Crisis on Multiple PokeWorlds

A crossover of epic proportions

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October 8, 2015 9:54pm
"Chi?" Alarmed, Sparktail hurried over to where the Pikachu had been standing to find a hole in the ground. Wait... this was it! The scents wafting from it identified it as a Furret den, however stale. "Over here! The den's over here!" He poked his head into the pit. "Chi? You all right?"

His bell was silent as he climbed in; there was no charge in the air at all. No irate Furrets emerged to confront him. The den was empty, but there were no signs of a struggle, either. Like the rest of this world. The Raichu's heart pounded. Might there be a hint somewhere as to the desolate state of this world?


Whoops! The Mightyena seemed to have set off the one Pokemon he shouldn't have. He moved back as the seething Sylveon tore at the grass. "I'm Quip," he said with a slowly shrinking smile. "Uh..." Well, this was where he would ask if the Sylveon was okay, but clearly the answer was no.

After a moment, he remembered the green Pokemon he'd been approaching earlier. "Oh, right! Say, um, did you see some strange green Pokemon wandering around here?"
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October 10, 2015 8:47pm
From what the Mismagius told Patchouli, a Furret den was nearby, abandoned and location unknown. Apparently, finding the den and examining it would help find something out about this world. "Say Nia, there's an abandoned Furret nest around here, but we don't know where. Maybe your Arcanine could help us find it?"

"Uh, sure I guess." Replied Sonia halfheartedly, and Rover quickly went sniffing about here and there. W-wait a minute, who told you that you could call me Nia?! She was perturbed by a the fact someone she barely met (not to mention that they suspiciously looked like and had the same name as someone she was very irritated with at the moment) could just call her by a pet name reserved for people very close to her. Granted she didn't let very many people call her that, but it still irritated her nevertheless.

A loud yelp rang nearby, sounding a lot like a Pikachu, most likely the Pikachu that was in the group. This prompted the response of a Raichu who chased after the sound, followed by her ever curious Arcanine. Maybe they found the den? Regardless if they did or not, it'd be best for Sonia to go and follow her Arcanine to make sure he didn't end up in any trouble.

The Pikachu found the den by unceremoniously falling into it, and the Raichu decided to rescue him. Said den was plain and unassuming, it's only importance being that it suggested that there was life once in this world. Rover was sniffing around it, but he hasn't noticed anything suspicious about it. The fact that he was obsessively sniffing the area around it means that there probably were Furrets that lived here a short while ago. What a strange place thought Sonia yet again.
October 10, 2015 11:35pm
[[how do my posts get from "too short" to "short story" while i'm writing them ;;;;]]

Chi was scrambling to his paws when Sparktail followed him down moments later. "I'm fine, I'm fine," Chi huffed, frantically pushing past the Raichu to get out of the den. Dorian was already running towards him when he poked his head back above ground, and Chi took off to meet him halfway.

By the time they reached each other, Chi was out of breath. "You're... here..." he said between gasps. Man, that fall must have really knocked the wind out of him.

"Yes," Dorian said simply. He wasn't as breathless, but was clearly too stunned to say more.

"We should really try to stop meeting like this," Chi continued when he finally got his breath back, though his heart was still pounding, "I don't know if I can take the shock of seeing my best friend who I thought was dead any more times." He laughed, but to his own ears it sounded more like he was choking. This couldn't be real. This place was odd enough as it was, he wouldn't be surprised if this was just some hallucination.

He took a deep breath, trying to gather his thoughts, but Dorian placed his clawed hands on Chi's shoulders, both confirming this was indeed not a hallucination and stopping him from saying anything more. "Did you do it?" Dorian asked urgently. "Did you change the past?"

Chi cringed. Of course this would be the first question he asked. "I... I don't know. I can't really remember what happened after you, uh, left." Even as the words left his mouth they sounded like a lie, because he hadn't even bothered to try remembering since first waking up here. "I think I must've failed. I'm afraid this might be some kind of afterlife and I'm--we're?--dead and I failed. I'm sorry." He dropped his gaze to the ground, nearly on the verge of tears.

