he is the species of his mother, Moon. His red eyes often make pokemon think he is a FEAR or at least a failed experiment of the fears. He is fluffier then normal eevees so he is pretty soft and good to sleep next to on cold nights. Just his right eye has that marking.
History: In his happy life he never heard his parents speak of what happened about the Mad Man, leaving there two kids questions in there minds, like how did there parents meet? But the fact that he didn't know didn't bother Crimson, he was just glad they were together. Then one day, he wished he had known. One day, three FEARS came to take Moon and Denki away, his parents fought and fought but they were no match for them. But with Crimson's quick actions of running away saved there lives.
Extra: None.
June 24, 2010 8:46pm
Why join? Because PttR was awesome and, after joining it close to the end, I was mad at myself for not joining sooner. I ain't making that mistake again~

Name: Samson, but goes by Sam most of the time.
Species: Charmander
Gender: Male
Personality: Very shy and reserved, in stark contrast to his mother. He is very cowardly, always wanting to run instead of fight, and only ever uses fighting as a very last result, as he isn't very good at it. He can't stand to see anyone in pain, which is why he tries to comfort anyone he can.
Appearance: Has a slightly lighter coloring then the standard Charmander and is rather small by Charmander standards. He where's a red ribbon that has been made into a necklace.
History: He is the son of Sierra, on of the Pokemon who battled the mad man, and a Charizard she later fell in love with. The three lived as quietly as Sierra could stand to until the day that those Pokemon came to take Sierra. His mother kidnapped, his father killed trying to protect him, he turned to the only person he knew to, a friend of his mothers, Blade the Scizor. He has since lived with the Scizor, who are both trying to find and rescue his mother.
Extra: For some odd reason, possibly inherited from his mother, he occasionally pokes things to see if they are dead or not. He is very young.

Name: Blade
Species: Scizor
Gender: Male
Personality: Very cold to all but Sam, often dismissing or otherwise ignoring what they say. He is very intelligent in the ways of Nature and the world, but has a social awkwardness, possibly caused because he never left his swarm before when growing up.
Appearance: Like that of a normal Scizor. He wears a green bandana.

History: Blade grew up in a large Swarm of Syther that lived in a large forest near a valley within which a large number of dragons lived, or so his father told. The two groups had an unsteady truce, the Sythers staying in the forest while the dragons lived in the valley, neither bothered the other. The truce went on for decades until one day, as Blade and one of his friends played at the edge of the forest, a small Chamander wearing a red ribbon appeared and attacked them. After he told his parents what had happened, the Swarm was whipped into a frenzy, demanding punishment on the aggressor. The swarm found and attacked the small Chamander and, when they came to protect her, a pair of Charizards. Only when the Charizards died and the Charmander vanished did the swarm calm and, after talking with the elders of the dragons, resume the truce.

Though he never fought, the sight of the two Charizards lying there shook Blade to his core. He soon after left the swarm to find his own path, wanting nothing to do with a group that resorted to violence so quickly. He grew, learned, and evolved deep within the forest, in a place that he only left once a year, to visit the place that had caused him to leave the swarm.

One year, as he paid his respects to the Charizards that had fallen, a pair of Charizards approached, one of which was wearing a red ribbon. H knew in an instant that this was the Charmander from way back when, but said nothing about what had happened, only that he had known the girls parents. The two became fast friends, despite his dark secret, and held each other in high respects, as both Pokemon and fighters.

Very much to Blade's surprise, he one day found that Charizard's son, whom he had only met a few times before, begging to stay with him and telling a horrific tale. Blade agreed not only to watch and protect Sam, but also to find his kidnapped mother, hoping that this act would clear his conscious.

Extra: Is taking care of Sam for the time being. Is one of the Sythers that Sierra attacked as a Charmander. Feels personally responsible for the death of Sierra's parents.
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June 24, 2010 9:57pm
Why did I join PttR 2? Because The original PttR was awesome and epic, so I joined hoping this would be like it.

Name: Celia
Species: Togekiss
Gender: Female
Personality: Ceila is reckless, and doesn't really listen to others advice. She's rude and lacks manners.
Appearance: She looks like your average Togekiss with brown eyes.
History: She lived on the mountain where Momoko and Aya lives, she's one of the pokemon you can fly that transportates non-flying residents. When two of the mountains residents were captured, her and a friend went to go retrieve them.
Extra: She's the Togekiss who appeared in Aya's and Momoko's ending.

