Secret Base Tutorial [WIP]

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December 24, 2016 1:25pm
On Route 50, user pages are referred to as Secret Bases, or otherwise simply Bases. This guide will show how to customize your Secret Base.


To access your own base, click your username on the left end of the Route 50 Bar, or go to You can also obtain a permalink to your base by hovering over your username on the top bar and clicking your avatar on the dropdown.

Below the Route 50 Bar is your banner; we will cover how to upload a banner in a later section. Below the banner is the base navigation, from which you can access your Journal, Gallery, gallery Favorites, and Ribbons. Below the base navigation is the Info Bar, which lists various statistics for your account.

Your base widgets will appear below the Info Bar. By default, bases contain the ID, Journal, and Stream widgets. However, the Journal widget will not appear unless you have written a journal entry, so a new base will only show the ID and Stream widgets. We will cover how to customize your widgets in a later section.

Stream and Comments

Your Stream is your status update feed, and displays your activities on Route 50. You can view a person's Stream feed from the Stream widget on their base. To post a message on a person's Stream feed, simply type your message into the box at the top of their Stream widget.

Your Stream feed will appear on the front page. Additionally, if you follow other people's Streams, their Stream feeds will also appear on the front page. To follow another person's Stream, just go to another person's base and click the "Follow" button on the left end of your info bar.

When replying to another person's message on Stream, make sure to reply to their post directly instead of replying with a new Stream post.

(work in progress)

(work in progress)

The Styler
(work in progress)

Custom CSS
(work in progress)
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