"That is certainly a possibility," Dorian said, which did nothing to reassure Chi.

Chi lifted his head, tears definitely in his eyes now. "You mean you d--"

"I'll explain later," Dorian said, cutting him off and quickly changing the subject. "Who are these others you're with?"

"We all just found each other here. I don't know most of their names, to be honest." Chi sniffed and started to walk back to the group, Dorian keeping by his side. "But, oddly enough, I met someone else from Treasure Town." he continued, lowering his voice. "I have to introduce you; he knew someone there, a human-turned-Pokemon with the Dimensional Scream, can you believe it? I'm thinking it must be another timeline or something, because what are the odds, right?"

Dorian nodded in silent agreement, mostly glad that Chi was getting back to his old self so quickly.

"He's down here, come on," Chi said when they had reached the abandoned den, and led the way down.

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October 13, 2015 8:24pm
He relaxed his muscles seeing that this ‘Quip’ fellow wasn’t a threat. The Pokemon seemed nervous now with Winchester. If he hadn’t been than the Sylveon would have been more suspicious.

His tail swished from side to side as he listened to the Pokemon’s question. Had there been a green Pokemon? Winchester had been very focused on him since Olivia left him. He put a paw on his mask, his claws clanking against the cold metal. He could hear the metal laughing at him for having such narrow vision. If he hadn’t seen the green Pokemon then he could easily get jumped next time. “No, no I haven’t.” He said, removing his paw, “I should have though.” The mask wouldn’t forgive him for being so careless.

He looked back in the direction of the group, “Maybe the others’ have seen him.”
October 13, 2015 10:10pm
"Oh, okay." Quip frowned. The Sylveon seemed incredibly preoccupied with his strange gold mask. "Say, are you okay? For a moment I thought you might know me from somewhere." He certainly didn't recognize the Sylveon, though.

Amused, Insyte watched the expressions on the two human girls. It seemed Patch's directness was making Sonia a bit uncomfortable. "Now, now, play nice, you two," he chided with a small laugh, deciding it didn't matter if they couldn't understand him.

He blinked as Rover bounded past him, over to where Chi and Sparktail had been. "Hm? What's going on? Did they find something?" He started to pad over to the den, then overheard Hidden and Olivia talking. "No energy in there? What do you mean?" he asked sharply.

Not that he doubted her. Insyte well knew that a Ninetales could detect the flow of life force. Shanala, his dear queen, had even undergone special training for that very purpose. But still, he was uneasy. "Tell me: Do you sense any life in the area at all, other than us?"

Down in the den, Sparktail examined his surroundings carefully. One corner seemed to be a larder, still stocked with Rattata meat. His nose wrinkled, even though there was no rotten smell at all.

Poking his head outside, he waved to Metatyph. "Say, do you know why a Furret might abandon its den without a fight, but leave its food behind?"

Blinking, he noticed the Arcanine poking around outside the den's entrance excitedly. The fiery dog's trainer was approaching; something was up. Had the Arcanine found something? "And, uh, is he all right?"

His eyes widened as Chi reentered the den with a Grovyle--a Grovyle with a familiar face. Chi and Dorian could easily pass for River and Elias. Not exactly identical, of course. The voice and scent were a bit different. But there was no mistaking the legendary Time Gear Thief. "Hello there," said the Raichu nervously. "You must be Chi's friend." Thalia, I wish you could see this.

