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August 30, 2013 10:01am
I'm waking up...

You're a dog, living in the city. Everything's perfect- your Longpaw owner is sweet, or you haven't had any issues with stealing food from them, etc - until now. All you know is that something went wrong.

Horribly, horribly wrong.

The ground trembles beneath your paws. The buildings around you begin to fall apart. Death smell fills your nose. A deafening explosion breaks the horrifying silence. From your knowledge of dog legends, you assume you all have done something to enrage Earth-Dog to the point of tempting her to send a Big Growl at you.

That's not what it was at all.

You're going to find out.

...to ash and dust...

  • All Route50 rules apply.
  • Up to 3 dogs per person.
  • You may not have two dogs of your own fall in love.
  • The owner of the Mother-Dog, not the Sire-Dog, will decide who controls the pups.
  • Pup-Packs get different names than older dogs. [Example- Yap becomes Lucky]
  • No power playing.
  • Pg-13 at the most.
  • At least one paragraph per character. Use every character you make in a post unless they're sleeping, unconscious or dead.
  • Use good grammar.

...I wipe my brow, and sweat my rust...


Pup Name: Usually the first sound a pup makes. Ex. Yap, Squeak, Yip
Full Name: Leashed Dogs usually have pet names. Fierce Dogs have fierce names [one was called Blade, for example]. Lone and Pack dogs give themselves names that they see fit [Lucky, Old Hunter]
Nicknames: Siblings that reunite often call eachother by their Pup Names.
Age: Pups are from 1 to 6 months, older dogs are... older
Type: Lone, Fierce, Leashed, Pack
Breed: Yep
Appearance: Details. You can add other things, like accessories. [Ex. Collar, bandanna, scars, etc]
Backstory: Make it fit with the type of dog they are.
Mutations: See below.

...I'm breathing in...

Pack dogs usually look down on Lone and Leashed dogs. Lone dogs look down on Leashed dogs. Fierce dogs look down on EVERY dog. Leashed dogs don't really know.


There's something off about dogs who live in the city now...

...the chemicals.

...They're mutating.

Leashed Dogs will usually mutate in a more defensive way. Fierce dogs will more often than not be in a state of constant fury, becoming more powerful offensively, but weaker in the defense. Lone dogs are oddballs, getting mixed mutations, like faster speed, or something like wings. Pack dogs count at Lone dogs.

Also, you can tell when a dog is mutating... it is very noticeable physically and is very painful.



...this is it, the apocalypse...


..I'm waking UP

I feel it in my BONES

Just to make my systems blow

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Welcome to the new age

To the new AGE




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August 30, 2013 10:02am
Pup Name: Whine
Full Name: MacGyver
Nicknames: Mac
Age: 3 years
Type: Lone Dog / Ex-Leashed Dog
Breed: Border Collie
Appearance: A chocolate tri-color Border Collie with blue eyes. He was a farm dog until his owner died a year ago and has a red bandanna around his neck.
Personality: Cheerful and resourceful, he makes the best out of any situation and is a natural leader. He is triggered by seeing dead Longpaws, and will often go into a short period of depression, from rising memories of his past owner.
Relationships: Crush on [FART]
Backstory: MacGyver lived on a sheep farm for all of his life. His siblings were bought first, but then a kind, elderly Longpaw took in little Whine, naming him MacGyver. The two were close, spending all of their time together. In his free time, the Longpaw would sit on his porch in his favorite chair, with Mac on his lap. One day as they did that, the dog was shocked out of sleep as the creaking of the chair ceased. No sound came from the man. Distressed, he licked his face, but the Longpaw didn't stir. With the final thought of 'At least he passed in peace...' MacGyver went to live in the city, in a more rustic area to remind him of home.
Mutations: They're still dormant, but he will get longer, stronger legs to run faster and very weak psychic abilities.
Other: Yauh


