Pokemon Chao!!!

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March 27, 2012 3:04pm
So sorry to bother you, but...

Pokémon: Beedrill
Extras: Green eyes, curly antennae, light-green tinted wings,
Pose: Standing, but is there a pose where it looks kinda fustrated?

Take as long as you like.
October 29, 2012 9:48am
Pokemon: My pokesona!
Extras: no extras,if the patterns are to hard to do then just ignore it :)
Pose: Sleeping with the Zzzz
Thank you very much!:D
Chao by Coolio
November 5, 2012 8:32am
Extras: None
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November 17, 2012 11:03pm
Herro dere! Back for mah second request.

Pokemon: Do you think you could do the Aqua-Luxray in my signature? If not could you make a Staraptor and a Pigeot?
Extras: For the Aqua-Lux, do you think it could be wearing a little crown? If the A-L isn't working, the birds don't need anything.
Position: Sitting regally? Like, "I'm so awesome!", but if the Luxray doesn't work just have the two buuurds facing each other, but while in flight?

Oh, and a heart between them.
Thank you so much, and if this is too compicated, bug me!

November 24, 2012 2:47pm
Hey guys! I'm surprised people are still posting in here, since my ability to fill requests dwindled haha

Anyway, I have your chao! :D


URL: http://i47.tinypic.com/2ibgi05.png


URL: http://i49.tinypic.com/4i6ns.png


URL: http://i47.tinypic.com/2q1ywc0.png

@Nepetacool- I chose the Aqua-Lux haha. Hopefully it came out okay!

URL: http://i46.tinypic.com/2vto6kz.png

I hope you all like them! :D
November 24, 2012 3:05pm
Oh my god!,Thank you so much!!! :D
Chao by Coolio

November 24, 2012 7:41pm


*scurries off to edit signature*

December 3, 2012 5:44pm
You are totally awesome!
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December 30, 2012 6:10am
May I please have an Emolga, sitting sorta like your cyndaquil one? :3

And a Reuniclus doing whatever you think looks best?

I don't mind if it takes a while or anything, so take your time. XD

And please make the background transparent, that'd be awesome.
December 30, 2012 5:49pm
oh cools these are so cute, if you have time I'd love to request one.

Pokemon: raichu
Extras: holding a sunflower? or one on its ear?
Pose: uhmm standing triumphantly?
Transparent? sure if it's not too much trouble.

Thanks so much for considering c:
Thanks to the amazing [user=Coolio]!!
December 31, 2012 6:22pm
OMG, are you still doing these, cools? I want another.. if you could ♥ haha. //greedy


Pokemon: Vulpix!
Extras: Umm, a kerchief? Like in the PMD series ~
Pose: Sleeping.
Transparency: Yeahhh ♥


thank you cools ily forever and oodles (:

i hope i'm not overloading you..

man this thread has been going on since 2007... do you feel famous yet, cools?
//kȿtαηღȿαη∂wιȼh ::. ;;

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February 16, 2013 6:56pm
Hey guys, sorry it's taken a couple months to get back to you hnng.

But I have your chao! The only thing is that the site I used for transparencies isn't working on my computer (again) so I couldn't make them transparent, sorry :C


URL: http://i47.tinypic.com/2wgskgm.png

URL: http://i45.tinypic.com/2vjctnl.png




URL: http://i50.tinypic.com/2qjfurc.png

Ahh I love you too man <33 And yeah, this thread has certainly lasted a long time! I don't really feel famous though xD

I hope you all like them, even though they couldn't be transparent this time! <3

February 16, 2013 8:22pm
Awhh thanks so much Cools it's adorable!!!! You're the best <3
Thanks to the amazing [user=Coolio]!!
February 17, 2013 8:14am
Can I please request another one, how about a fennekin? Please
Chao by Coolio
February 17, 2013 8:25am
Sure AquaTail! You have to tell me the pose you want though haha. Please use the form that's located in the first post! C:
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