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~[Part 15 - The Newcomer]~

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August 2, 2012 10:23pm
In the land of Daseos, there are five towns. Each holds a Guild specializing in Pokemon of a different type and exploration specialty. Their Guildmasters are unique, but the same in one way- they love, respect, and protect the people of their towns, as the role of a Guildmaster is also that of a town mayor. Which town do you live in?

Dendo Town

Dendo Town is a calm town with tall yellow grasses and frequent storms. This town is well-known for their Beongae fruit, a pinkish-yellow fruit shaped like a large strawberry, with a strong sour flavor. Residents tend to be energetic, arrogant, and very hyper.

Dendo Town Guild

The Guild specializes in Electric-Type Pokemon, but also accepts Fighting- and Normal-Types. Types of Explorations most commonly set out on by Dendo Exploration Teams are Rescue Missions.

Kurai Town

Kurai Town is inside a dark, murky forest. If you could see the sky, dark clouds are always hanging around. They are well-known for the rich mud for their clay. Residents tend to be quiet, mischievous, and independent.

Kurai Town Guild

The Guild specializes in Dark-Type Pokemon, but also accepts Psychic- and Ghost-Types. Types of Explorations most commonly set out on by Kurai Exploration Teams are Outlaw Catching Missions.

Yujin Town

Yujin Town resides inside a dormant volcano. They are well-known for the beautiful glass sculptures made from magma from exposed pools. Residents tend to be hot-headed, easily angered, but brave.

Yujin Town Guild

The Guild specializes in Fire-Type Pokemon, but also accepts Steel- and Ground-Types. Types of Explorations most commonly set on by Yujin Exploration Teams are Treasure Hunting Missions.

Awa Town

Awa Town can be found on a large beach next to the sea. They are well-known for their yearly Beach Carnival. Residents tend to be relaxed, kind, and thoughtful.

Awa Town Guild

The Guild specializes in Water-Type Pokemon, but also accepts Ice- and Flying-Types. Types of Explorations most commonly set on by Awa Exploration Teams varies, but is mostly Rescuing and Item Retrieving.

Kusa Town

Kusa Town is inside a beautiful flowering meadow. They are well-known for their bouquets and incenses. Residents tend to be calm, quiet, and gentle.

Kusa Town Guild

The Guild specializes in Grass-Type Pokemon, but also accepts Poison- and Bug-Types. Types of Explorations most commonly set on by Kusa Exploration Teams are Item Retrieving Missions.

The Guildmasters

Dendo - Guildmaster Denki

Denki is a Shiny Raichu with a red front-facing bandanna around his neck.

Iron Tail
Brick Break

Kurai - Guildmaster Slade

Slade is a Zoroark with a black cloak.

Shadow Claw
Night Daze
Aerial Ace

Yujin - Guildmaster Vulcan

Vulcan is a Shiny Quilava that stands on his hind legs and wears a black fedora.

Flame Charge
Quick Attack
Wild Charge

Awa - Guildmaster Oceana

Oceana is a Floatzel with a Blue Dawn Flower on her head and a white crochet poncho.

Ice Fang
Double Hit
Aqua Tail

Kusa - Guildmaster Flora

Flora is a Roserade with a dark green cape and mask.

Magical Leaf
Poison Jab
Weather Ball



Move- Only one.



Exploration Team
Team Info
Name- Example- Team Chrome
Specialty- Rescuing, Bounty Hunting, Treasure Hunting, Item Retrieval, or Varied.
Rank- Normal, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Master.

The second post now has detailed descriptions of each Pokemon. =3
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August 3, 2012 9:15am


Guildmaster Denki ~ Me [Shiny Raichu]
Assistant Needed!!

Teams needed!!
Team Rodent Squad ~ Skywarrior, Inactive, Normal Rank [Rattata and Emolga]
Team Fangs ~ Me, Inactive, Gold Rank [Eelektrik and Linoone]
Team Star ~ Me, Dead, Stelle is now in Team Quake, Silver Rank [Luxio, Shinx and Shiny Shinx


Guildmaster Slade ~ Me [Zoroark]
Assistant Razor ~ Me [Bisharp, former member of Team Killer, renamed]

Teams needed!!