Pup Name: Growl
Full Name: Quincy
Nicknames: Quinn
Age: 2 1/2 years
Type: Lone Dog
Breed: Husky-Malamute mix
Appearance: BLAHP. She has fluffy fur, too =>
Personality: A rugged, independent girl, with keen survival skills.
Relationships: Nah
Backstory: She was born in the city, and lives there as a Lone Dog. She steals scraps of food from other animals, and will only steal Leashed Dog food if desperate.
Mutations: She has extremely good eyesight, with her eyes a toxic green, and will eventually go through a very drastic and very painful mutation.
Other: welp
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August 30, 2013 11:03am
Pup Name: Whimper
Full Name: Autumn
Nicknames: Maple for those who are too lazy to type Autumn
Age: 3 years
Type: Lone Dog
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Appearance: A tan-and-white corgi with a red bow tie around her neck.
Personality: Happy-go-lucky and annoyingly optimistic.
Relationships: none for now.
Backstory: Originally from London, this dog was chased onto an export ship and found a home in the city before it was destroyed. Autumn occasionally gets nostalgic and quiets down a bit.
Mutations: She might get some later.

August 31, 2013 9:25am
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September 2, 2013 4:45pm
Oh my I think Autumn has a crush on Mac now so okay

September 11, 2013 2:31pm


A Border Collie trotted up the calm path besides the road, where those strange, metallic creatures darted up and down the asphalt, their noisy mouths and ugly smells disturbing him. He flinched as a larger one, possibly an Alpha roared down the pavement, causing him to hold his breath from its sickening stench until he turned into a small alleyway. The buildings on its sides were old, unused, and had small holes where the bricks and mortar wore away. The medium-sized brown dog ducked inside one hole, sneezing from the layer of dust that had settled inside, and climbed up an old wooden staircase. A large, torn couch sat with its back against a window, light filtering through the cracked, dirty glass.

MacGyver called this abandoned apartment home, and always curled up on the small couch, with his head resting on the back of it, gazing outside into the world beyond. Other Lone Dogs lived in the other floors of this building and its neighbor, but he claimed this floor as his own. As he stared into the relatively clear sky that fateful day, a strange looking metal bird - what the dog decided to call what Longpaws called planes - with a sleek, dark, sharp body raced above the town, appearing to lay an egg in mid air. He watched as this, steel egg thing dropped down, and saw it burst. Longpaws screamed and ran before it hit the ground. Why do they run? Shouldn't they know not all birds stay in their nest when bearing eggs?

A huge explosion happened soon after the egg-like thing smashed on the cracked earth. Was the metal bird a messenger from the Sky Dogs, sending Earth-Dog a warning that they could make their own Growls? Before he could figure it out, the old boards beneath his white and brown paws began to creak loudly, shaking as it collapsed. Wailing with terror, he scrabbled at the crumbling wood, only getting splinters as it fell away beneath him.

He fell to the bottom, concrete floor with a large thud, and blacked out.


not introducing Quincy yet. lets say she travels to the city after the bomb
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September 13, 2013 6:58pm
Pup Name: Howl
Full Name: Ashy
Nicknames: Ash is a basic one.
Age: 2 years
Type: Lone Doggie
Breed: Australian Shepard
Appearance: A tri-color with a brown eye and a blue eye. Her paws and legs are a reddish brown and her face is blue merel. A white back and a tail that is just a poof of fur.
Personality: A Nobel dog with a kind heart. She really doesn't stick with new things and is very caring at times. She has her breaking points though.
Relationships: None
Backstory: Like her breed name tells you, she is from Austrailia. She took a ride on a boat by total accident and lived by stealing food from the Longpaws. She ended up in the city, something she knew nothing about.
Mutations: She will get smarter drastically and will throw in other languages with her sentences.
Other: Crikey! Aussie accent to show of to my mates, eh?
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September 14, 2013 4:48am
acceptimundo madame kittu
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September 19, 2013 4:31pm
Pup name: Silence

Full name: Phantom

Nickname: "The-Tearer-of-Throats" of "Nightmare" only called these by the other dogs who all fear him

Age: 3 months (his growth has been accelerated)

Type: Fierce/loner

Breed: Tamaskan dog

Appearance: Like any other Tamaskan dog Phantom resembles a wolf but unlike regular Tamaskans he has pure black fur that has no
sheen, and blends in with the shadows far too well. He has pupilless white eyes and a white tongue.

