secret series

it's a secret to everybody

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February 15, 2016 12:32pm
hello hello!! this is the thread where I'll post the requests I get for this endeavor.

please don't post requests here - read the journal above on requesting !!!
February 15, 2016 12:33pm

quiet, hushed, the sun on green grass.
a tiny clearing and the singing of a brook
soft breaths and the rustling of leaves in the wind
the breeze sighs through branches and tickles ears
a boulder kissed with moss the sun
a quick jump and a soft landing as leaves whisper to each other
a slow arranging of the paws under the head and eyes falling closed
quiet, hushed, soaking in light.
February 15, 2016 12:48pm

i. an opening chord, a quick "one two three four," the final moments of an orchestra tuning
ii. the silence, the expectation, before the first beat and then here we are, harmonies and counterpoints and progressions and bubbling emotions
iii. what wonder, what joy, what magic
iv. soft lyrics crooned into your ear, lines that resonate something deep down a chord that just strikes you like it's striking the fabric of your atoms
v. a first dance at a wedding, memories kept cherished, an old favorite song and a "hey, remember this?"
vi. class notes put to a tune, sitting for a test mouthing "pi r squared sounds like area to me," an upperclassman singing us the causes of WWII to beyonce as we study for a course they aced
vii. such a gift, such a gift, such a gift. I forget sometimes to appreciate it
February 15, 2016 8:06pm
"right now, I feel absolutely awesome, like I'm flying higher than ever before. But I know that there will be a time where I will not feel this way, and I'm just dreading that day, because I know that it will be so hard not to live like this anymore."

Cinderella's at the ball, and she's never felt life like this before ; so vibrant and lush and grand!
she's been dancing all night and there's something she's forgetting, not really forgetting but there's
something she wants to forget as she's swept off her feet by a handsome young prince
and a lord calls for attention and says "time for a toast!" and she flinches away from the word, from remembering
the hours pass and she's practically lighting the room, her smile a radiance like the sun and her stepsisters shield their eyes and she hears "my, is that the hour?" and the glow stutters for a moment -
a chill emanates from her shoulders and shudders in a whisper through her body to her little glass covered feet and oh, mercy, this is all she's ever dreamed of
the clock is striking twelve and Cinderella is running, running.
"dearest fairy godmother, I beg you, let me stay its so
wonderful here and I feel as if I'm dreaming but time, after all, waits for none
and I must go back home."
February 16, 2016 6:56am
"my companions deserve better than what i can offer and i try my best but i cant help feeling that it is not enough!! :"D"

my hands are shaking now and I'm scared so scared
because even when I clench them hard to turn my fingers white the feeling persists it's caught me now, and I'm here
pacing my room at night biting my nails thinking, always words on my mind
the things they say the things they don't oh god dear lord tell me it's not true
the pacing stops and I'm still now, stopped, frozen, just
thinking about it, you know? thinking about if I'm right and maybe really they do deserve someone
a lot...better, you know? I forget things sometimes, I get panicked quite often and I
can't get into the music they listen to or get along with large groups too well and man, you'll never be aware of how I dream of it
but I'm thinking, still, and the warmth is seeping back into me a bit because now I'm thinking of
last christmas when your mom whispered to me that my gift was your favorite and
when you give me a present just for the heck of it and it ached a bit and I smiled and "what's the occasion? you shouldn't have!"
you pressed the little package into my hands and said "it reminded me of you"
the little things might just be enough, you know?
I don't get much sleep and I'm always tired but if you need anything, anyone, at night when it feels like even the moon has stopped shining on you I am here I swear it
I dunno if that's the best I can give but oh, I'd do anything for you
Damn me, I love them so fiercely. I dream of building them homes with soaring ceilings in the stars
but all I can do is carefully craft a little sand castle when we go to the beach and hope you like it before the tide carries it back home to sea but you know,
I think that might be
enough, because when I'm online they send me "heys!!" and funny pictures and
they smile with me, you know? and I've been thinking that I don't need to worry
too much because that might just be my best, it might be our best, you know?
February 16, 2016 8:15pm
Leafeon totally gives me a Warriors sort of vibe (which is a good thing, I'd say!) :D

Music really strikes a chord (teehee) with me because I've been thinking a lot about memories in relation to music lately. The lines about people using music in different ways really hit me the most <3

THE CINDERELLA CONNECTION OH MAN THAT WAS GENIUS! The fact that you made that connection is really cool to me, since I personally don't usually think about classic tales to apply them to feelings that seem modern. But those feelings transcend time and I'm glad that you have reminded me of that.

