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August 6, 2014 6:41pm
Metatyph's Trade Shop
huge letters for no reason yey

*sets up stand and sits with 3DS*

I'm surprised no-one even bothered to set up a trading shop before?? But anyways, I've been doing a lot of breeding and all, but I always felt like my options were limited simply due to me not having many Pokemon to breed in the first place. That's the main reason I set this up; to get more Pokemon.

When asking for a trade, please be reasonable about what you want and are giving. No, you're not getting that Genesect by trading me a Magikarp. Though, if you sincerely think a certain trade is worth it, don't hesitate to ask. I have no qualms about receiving genned/hacked Pokemon, as long as they're still legit. Please do tell me if you're offering a Pokemon that wasn't obtained with legitimate methods, though, as I'm against offering hacked Pokemon up for trade.

I'm running this purely based on trust. I'm claiming that all the information on the list are accurate (and I'm very sure they are, except if I had a brain-dead moment when writing it up or something), but sadly, I can't say the same about the Pokemon you offer. I'd love to believe that most people won't be cheating and whatnot, but in the event that someone does, I can't really do anything about it. I'll probably just blacklist you and never trade with you again, but I don't like losing Pokemon in the process. So yeah. Please don't lie. o3o

Since I'm planning to post this on more than one forum, I figured it'd be simpler if I have a Google Docs spreadsheet to keep everything nice and sync'd, located here. This spreadsheet will be updated as I get more Pokemon to offer, and as Pokemon are traded away.

My FC is 4957-4507-4209, so add that if you want to trade. Remember to post your FC somewhere though, or I won't be able to add you either.
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