Personality: Phantom used to be a regular pup but when his fur turned to shadow and his eyes and tongue became moonlight he slowly went berserk and now he is uncontrollable. His mutation has affected his mind as well as his body transforming him into an insane monster that others fear on instinct. He is unpredictable and violent, has no self-control, and enjoys the suffering of others. He is cruel and vicious but above all, he is insane.

Backstory: When Phantom mutated he was abandoned by his mother and left to fend for himself.

Mutations: Phantom has umbraekinesis meaning he can control darkness, he can control shadows, has perfect night vision and can even create solid constructs out of shadows, such as clones of himself or or others. He can also blend into the shadows and completely disappear for a short time.
However his mutations also give him pitch black fur and white eyes and tongue. They also accelerated his growth (he is three months old but has the body of a fully-grown dog.)
He has been driven insane as part of the extreme side effects that came with his powers.

other: I don't want to go close enough to ask him more.....
"Roots starve in gravel, but the dust staves your hunger;
it works its way under your nails and laces itself in your bones.
the stars that watch over you now are strangers - but with time you'll know them, and they you, and
they'll take the compass in your breast pocket
and point it home." - Twiggy, Secret Series
September 19, 2013 5:46pm
Accepted. The mutations won't. Occur yet though, the city isn't radioclactive enough yet.(see starter post)

Bkeh kindled keyboard
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September 19, 2013 5:48pm
Pup Name: Scratch
Full Name: Shell
Nicknames: sometimes called Conch.
Age: 4 years
Type: Lone
Breed: A Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever!
Appearance: this with a black nose. There is a necklace of small seashells around her neck, tied with a fraying piece of rope.
Personality: Loves the sea, very friendly and optimistic.
Relationships: Possibly a close friend of MacGyver?
Backstory: I-I'm quite lazy to do this so
Mutations: Will sort of later.
Other: I'm using her to replace Autumn.

September 19, 2013 7:01pm
Yes girl yes
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September 19, 2013 8:11pm
A reddish-brown long furred dog trotted up the stairs to the little place she called home, the small apartment room next to one belonging to a good friend. Shell barked to greet McGyver through the door, she had to if she could keep an actual crush on him secret- no acting suspicious! The retriever pushed his door open slightly when no answer came, and she barked as the hole opened up and collapsed under her feet. Shell gasped and pushed herself up she saw McGyver unconscious on the ground, surrounded by boards. "McGyver! Wake up!"

September 20, 2013 7:48am
The brown and white dog coughed, struggling to get to his paws. He bumped his head on a deteriorating slab of stone, sputtering as it turned to dust and fell into his face. Shaking his head, he gasped when he saw the familiar dog. "...Shell? Shell!" He pressed his nose to her reddish-brown cheek. "I was afraid you were caught up in the-" His bark was interrupted as the building began to creak loudly. Dust and small rocks and splinters from the structure that was still intact began to fall down on them. "Quick! We have to get out!"

He hopped over the now-split in half couch, sending a sorrowed look at the old cloth piece of furniture, stuffing and buttons strewn about around it. Shaking his head to remove it of those thoughts, he vaulted over a several foot wide fracture in the earth below the building's floor, smashing through a glass-lacking window, a curtain ripping and catching on his face. He shook off the cloth and whirled around after he made it to a small ditch, shielded by a collapsed loudcage, oil leaking out like blood. MacGyver watched nervously for Shell to emerge from the collapsing building.
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September 20, 2013 3:15pm
A ashy gray Australian Shepard padded up the street, her mismatched eyes looking up at the world right in its face.

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Tell the joeys
I'm coming home

Ashy shook her head. "Crikey...gotta be so curious most of the time" Her pace quickened as she said this. "Gotta get back to all my mates back at home! They need me"

A sudden tremor made the sheepdog stumble sideways. A whimper escaped her maw as she slid about two inches to the side. "...Crikey? Sky Dogs?" The dog whimpered. "W-what I do?! I was a good joey!" Ashy looked up at the sky as a bird as big as the sun dropped an egg. The dog howled and tried to outrun the fear.

She didn't go far.
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