Having "you know?" repeat in the most recent one was an excellent method of conveying uncertainty and anxiety. I don't know if it was intentional but the lines kinda form a castle which goes with the sand castle/building homes part at the end :'D I can also totally see this one being presented at a spoken word competition.

I really love your writing style, and I look forward to seeing more of your poems/short stories! <33 Your perspective on these topics is refreshing and feels good to read!

February 17, 2016 4:25pm
oh wow thank you so much for all the feedback!! ;; it's great to hear that you liked them so far - thank you for taking the time to read each one so carefully!!

Cinderella came to my mind because I was actually listening to the ballet at the time so it was like oh hey this would be... very fitting?? :'D and I can say that the castle formation of the lines was totally unintentional, that didn't even occur to me until you pointed it out heh!

ah man I'm so glad you're enjoying this so far! yours is giving me quite some trouble, ahaha, but hopefully it'll be posted soon.
February 17, 2016 9:16pm
"hell is other people. it really is."

if you left to a world where you can be alone I'd be happy because you'd be happy but wow,
how I'd miss you
February 23, 2016 6:10pm
Haha oh man I'm sorry mine is giving you trouble! @_@

Your response to the "hell is other people" prompt is really interesting! From what I read into it, it sounds like a response to whoever made the comment, as if it were a conversation between two people. I think that's my favorite part about this exercise; there are so many different ways to look at a prompt and all of them are neat!
March 11, 2016 9:42pm
((just wanted to apologize for the lull! I'm still in the learning process of how to make time for myself, ahaha.))

"Why do life's duties always feel like they are taking away from actually living? Is there a point at which things don't feel so suffocating?"

you are sitting in a classroom with a sunny spring spreading on the other side of a window; the day is beautiful and warm. your teacher calls for your attention. you drag your eyes away from the clouds and lower them to your desk in shame.

the shades are drawn and the class passes while the grass grows greener and greener
you gather your books and prepare to go to your next lesson. you tear your eyes away from the covered window when you catch yourself staring; you turn away; you continue with your day.
December 11, 2016 3:59pm
"My past is slipping away from me. It seems like the harder I try to remember something, the further I push it to the back of my mind."

In a world long gone there was someone I knew.
Their eyes were stunning, petrifying, the sun around which I revolved but -
were they soft chocolate like that which we shared together one day or
the green under us, rich like the trees' whispered satisfaction.
maybe they reflected back the blue under which we lay -
was it raining that afternoon?
December 11, 2016 4:03pm
"I feel like just leaving it all behind. I just want to shed my old life and wander the world, a nomad whose home is the road."

roots starve in gravel, but the dust staves your hunger;
it works its way under your nails and laces itself in your bones.
the stars that watch over you now are strangers - but with time you'll know them, and they you, and
they'll take the compass in your breast pocket
and point it home.

December 11, 2016 5:04pm
AHHH I was so happy to see notifications that you posted in here again! :D

I'm getting real American Gods vibes from your nomad piece. Goodness I LOVE IT. I'm excited to see any other stories you write here! <3
December 11, 2016 6:02pm
Thank you so so much omg!! It means a lot to me that you always leave such positive comments and read everything <3333
December 11, 2016 6:07pm
"I love my friends so much but some are a little too emotionally...sensitive? Extremely sensitive and another is a bit the same but more volatile. When everything is all stable and ok in our lives we have a great time but nowadays they often throw themselves into despair and I want to help them a lot but as it goes on, it grew into a cycle and I grew...erm...desensitized?? Like, I'm almost used to it, even. So I'm wondering just how long is this gonna go until God forbid I just stop caring.

A child trips on the sidewalk.
Their cries drag passerby, mothlike, in,
thinking perhaps of their own young one.

The months pass.

You trip on the sidewalk, and your friend catches your arm.
You've become uncoordinated as you grow.
They laugh at your clumsiness, and you resume walking under the blue.
A radio whispers that the forecast is set to change.

Neither of you carry an umbrella any longer.
You are walking the usual road home.
Who is at fault when they are shivering, soaked?
Who will dry their hair?
Why would you?
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