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March 30, 2014 1:59pm
Hello all! I'm fairly new and I'm not seeing much information or discussion on Pokemon competitively o__o So over my time here I might as well just post up multiple Pokemon in a list as we discuss them and their use and how much we like them and all that jazz XD <|*_*|>

PXYCD Week 1 Pokemon:
- Ninetales
- Raichu
- Wigglytuff
- Miltank

Feel free to discuss ^^
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March 30, 2014 7:51pm
I don't have any good competitive things to say about these guys (I personally have not considered using them competitively), but I think they're all pretty cool Pokémon in general! :D

I really like Ninetales because of its mystique and beauty. One of my favorite Pokémon episodes is the one where the gang ends up at an abandoned mansion where a lone Ninetales must live because it is bound to its Pokeball. It's so emotional and I love it <33

Raichu is just a classically awesome Pokémon! I love its new cry in X and Y, it's so squeaky! :'D

Wigglytuff is pretty rad, I considered using one in FireRed briefly when I realized how many cool TMs it could learn.

Miltank used to annoy the poop out of me because of Whitney's Miltank death machine. But I guess because of that I have some sort of respect for it, even though nobody really seems to talk about it competitively (to my knowledge)! xD
March 31, 2014 4:48pm
There's really not much discussion in general on the forums except for in the RP section, sadly.

I'm actually just starting to train/battle with my Pokemon competitively, and Ninetails may be one of them I will use.

Of course, I can't say much about any of them in terms of X and Y, because I sadly haven't gotten it yet. Or a 3DS, for that matter. ^^;;;
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