The Last Hope

This can't be the end, can it?

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November 7, 2015 6:27pm

According to legend, before the Earth was fully formed was home to two kinds of energy, light and dark. Light and dark knew the future of the planet and could change forms into all future animals. Whether this is true or not is hard to say. However, everyone agrees that there was a war involving the two energies. The light won and locked the darkness into the core of the Earth.

As time went on and humans came to be, the darkness’s cage started to crack. The dark slipped out and started to taint the mind of human beings. They poisoned the planet with dark thoughts, giving them more and more power. The dark soon swallowed humankind, making them go to war with themselves. In the end, humans were wiped off the face of this Earth, only leaving the animals with their mess.

The animals are now the next victim for the darkness. It seems, however, that the light is finally gathering enough strength, giving the animals the power to fight back.


It’s up to us to trap the darkness.


Notes are here to help make this RP a little easier to understand.

~ This RP takes a place in a world where all the continents are together.
~ Your character can either have dark, light energy, or neither.
~ Things are not black and white. You can have a ‘nice’ character, but display dark magic, and viscera.
~ Light and dark energy always have some kind of form that can be any creature.


1. No godmodding
2. No one-liners, please aim for at least three sentences.
3. No OOC posts, if you have any questions/concerns message me on my base. Your question might appear on this post if I think it’s important.
4. The max of characters are two, this might change later on.
5. Watch the list of characters; try not to over saturate the RP with the same animal. I just don’t want like twenty wolves in the RP, haha.
6. This RP will have many battles naturally, but please don’t overdo it.
7. Swears may be used

Leaders are currently, SkyWarrior, and SparkLeaf

Rules can be added and edited, and I’ll make sure it’s known.

List of Characters

Oguma, Fennec Fox | Izel, Ocelot | Sage, Barred Owl | Darren Tektiel, Red Fox | Perry, Peregrine Falcon | Echo, Sea Otter | Lenny, Penguin | Sapphire, Arctic Fox | Rex, Red Panda |