Kai ~ Kai [Umbreon]


Guildmaster Vulcan ~ Me/MetaTyph [Shiny Quilava]
Assistant Spike ~ Open [Rhyperior, former member of Team Killer]

One more team needed!

Team Quake ~ Me, Master Rank [Shiny Charizard and Excadrill]
Team Blast ~ MetaTyph, Master Rank [Typhlosion and Metagross]


Guildmaster Oceana ~ Me [Floatzel]
Assistant needed!!

Teams needed!!
[i]Team Cloud-9 ~ Me, Deceased, Master Rank [Shiny Froslass and Altaria]

Crush ~ Open, former member of Team Killer [Nidoking]


Guildmaster Flora ~ Me [Roserade]
Assistant Cryon ~ Open [Abomasnow, former member of Team Killer, renamed]

Teams needed!!
Team Vipers ~ Skywarrior, inactive [Snivy and Seviper]


Egg Center

Adoption Clerk Audino ~ Anyone getting an egg, NPC [Audino, duh]
Adoption Assistant needed!!

Sorting Chief Blissey ~ Open, NPC [Blissey, duh]
Sorting Assistant needed!!

Incubation Working Chief Kangaskhan ~ Anyone, NPC


Guards needed!!

Security Chief needed!!

Officer Magnezone ~ Anyone, NPC
Assistants Magnemite ~ Anyone, NPC, x2


Ho-Oh ~ Me, Egg bringer
The next legendaries replace `God` in phrases like `Oh my God` for each type

Normal- Arceus
Fire- Reshiram
Water- Palkia
Electric- Zapdos
Grass- Shaymin
Dark- Darkrai
Psychic- Mew
Ground- Groudon
Steel- Heatran
Bug- Genesect
Dragon- Latias
Fighting- Keldeo
Flying- Tornadus
Poison- Scolipede [No Poison legendary]
Ghost- Giratina
Rock- Regirock
Ice- Kyurem


All baby Pokemon
All starters
All hatchable Pokemon
Various Legendaries with permission. [Allowed- Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Lake Trio, Manaphy, Phione, Shaymin, Victini, Keldeo, and Meloetta.]

Taken Eggs

Togepii Egg ~ Me
Darkrai Egg ~ Kai
Pink/blue Egg ~ Typh
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August 3, 2012 11:05am
Name: Boltara
Species: Electric Eevee
Gender: Female
Guild: Dendo
Position: Assistant
Moves: electro ball, shadow ball, tackle, dig
Personality: lots of fun, adventurous, brave,bold
History: ??? ( History is a mystery...)
Appearance: yellow electric eevee with blue scarf on her head.
Other: ???

may i please join?
August 3, 2012 11:25am
Declined. You used a form from a different RP. And you can use a normal Eevee or a Jolteon if you want.

Yuki looked on the board of Awa Town Guild. `Hmm... There`s a Togetic trapped inside Seaside Cave, and she will give her rescuers Beongae Fruit! I love those, and they`re so rare in Awa Town... let`s do it, Kumo!` The Froslass cheered.

`Watashi wa doi shimasu. Sorera wa totemo oishī to suppai kudamono!` Chirped the Japanese Altaria. (I agree. They are very tasty and sour fruit!)
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August 3, 2012 2:07pm
Name- Zelia
Gender- Female
Species- Zoura
Accessories- a white band around her neck
Town- Kurai
Move- Foul Play
Ability- Illusion
Other- N/A

If tomorrow's forecast could be really really sunny, that'd be nice, tho
(Chaos sprites by Coolio)
August 3, 2012 2:24pm
Accepted! Yooo Cutie!


Slade walked through the town. He waved at the Zorua. `Hello, Zelia!` The Zoroark chirped in her direction as he walked to the Marketplace.


Yuki knocked out a Wingull with Icy Wind as Kumo took out a Spheal with Heat Wave. They continued through Seaside Cave.