Name: Yule
Species: Delibird
Gender: Male
Personality: Helpful, but simple. He isn't very fond of people who are rude and bashful. He doesn't like battling but does it anyway. For many reasons, Celia makes fun of him, which he can't stand.
Appearance: He looks like your average Delibird.
History: He lived on the same mountain where Aya, Celia, and Momoko lived, being the delivery pokemon. When Aya and Momoko were kidnapped, he went to go rescue them with Celia, much to his dismay.
Extra: None.
June 24, 2010 11:04pm
Name: Stella
Species: Pachirisu
Gender: Female
Personality: If she's good friends with you, she will make jokes and have fun. She is normally very shy though. The only person she really is the most like herself around is her brother Crimson. She is also very intelligent and has a talent for calming people down when they're upset.
Appearance: She is a Pachirisu like her father, but has the colors of her mother. Her ears are purple and so is the stripe down her back, but there are smaller blue stripes on the outside of the purple one. The yellow spots on her cheeks are shaped like stars and she wears a necklace with a pure red Heart Scale on it. She also has brown eyes.
History: She grew up deep in the middle of a forest with her mother, Moon, her father, Denki, and her Brother, Crimson. She never really knew where her family came from, as her parents never really told her anything about how they got together or why they lived such a secluded lifestyle. She never really minded however, as she was just happy with the way things were. That is, until a group of FEAR kidnapped her parents. Now she wants to find out why the FEAR would take her parents and find them before it's too late.
Extra: She is very powerful in battle, but doesn't show it most of the time due to her shyness. But she will use everything she has if her brother Crimson is in danger.

I want to join because I was in the first PttR and it was awesome! I have also been looking forward to this for a while!
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Thanks goes to the awesome Twill!

And also to the awesome Coolio!

Clickie! :)

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June 25, 2010 7:08am
[ooc: Why do you want to join this RP? Because it's pretty much awesome sauce and I died in the last one. Cross your fingers that I make it with this one! *stealing character from TAFD lol*

Name: Taine
Species: Poochyena
Gender: Male
Personality: Taine? He's a hero, if you're asking! Or well, that's what he's aspiring to be. After hearing the tales of rescues and adventures by Pokemon heroes, he's wanted to be one ever since, and that's affected his personality 100%! Following the rules and tips he's gotten from books of heroes, he's learned to be respectful and kind to all.. except for rivals. Because rivals are well.. your rivals, and are your competition. Another thing is to rescue damsels in distress, although he's still not exactly that type to be "in love." Slightly oblivious, you could say, but still, if you ladies are in trouble, he'll be there! But the most important rule, which also applies to that "damsel in distress" thing is to help others. Always. It's his top priority, his quote, pretty much his goal. Although if you cut out the hero part, Taine's a kind guy, very courageous, gets all clumsy if embarrassed, is a happy fellow, and does fret about harm being done to others(slight run-on sentence, I know xD). But because of his heroic personality, he also likes to take charge in things, although his young mind makes him a little rash in decisions and his plans aren't exactly the best. That doesn't exactly make him the best listener, but if you do speak up, perhaps he'll hear you. You could say he's slightly boastful when it comes to leadership. He's still likable though, right? In summary, he's that heroic Pokemon who's as positive as can be even in this present, although he's a slightly obnoxious leader. Just try to tolerate that last part.
Appearance: There's not much of a difference in Taine's personality compared to a regular Poochyena's. The only thing is a red cape flowing from his neck to his stomach. This cape signifies his awesome heroic style. (lD oh yeah~)
History: Taine was one of the Pokemon who was brainwashed by the madman. He had no family before though, usually living with his friends and told of tales of Pokemon Heroes, which aspired him to be one. Unfortunately, that plan failed after being captured and controlled, but once a team of Pokemon had beaten the mad man, he was able to be free and live with his friends once again. But this time, he trained. Hard, in fact. He wanted to grow stronger, despite having a young age. And now, he's here, lost and hoping to find out about this 001 guy. That's what a Hero is about, right, finding danger and defeating it?
Other: His text colour is crimson. also, sucky history is sucky. :c]

June 25, 2010 7:43am
My second character~

Name: Lime
Species: Eevee
Gender: Male
Personality: Lime is almost the complete opposite of Slash. Instead of being dutiful and hardworking, Lime is lazy and irresponsible. However, both Pokemon have a great sense of compassion and have a hard time doing nothing when someone is in need.
History: Lime ran away at a young age. Slash found him half-dead lying in a ditch. He nursed Lime back to health, but now the young Eevee continues to follow him around despite the Sandslash’s many attempts to leave him behind.
Extra: Iron Tail is Lime’s finishing move for whenever he gets in a fight. :D He’d rather flee then fight, unlike Slash.

:\ So... yeah.
June 25, 2010 10:38am
WHY DO I WANNA JOIN THIS RP? Because I couldn't join PttR and I really wanted to, soooo...I'll join this one. OwO

Personality:She loves to sing and play. She likes candy but usually gets mad when you upset her or make her angry. She's caring and lovable.
Appearance:She has a black scraf so the warmer she is, the more energy and power she has. She has maximum power when she senses love.
History:When she was a little Eevee, she once found herslef trapped in a cave. But then, strangly, when she used Ice Beam, she got out of the cave and evoled into a Glaceon.
Extra:She finishes a boss battle with Ice Beam.

I'm sorry about the history. I couldn't think of anything, especially the pokemon.

If tomorrow's forecast could be really really sunny, that'd be nice, tho
(Chaos sprite by Coolio)
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