(Feel free to add your own clues to the Furret den, everyone!)
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November 24, 2015 11:51pm
"That's definitely not normal." Gardevoir chimed in from her Great Ball. "That sounds very circumstantial, and even then..."
But not impossible. Typh thought. "The way I see it, there are multiple possibilities."
"...There are?"
"Why would a Furret abandon its den?" The boy twirled his right pointer finger in the air. "Maybe it had to escape an immediate threat. Furret are naturally weaker than a large majority of other Pokemon. The surroundings aren't too damaged, which means... If it's the case, it's likely not a natural disaster. Furret are weaker than a huge majority of Pokemon, which would probably mean that it's forced out due to another Pokemon forcing it out. It wouldn't be wise to fight nearly anything when you're a Furret, which means if it did escape, it made the wiser choice. At least, that's one possibility."
"You mean, you have another?"
"Think about it." Typh paced around the forest floor in small eclipses, his hands behind his back. "The den's in near perfect shape. It's relatively well kept. There's plenty of food stocked. No sign of a fight nor a struggle. It's as if the Furret just went out for a walk, expecting that it would be able to go home as soon as it's done with a morning walk."
He stopped his steps. "That's right. The Furret... May have left for a routine scavenge, not expecting this to happen. It may even still be out there... is what I would say, but looking at the state this forest is in, it might just have had an unexpected... accident."
"You're overthinking again." Sighed Gardevoir.
"Hahah, possibly."
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November 29, 2015 2:22pm
What was it like to be okay? It felt like it had been years since he was ‘okay’. Nowadays he was devoid of positive emotions, and instead filled with negativity. “I’m fine.” He lied, forcing himself to plant the paw that was drifting towards the mask. He was well aware that the movement gave away his lying. However, he didn’t particularly care. “And no, I don’t recall ever seeing you.” His blue eye narrowed at wolf. “Though, that doesn’t mean we’re not from the same world.”

The albino fox looked around their area. “All the energy is positive, besides that mad Sylveon.” She yawned, as if bored. It felt like the Flareon was testing her powers with his question, but she didn’t mind. Her mother had often tested her new vision and used it to help wage her war. Her mother never cared for her until that moment.

Hidden’s attention went to the human. She tilted her head as she considered his thoughts about the den. “Perhaps they never existed to begin with.”

“The den wouldn’t exist then.” Olivia countered.

She rolled her eyes and gave a heavy sigh. “I don’t know how this strange planet works.” She admitted. “But this world lacks the flow of energy as mine did.” She paused considering her words carefully. “Have you heard the story of the fake groudon? Well, the story says he absorbed the energy of the land, and the Pokemon weren’t even safe from being absorbed.” She looked at where she guessed the den was, “Perhaps something very similar happened here.”
January 2, 2016 7:24pm
Rover was sniffing about the den's entrance, still obsessively looking for a clue that could help determine the Furrets' fates. He was awfully close to the hole though, Sonia was afraid he could accidentally get his head stuck in it, but what was she thinking? The Arcanine was too smart for something like that to happen, despite his bouts of stereotypical canine behavior. It seemed like he found something close to the entrance, but was probably too big to retrieve it from the den. That didn't stop him from slowly pawing at the den's entrance, trying to get something out.

Sonia inched closer towards the den for a better look at what her Arcanine was trying to dig up. There was some sort of stone stuck in the walls. Sonia sighed, all this attention towards a piece of stone stuck in some dirt? But compared to humans, certain kinds of Pokemon, like Arcanines and Slurpuffs, had better odor senses so the stone might have some relation to the Furrets. She probably could've grabbed it from the wall, but it was stuck farther than she could reach. Rover started barking down the den to signify those down there that he had found something of interest, hoping they'll notice it and get it for him.
February 14, 2016 6:08pm
The Raichu listened to Typh's analysis. Amused, he briefly remembered an irate Furret giving Lyther the evil eye. Eternal revenge for a one-shot KO. "Yeah," he agreed. "Furrets are tough." Which meant that whatever happened to the Furret, happened very suddenly, without warning. It was as if something had simply stripped all life-energy from the surrounding area.

He only looked away from the den for a moment, but when he looked again, the entrance looked as if it had exploded. Dirt clods and gravel were strewn over the ground around a crater of a den. At the center of the destruction was Sonia's Arcanine, Rover. "I-- just... what." But the Raichu couldn't get angry. The look on the dog's face was too happy.

Following Sonia's gaze, he noticed a dark object embedded in the wall--something that must've been exposed during the Arcanine's cheerful demolition. Descending into the open den, he examined the stone. His eyes widened. Footprint runes?

Wait. He hadn't seen footprint runes since a very young age. It was like reading gibberish! Well, all right, he could still pick out a few easy words--that was the symbol for Psychic types--but mosf of it was a mess.Repelled, he turned away... and his eyes fell on Chi. "Um... do you think you could read these? I haven't been home in--" Three thousand years, he almost said. "--in a long time."