Belle and Talon sifted through Outlaw Capture requests. The picture of a Scizor caught their eye. `Serial Killer Scizor...` The Charmander hissed as she read. Then her eyes filled with tears. `He`s the one who... killed my mother!`
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August 3, 2012 5:26pm
Name- V, also note that V is a shiny.
Gender- Thats classified information sir!
Species- Snivy
Accessories- Wears a red bandana that has white swirls, located on V's head. Also has three golden earings on the leaf part of the tail of a snivy.
Moves- Vine whip, Giga drain, Grass knot, Toxic
Ability- Overgrow

Name- Kobra
Gender- Male
Species- Seviper
Accessories- A ring in his tongue
Moves- Posion Tail, Haze, Glare, Posion Fang
Ability- Shed Skin

Team Info
Name- Example- Vipers
Specialty- Varied.
Rank- Platinum
Guild- Kusa Town
August 3, 2012 7:27pm
Exploration Team
Accessories-Straw hat
Moves-Blast Burn, Flamethrower, Eruption, Fire Plume
Accessories-Yellow scarf
Moves-Extrasensory, Metal Claw, Meteor Mash, Earthquake
Ability-Light Metal
Team Info
Name- Team Blast
Specialty- Rescuing, Bounty Hunting, Treasure Hunting.
Rank- Silver
Guild- Yujin Town
August 3, 2012 8:27pm
Accepted! And Team Blast is fully evolved, so it is now considered Master Rank.
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August 3, 2012 8:28pm
Oh, okay then! :D
August 3, 2012 8:35pm
Vulcan walked up to Team Blast. `Will you two accompany Team Quake to Magma Cavern to make sure Scizor doesn`t kill them? Belle wants to capture him since he killed her mother.` The Shiny Quilava asked.

[Let`s have Vulcan and Typh be brothers! =3]
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August 3, 2012 8:37pm
[Vulcan and Typh, brothers? I'd love to!! :D]
Typh let out a nod. "Will do, brother. Magma Cavern, right? I believe we had a mission there before..."
"So, what are they doing in there?" Meta asked.

August 3, 2012 8:47pm
Vulcan looked down, worriedly. `The thing is, that killer that murdered Belle`s mother is there. Scizor. Belle was so overcome with rage that she charged over there, taking Talon with her.`


Belle was cornered by Scizor, with Talon nowhere to be found. She tried using Fire Fang, but was slapped by a large claw. The murderous Scizor used Hypnotize, waving his Trapinch Head-like claws around. Belle fainted on the ground.

`Don`t put a single claw on my chica!` Cried out the Drilbur, bursting from the ground into the Scizor.

`Why you..!` He roared, turning to try to use Hypnotize on Talon.
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August 3, 2012 8:50pm
[They're already there?!]
"...We should hurry." Meta remarked. "Their lives may be in danger."
"Agreed." Typh mustered, grabbing his bag and dashing out. "We'll leave now! We'll try to come back soon!!"
August 3, 2012 9:31pm
(Pokey why you rush everything?! Lol OTL time to post.
Also are we allowed to swear? I picture V swearing, though of course I would blurp the words out. :D)

"Come on old mon, you had you're shair of money now cough up the goods." The snivy said to the merchant. The snivy cross the small green arms of their's and smirked, "Oh I see you refuse to listen to little old me eh?" The smile on the shiny pokemon only got larger, V loved doing this kind of stuff, scaring away pokemon using Kobra's incredible size and glare move.

The budew glared at V, often pokemon classified V as male but to the snivy, gender didn't mean a thing and kept it well hidden for others, thankfully their was no difference between snivy genders. "Just get out! I don't serve you're kind now get before I call the guards!"

The snivy shrugged the shoulders it was born with, "Gaurds? Thats the best threat you got up you're dew? Oh please!" V then snapped his fingers and Kobra came out of nowhere, towering over his master's body, staring at the budew. Quickly he pushed himself toward the budew and swallowed it whole. "Mmmm that felt nice~" Kobra said as the snivy went through the merchandice.

"Well, well, the gals got a lot of scarfs here." V lifted them up, using hands and vines to lift them up for Kobra to look at them. "None are our color I suppose?" Kobra agreed, causing V to throw them across the room into the corner. V snatch up all the money, which wasn't a lot and toss the partner a couple big apples to go with the budew he just ate. "What a waste." V took a bag and slip all the items in it, perhaps they could be sold? "Lets blow this before the losers show up." With that they were out.
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