List of NPC Characters

None have been unlocked


Map Notes

Coming soon


November 7, 2015 10:19pm
Name: Oguma
Sex: Male
Species: Fennec Fox
Personality: Oguma is plagued with sorrow and emotional scarring, but hides his tragic losses with his manic energy, and enthusiastic confidence. However, when things don't go his way, he would drop the act and emerge with anger.
History: Oguma descended from his grandfather, Naball, who was an excellent hunter. Oguma is expected to live up to high standards from his family and is easily pressured by them. However on day, the forces of the darkness killed his family and slaughtered his brother right in front of him. He was forced to kill the ones who were responsible, and made Oguma bring out his inner-hunter instinct. He hates killing others, but he knows that sometimes it's the only way. He now tries to kill each of the forces of darkness one by one, although he is not as strong as a wolf or a stronger canine. He is determined to make a change.
~When angered enough, his hunter instincts kick in and he becomes mindless and bloodthirsty.
~Carries a worn out brown leather satchel
~Usually travels alone. When he does travel with someone else, it's only temporary.
" I said, yep; what a concept. I could use a Gaiden remake myself, and we could all use a little chaaaaange!' " ~ Me, 2015.
November 8, 2015 4:36pm
Name: Izel
Sex: Female
Species: Ocelot
Personality: Mostly emotionless, unless you count obligation to duty and slight irritation as emotions. She's also completely unable to read the emotions of others, and she thinks everyone's very silly for feeling things at all. She believes that she is upholding goodness, and does try to do this in a utilitarian sense, but she'll often do things that could be considered cruel or heartless to other animals for the sake of the greater good. She's quite calculating and has a good grasp on light magic, which can make her a force to be reckoned with if she decides you need to be taken down.
History: Like most ocelots, Izel was raised by her mother for the first few years of her life. However, she was the only kit in the litter to survive the first few days, which caused her mother to obsess over raising her. Her mother was a religious fanatic, telling Izel over and over that she was a special child, blessed by the light to protect them all from evil. While less fanatically inclined than her mother, Izel grew to believe this, and by now accepts it as truth. She eventually set out on her own to right the wrongs of the world and allow herself to be a weapon for justice.
Trivia: I'm gonna draw cool art of Izel, just you wait
November 8, 2015 7:40pm
Name: Sage
Sex: Male
Species: Barred Owl
Personality: Mostly witty, intellectual, and needlessly optimistic. Sage takes very little seriously and stays positive even in bad situations, not because he is sure of the outcome or confident in himself, but rather due to his loose grip on reality and careless nature. His sense of humor shifts depending on his mood, for example, when happy his humor will be mostly lighthearted and only in good fun, but if angered or made upset his jokes and retorts will take a turn for the dark, becoming more morbid and aggressive. In terms of morals he only takes actions out of necessity in terms of right and wrong or of what his companions are fine with.
History: Sage was born among a clan formed from various races of owl that was torn apart by the forces of darkness, causing Sage to witness the destruction of his people and the death of many comrades at a young age, permanently leaving dark mental scars on his mind that remain and affect him today. Him, his family, and a few friends escaped and lived together within a forest far from their ruined clan. Sage stayed among his family and friends, learning light magic from his mother while being taught how to hunt by his father for several years. By the time he had become a young adult, some of his siblings and friends passed due to either illness or being taken by the forces of darkness, causing him to leave his home as he refused to stay and watch the rest of his family inevitably die. He now lives alone, surviving and awaiting whatever the world throws his way, whether it be of the light or darkness.
Trivia: Since his mind has been tainted by the darkness, his light magic is often weaker or harder for him to control.
November 8, 2015 9:37pm
Name: Darren Tektiel (alias: Brick)
Sex: Male
Species: Red Fox
Personality: A fairly docile demeanor with subtle cynicism. Though he doesn't really wear his heart on his sleeves, he doesn't really try to suppress his emotions either. While an assassin by profession, he does not derive satisfaction or revulsion, so he will not kill indiscriminately. Once again, subtlety is his modus operandi. Could be called slightly apathetic, because he doesn't concern himself with morals or ideals. However, he will not go out of his way to be rude, either. For this reason, he can look his marks in the eye and hold a perfectly civil conversation with them before biting open their throat.
History: The Tektiel clan were originally messengers who excelled at crossing through human areas, but their role lost relevance after humans became extinct. As kits, Darren and his siblings survived by consuming the plentiful rodents in human ruins. At some point, he wandered into the wilderness and stayed with a den (not related to the clan) who favored the darkness and anarchy, and he gradually assimilated, living as a killer for hire even after he left. As an assassin, Darren's targets are usually the charismatic and the idolized--potential community leaders, those who might establish larger civilizations.
Trivia: This is not an expy of Darren the Vulpix, but a character from the world of Testament.
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November 9, 2015 11:20am
Name: Perry
Sex: Male
Species: Peregrine Falcon
Personality: Incredibly narcissistic, Perry sometimes refers to himself in the third person. Perry has a can do attitude for most things, although working with people gives him the tendency to become competitive. He's very confident, cocky even, and hates losing. He loves to brag, however this mix of cockiness and vainglory is his most glaring weakness.
History: As an air combat specialist, Perry was born, raised and trained with flight hard wired into his brain. Ever since he gained his wings, he was taking down pigeons, sparrows, even crows. He doesn't know much (and doesn't care much) about his lineage but his predecessors belonged to a single line of British falconers, put out by the extinction of man. Nowadays Perry travels in search of 'the perfect flight', somewhere with enough loopholes, pylon turns and slalom dives for Perry to sate his lust for the air. Perry's affiliation with light magic mainly manifests in short speed boosts or enhancements to his talons. He is unsure how this came to be, but he accepts (squanders, even) his abilities.
Trivia: I have a friend who has a Peregrine falcon called Perry lel
In a world of war and conflict, an extermination throws the last great bastion of peace into aggression. In the midst of this, a child sorcerer seeks justice for his fallen home. A repentant assassin and a messenger of the future rush to save their last refuge from destruction. The dead return, backed by a forgotten god. Ideals clash. Morals crumble. And it will not end until one half of the world stands in the ashes of the other.

November 9, 2015 1:41pm
Name;; Basil
Sex;; Male
Species;; Elk
Personality: Prissy and a bit prideful, Basil takes a liking to the jewelry and other trinkets crafted by humans of the past. He cares deeply for Priscilla, his bat comrade, and the two share their findings from exploration through abandoned towns and cities. As a deer, he can be timid and skittish at times, easily spooked by sudden movements and loud noises.
History;; As a young buck, Basil was split off from the other deer he grew up with during a forest fire, and happened to come across a weak, young bat who had inhaled a lot of smoke and fallen from the sky. He helped her recover, and now the two have taken up the hobby of traversing through ruined areas previously populated by humans and collecting various things, from jewelry to artificial plants.
Trivia;; He has some light energy he isn't aware of in him that manifests under stress, generally in the form of accelerating healing or recovery.
Priscilla has a little nest made in Basil's antlers made up of tangled jewelry, weaved together artificial flowers, strings of beads, and occasionally real flowers. Neat. He also has a long necklace with a couple crystals from inside a geode tied to it around his neck.