All positive, except the Sylveon? The king eyed Winchester warily. He should've known something suspicious was up with him. No, no. The Sylveon had nothing to do with this; the world was already in this state, long before they arrived. Hidden was sensing positive energy, but not from inside the den. Just from them. The visitors to this world.

Turning, Insyte gazed at the drab, distant horizon. He frowned as he overheard Hidden telling Olivia a story. Something about it sounded right, though he couldn't recall ever hearing such a story before. Not familiar, either. It just felt... right. "Where did you hear that story?" he asked the white Ninetales.

Quip recoiled from that harsh, blue eye. Even so, he felt sorry for the masked Sylveon; there was a gloomy air about him, something flat in his voice. But the Sylveon probably wouldn't want to talk about it. He knew the type; that one Luxio had been like that, too. "Well, I'll lend an ear if you need one, all right?" he said, smiling slightly. He started to walk away, then stopped, blinkign. "Oh! I don't believe I've gotten your name."
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February 13, 2017 6:57pm
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You do seem to know what is needed. Yes, what a Trainer needs is a virtuous heart. Pokémon touch the good hearts of Trainers and learn good from wrong. They touch the good hearts of Trainers and grow strong... Go onwards! The Champion is waiting!
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February 20, 2017 5:13am
"Footprint runes?" Typh turned to his belt. Gardevoir sighed and shrugged, while Celebi just apologetically shook her head. Kabutops, Scizor, and Sableye all gave various signs of not understanding them, either. Understandable, seeing how most of them were considerably younger than the runes themselves, and how most of their lives were spent living humans.
"Volcarona said she can give it a shot, but she can't promise she'll be able to fully translate everything after so long. I'd say we wait for one of the wild Pokemon to translate those for us." sighed Gardevoir. She continued, now privately telepahically talking to her trainer, "Volcy's probably going to be able to know if they're not telling us something, though."
Typh paused. He fiddled with the Sport Ball in his belt. The Sylveon being suspicious aside, the humans are outnumbered should the wild Pokemon try to turn on them, and not all of them are exactly friendly. Scizor was his most trusted Pokemon; his ace, so to speak. Even if he doesn't truly believe the humans will be targetted, knowing his Pokemon are like going to stay with him no matter what eases his mind somewhat.
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March 2, 2017 4:57pm
“Where did you hear that story?”

Good question, who had told her? It was Phoenix’s- no, mother’s loyal servant, an odd looking Vulpix that reminded her of the God of dreams. Where did Starlight even go? Once mother was sealed away the Pokemon seemed to disappear. “It was a Vulpix that went by the name Starlight.” She told the curious Flareon. “She looked a bit like Cresselia, somehow.” Starlight’s strange look never failed to leave strangers for bewildered.

“Starlight?” Olivia hummed, putting a ribbon to her muzzle, as if in deep thought.

“She was summoned to my, I mean, our world, Olivia.”

Olivia opened her eyes, her mouth agape. “How is that possible…? Did Phoenix…” That was forbidden magic. It was one thing to open portals to other worlds, but to summon creatures from other worlds and force them into unfamiliar environments!

The Ninetales nodded, “Yes.” She lifted her muzzle to the sky as if watching the clouds. “I wonder if the Gods here did the same thing to us. To participate in some kind of war.”

This Mightyena was trying too hard to be his friend. Who in their right mind want to listen to a scarred Sylveon’s issues. “You may call me Winchester.” He said, flicking his tail. “What is your name, Mightyena?”

March 23, 2017 11:58am
Breathing deeply, Sparktail closed his eyes. The rhythm of the Primordial Sea pulsed through him and around him, synchronizing with the soft clink of his shell bell. It was much weaker than usual, of course, since the Blue Orb was back in his own world. But even so, he listened for the echoes of life in the surrounding plains.

There were none to be found. The Furrets who lived in the den must have disappeared many, many years ago. Sparktail glanced up at Metatyph, thinking over the boy's words. "It's as if the Furret just went out for a walk." He felt a chill in the air. Was this related to the spirits in the graveyard?