; ; ; ; ;

Name;; Priscilla
Sex;; Female
Species;; Fruit Bat
Personality: Quiet and often sleepy due to trying to stay up during the day to be able to be awake at the same time as Basil, she's often lazily curled up in her little nest in his horns or flitting about to stay awake. She has a surprisingly keen eye for a bat and is attracted to shiny objects, such as things made of metal or gemstones.
History;; When she was young, a large forest fire overtook the forest she lived in, causing her to inhale a lot of smoke and fall from the sky when trying to fly away. While trying to survive and stuck down at ground level, she met Basel. He helped her recover, and now the two have taken up the hobby of traversing through ruined areas previously populated by humans and collecting various things, from jewelry to artificial plants.
Trivia;; She wears a little necklace made out of fake roses and poppies.
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November 9, 2015 4:29pm
this isn't a lot but i can add more if i need to >:3c

name: echo
sex: female
species: sea otter
personality: echo is a perky and adventurous youngster with a competitive outlook on life. she can be kind of pushy or even aggressive around those in a higher up position than her but is pretty friendly and good to be around otherwise. echo has too much ambition for her own good, as sometimes it can cloud her judgment and lean her towards whatever will benefit her the most.
history: born in an icy place but soon after was separated from her family by something she doesn't remember. although she has never seen a human, echo wants to explore the world they left behind. she wanders on her own but often joins with other animals for short periods of time.
trivia: she has some light magic in the sense of small bits of yellowish fiery light that she uses to to see in the dark. it can manifest under water if she needs it to. echo carries a small satchel filled with healing herbs and shells.

November 9, 2015 7:23pm
I'll just delete this if I don't bother to add anything later.

Name: Lenny

Sex: Male

Species: Penguin

Personality: A pretty unconfident and melancholic animal, but still tries to help others, even for the simplest of things, just to have a purpose. Very cautious about screwing things up and angering others. He is doing his best to get over these negative feelings, and become a better animal overall. He is also doing his best to fit in with the other animals, but fails.

History: Lenny was always an underachiever compared to his brethren, being a slow swimmer, an incompetent fisher, not as desirable to females, among many other things. His only real friend was his older brother, who was killed by poachers. Obviously, this is why he is the way he is. He decided to ride on a piece of ice, away from his homeland to avoid the poachers. After 3 months of isolation, he arrived in another part of the world (not sure where, probably where everyone else is), searching for a new life.

Trivia: Others act like he doesn't exist, which saddens Lenny, but really, at this point he expects it. But he still tries to do... things.
November 10, 2015 8:29am
Everyone is accepted! Thank you for joining.

Name: Sapphire
Sex: Female
Species: Arctic Fox
Personality: She is not here to make friends. She is here to take names and kick everyone’s ass, even her own if it ever comes to that. Sapphire has a temper that she cannot control.
History: Many animals are raised by their parents, or at least by the same species, but Sapphire wasn’t raised this way. She has no idea what happened to her original parents, but she doesn’t seem to care much. She was instead raise by a pack of red pandas that believed mixing culture was the way to go with the humans gone. As time went on, Sapphire was raise as a protector for her ‘family’. Soon after a couple years of this, she left as she felt she was being use.
- She wants to create an army to fight off the darkness.
- She has light powers, but it seems to have a voice of its own. It often leads her to trouble.
- She can read human writings and such, only if it’s in English.

Name: Rex
Sex: Male
Species: Red Panda
Personality: Rex is very positive happy boy. He always searches for the positive aspect in things. However, this doesn’t mean he can’t ‘fall’. He is actually very prone to having violent drops in his behavior. For example, he could be very cheerful one moment then someone says something that sets him off, making him incredibly depressed. He doesn’t know how to deal with his roller coaster of emotions.
History: He had a cheerful childhood. He often messed around with Sapphire and often tried to help her fight off enemies much to her annoyance. He never failed to get in the way, but he did learn how to run faster. Due to his speed, he actually became part of the delivery system. He now delivers messages across the world.
- Is Sapphire’s adopted brother
- He is younger than her, but he treats her life she’s the younger one
- He loves human music / literature even if he can’t understand it. He often bugs his sister for translations.

A small fox was pacing in a circle. Her long fluffy tail was slashing from side to side, slamming against discarded boxes. Sitting on one of the boxes was a red panda, nibbling on a piece of cardboard. “Ugh!” The fox slammed her head against the wall of a building. The force was enough to break a chunk off the roof. She grumbled as she put her paws on her head to brush off the debris.

“So, do you plan on sulking for the rest of the day?” Rex asked, brushing off the cardboard crumbs.

“Did you not hear them?” Sapphire grumble as she went back to pacing. “They said they wouldn’t follow me because of what I am!” She spun around to face her brother, “If I was a bear or a wolf they be groveling at my paws!” She then kick a box was her hind legs, exposing a rodent that had been hiding. “I hate these animals! All of them are idiots! Don’t they see what’s happening?”

“Feel me in, what’s happening?” This earned him a death glare from Sapphire. Fearing her wrath, he climbed onto the windowsill. The glass was broken into sharp edged shards they resembled teeth.

“The darkness killed off the humans fifty years ago and everyone is just shrugging that off.” She hissed. She got on her hind legs and rested her head on the windowsill. “I want to save this world from our stupidity.”
November 10, 2015 11:14am
About half of a mile away, was a fully grown Fennec fox. Passing by yet another town deserted by the humans, his face looked solemn as he eyed each of the damaged buildings to see if no animals of darkness lived there. As he explored further into the ruined city, he began to notice that it was civilized with animals. Although, most of them seemed to try and ignore him and give him dirty looks, but a lonely and timid calico cat stopped him. Her timid behavior showed as she approached him slowly but casually. The Fennec fox waved his paw as she saw him approach and his serious expression changed into more of an enthusiastic smile.
"W-w-welcome traveler..." She talked very quietly and she seemed to be very nervous. "W-w-w-what b-brings you here?" Walking side by side with each other, the Fennec fox answered with tons of energy.
"Why, hello! I'm just passing through, just another traveler. There's food down to the east side of town, correct?" The cat nodded slowly as the fox continued to speak soon after. "I'm Oguma, by the way, what's your name?" It took a couple of seconds for the cat to register the question, for she didn't get asked that question very often.
"My n-name... my name's Nina" the cat said with a sudden change in confidence.
"Nice to meet you Nina. I hope you have a fantastic day." As Oguma parted from her, he smiled, and said to himself as he approached some broken cardboard boxes, "it's the small things in life that keep me going. Isn't it?" As Oguma sniffed around the worn boxes, a large glass-shattering crash startled him.
" I said, yep; what a concept. I could use a Gaiden remake myself, and we could all use a little chaaaaange!' " ~ Me, 2015.
November 10, 2015 2:23pm
Perry was flying dangerously tight today.
Towns were amazing. Who could've known humans could've known that these huge, intricate airways could have been built by people that didn't know how to fly! It amazed him to no end. The way tiny holes seemed to open up into-
A concrete beam approached his head with blinding speed. Crap! Snapping out of his ponderance, Perry tucked in his wings and executed a downwards barrel roll, narrowly avoiding a cinderblock smash. Inadvertently, he found himself in the remains of an old office building, travelling at an unbreakable pace.
There was no time for hesitation.
Perry picked out a route, a dangerous, haphazard path of twists, turns and dives among the narrow corridors, jagged smashed windows and broken concrete spikes.
Left. Right. Roll. Dive. Climb. Roll. Dive. Right. Perry missed impaling himself on a steel rebar by a feather's breadth. Climb. Roll. Dive- Dive! He grazed against a glass shard, feeling a shallow but long cut open along his back, but he had made it out, the white of his chest glinting with the suddeness of a silver coin thrown into the sun. Perry laughed; a long, adrenalin-fuelled laugh that follows all those that venture into the realm of death and escape unscathed. His laugh was cut short by a sudden pang of hunger; all that flying brought about the ravenous beast that was his stomach. Tch. And not a single pigeon in sight. In fact, all was quiet.
After a few minutes of idle gliding, a sharp sound drew his attention. He snapped to the source. Aha! Right there, next to the fox and red panda. A rat, exposed from the boxes. Fast food for now, then. It was a keyhole shot; through the window, over the bystanders and into the target. Perry couldn't see an escape route, but cardboard served as an excellent impact softener. I can't go all out though. You must show restraint, Perry.
Without waiting anymore, he began his signature dive, beak aimed right for the rodent.
In a world of war and conflict, an extermination throws the last great bastion of peace into aggression. In the midst of this, a child sorcerer seeks justice for his fallen home. A repentant assassin and a messenger of the future rush to save their last refuge from destruction. The dead return, backed by a forgotten god. Ideals clash. Morals crumble. And it will not end until one half of the world stands in the ashes of the other.