He went over to Chi and Dorian. His throat was dry again. It's my fault you died. No, that wasn't right. Dorian wasn't Elias. And yet, he was... Sparktail took a deep breath. "So, uh... we found some footprint runes," said the Raichu. "That human, Metatyph, he's got them. Would you, uh, be willing to help us read it?" He chuckled nervously. "It's... uh... been a while since I was home."


Insyte stared at Hidden. Starlight. Why did that name sound familiar? He'd never met anyone by that name, he was sure of it. And yet... "My only god is Ho-Oh," said the Flareon firmly. "Ho-Oh led me to the mountain of my destiny. What purpose could I serve for Ho-Oh here?"

He took a good look at Olivia. Yes, something was amiss with her too. Didn't she stop the fight between him and that human, earlier? There was something strange about her that time. Not just the calmness of a Sylveon's ribbons, but something more. Just what sort of powers did she have?


Quip wagged his tail. Yes! He'd gotten the Sylveon to open up just a tiny bit. "I'm Quip," he replied happily. "Nice to meet you, Winchester!" Come to think of it, he'd heard of the masked Sylveon before. Pretty scary stories too. "It's a nice day, don't you think? The sun is... shining... the grass is... uh..."

He frowned. The grass was dead. Not rotting, just dead. Oookay then. Maybe it wasn't such a nice day.
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March 29, 2017 12:23am
[[this post is over 500 words, how the heck]]

Dorian regarded Sparktail with a curious gaze. The Raichu seemed anxious to speak to him, but it was unclear whether that was typical behavior or if it was Dorian himself unsettling him. Either way, it seemed best to respond to his request kindly, to hopefully set him more at ease.

"We would be happy to take a look at it," Dorian said, and turned to follow Chi to retrieve the rune-covered stone. This seemed easy enough; he and Chi had been deciphering runes and codes of all sorts for years. Once he held the stone in his hands, however, he discovered a small roadblock.

Chi, hovering at his elbow, noticed just as quickly. "Oh," he said, "this looks... different."

"Indeed. A different dialect, it seems."

"Close enough to ours, though. Might just be differences in dimensions."

Dorian hummed in agreement. "Certainly not impossible to translate, at the very least."

"Yeah!" Chi beamed, eyes alight with determination, and pointed to a line. "Like that part there. It says something about 'a wave of psychic energy.'"

"I think a closer translation would be 'a field of psychic radiation,'" Dorian corrected.

"Eh, same thing," Chi said with a grin and dismissive wave of his hand.

"I could argue against that, but I know better than to do so by now," Dorian said, letting a small smile show.

Chi laughed. "Well, whatever it is, there's a lot of it. And look here, it says something about a battle..."

As Chi continued on with enthusiasm, Dorian's smile grew, a fond, nostalgic feeling growing in his heart. All of this was bringing back memories of their search for information about the Time Gears, of tracking down clues and finding hidden messages in ancient books and maps and cave walls. Their adventures may have been dangerous and the times may have been dire and bleak, but the joy of cracking codes and finding answers and getting closer to their goal, step by step, made it all worth it.

"Just like old times," Dorian murmured, almost not realizing he had spoken aloud.

Chi looked up, puzzled for a brief second before a smile broke across his face. "I missed this too."

After a couple more minutes of debating phrasing and sentence structure, the two determined the stone to be as translated as they could figure it, and relayed their findings to Sparktail.

"Alright," Chi started, "the short and simple translation is: there's a huge field—maybe a forcefield? It's not very specific—of powerful psychic energy—"

"Radiation," Dorian chimed in.

"—whatever," Chi said, rolling his eyes. "Anyway, it seems to have been caused by a battle from a nearby city. The details are kinda fuzzy, but some seriously strong Pokemon must've been involved for it to have caused that kind of fallout. Looks like one of them might've even died."

Dorian nodded. "The wording was a bit unclear, but it does appear to be the case."

"Yeah," Chi said, rubbing the back of his neck and giving Sparktail an apologetic grin. "Sorry we couldn't get a full translation out of it; it's a little different from what we're used to in our dimension."

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