November 10, 2015 3:54pm
"Why does ice have to melt?"

After several more days of swimming (somewhat slowly), Lenny finally found another place to rest; an old boat of some kind, drifting in the sea.

He was a little apprehensive about climbing onto it at first; he had seen similar things around his homeland, when the poaching of his kind started. What killed his older brother, his only friend.

He waited along the side of the boat to listen for humans, or anything else that might be hostile. Silence. Lenny decided to climb into the boat.

It was empty, save for a tackle box which he had no use for. He laid down in the boat to rest.

He contemplated his situation, and his whole life.

"My life has always been... melancholic, to say the least..." he mumbled. "I'm untalented unlike everyone else, I had no friends besides... my brother... and now I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere, all alone, and barely haven't had a bite to eat... mostly because I suck at catching things... I don't even know how or why I'm still alive at this point..."

Lenny quietly cried himself to sleep, hoping that things would get better in his life at some point.

A few hours later, Lenny was awakened by the sensation of his boat hitting something.

He jerked up, and looked around, hoping no humans were surrounding him.

To his surprise, there were no humans. With his luck, he was expecting to have a harpoon crammed down his throat.

What there was, however, was a bunch of buildings. Lenny was now in a city.

He had only heard stories about these places, and never thought once that they were true. But now, here he was.

While somewhat dangerous, a city is a place for opportunity, the stories said.

But oddly enough, there wasn't a single human in sight.

"I wonder where they live?" mumbled Lenny.

At the very least, it made Lenny feel much safer, so he decided to muster up the courage to climb out of the boat and walk into the city.

Lenny started to feel a bit more relief, which felt strange to him, but he welcomed the feeling anyway.

"This might actually be a turning point in my life," he said to himself. "Maybe I can change. Maybe I'll be safe here. Maybe I can... be something in life."

Without warning, a massive bird flew above him, diving towards something. Lenny instantly cowered.

"Maybe I spoke too soon..."
November 10, 2015 4:21pm
A fluffy brown shape padded through the debris of the ruined city, stopping every now and then to scent the air, moving again shortly after. It was an otter, a small one with ruffled fur and a small satchel held around her shoulder. Echo looked around and growled as she tripped over random chunks of rock and things, before hearing a large crash, the sound of stone shattering. The otter peered in front of her, seeing a white fox and a red panda together with some boxes- and movement of something smaller, maybe a mouse or something? Glancing around before padding towards them, Echo narrowed her eyes at the rodent before approaching. Maybe she could catch it and go? Peering upwards for a moment, Echo cried out and ran towards the other two animals rather ungracefully, hiding in the middle of them without a word.

November 10, 2015 4:50pm
A small mouse that was once hiding in a cardboard box dashed away from it's hiding spot after it's box had been kicked over, scurrying about to run away from any possible predators. It managed to escape from the office building it was hiding in, and nearly made it out of the city, until, "Swoosh!". The rodent had been snatched up by a pair of razor sharp talons, soon to be eaten by a Barred Owl known as Sage.

After Sage finished his lunch while perched in an old oak tree near the entrance to the city, he noticed something waddling toward the city. It appeared to be... a flightless bird? No, that wasn't a proper term... it was a creature hes only heard of not seen... but what was it? Oh right, it was a penguin! By the time Sage figured out what the strange bird was it had waddled right in front of him and soon began cowering as it almost got hit by another bird that just soared right over it's head.

The penguin then mumbled to itself "Maybe I spoke too soon..." Sage then replied in a non-serious tone. "Speaking sooner won't exactly make things easier for you, but at least you were able to act soon enough." Sage chuckled to himself before continuing "Oh, sorry for not introducing myself first, you may call me Sage, welcome to the big city, population: heck if I know." Sage then flew off the tree and landed in front of the penguin so that he could stand face to face with the flightless bird. "Say, unless I'm mistaken, you're a penguin arn't you? You must've traveled an insanely long way to get here, I don't even want to think how long it must've taken for you to get this far without flight." Sage looked at the penguin eagerly for a response
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