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May 15, 2017 11:51am
Television. The internet. Games. Films. Books. Humanity has created its fair share of characters and casts. Of course, the line between reality and the world of fiction is thick and easy to see.
But what would happen if that line ceased existing whatsoever?
It is the modern day and the world is beginning to fall to chaos, starting in a single city: Los Angeles. Dubbed the entertainment capital of the world, it is a fitting stage for this endlessly unwinding story, a fiction that takes the place of our reality as we know it.

Welcome to the real world.

- You can either be a non-fictional, regular person (avoid using the names and characters of people you actually know, please) or a character from a game, film, TV series, book, anime, manga, etc. I will allow the use of a real person if they are the character's creator. I will also allow the use of characters from things you have created.

- NO OVERPOWERED WORLDBREAKING CHARACTERS. This includes: most of the characters from One Punch Man, superman, Satan, Galactus, Thanos, The Destroyer (of Marvel fame), Gaia from that Percy Jackson continuation, etc. If you intend to choose a character that has some connection to time travel, they are for all intents and purposes locked in this time and world, nor can they visit this world from the future. Additionally, try to pick characters that actually have a personality and can interact with everyone else without chopping off their limbs i.e try not to pick a killer mech or horror film demon.

- Maximum of three characters per person. (I'll break this rule to create an antagonist) If you intend to use three characters, please don't forget about using them.

- Not exactly a rule, but please adhere to at least two paragraphs per post. Motivation is something that wavers so I won't be overly bothered if you make a short post every now and then.

- Follow general RP etiquette. Basically, no godmodding, no picking random fights for no reason and all that.

- Adhere to the Route 50 code of conduct, obviously.


-Regular Civilian-

Canon of Origin:
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-My Characters-

Character List
James Raikanone
Phillipa Hart
Ardyn Izunia: Final Fantasy XV
'Fencer Princess': ???

In a world of war and conflict, an extermination throws the last great bastion of peace into aggression. In the midst of this, a child sorcerer seeks justice for his fallen home. A repentant assassin and a messenger of the future rush to save their last refuge from destruction. The dead return, backed by a forgotten god. Ideals clash. Morals crumble. And it will not end until one half of the world stands in the ashes of the other.
May 15, 2017 11:51am

Ardyn tipped his hat to a passing group of school kids, giving them his winning smile. Sat on a bench in a place called ‘Hollywood/Highland’ (according to all the signs on the walls), he awaited the god he was to meet.
God. Not what he used to think an actual god was, like the six Astrals of Eos, or what he was meant to become in his ‘game’. They weren’t all powerful. They weren’t immortal. They were simply normal people, gifted only in the art of crafting a story.
It still confused him to no end. That his whole life, his entire world, his petty squabbles with ‘His Highness’ Prince Noctis, all his plans and provisions, were all simply the product of people in this strange world in the name of ‘entertainment’ for others. And he was the enemy.
He allowed himself to chuckle slightly, that tiny sound masked by the roaring of a subway train. Everything he lived for was just another story in this world. Hilarious.
He checked his watch, adjusted to the time in this world. Five in the afternoon. Saturday. If this world was anything like what he’d seen of Lestallum or any of the bigger cities in or outside Niflheim, this was the prime time for people to be out and about, enjoying their weekend. Prime time for others to unleash just a bit of chaos.
This thought got him chuckling again.
He knew he wasn’t the only one here. Unlike his precedents from the other ‘worlds’, he wasn’t stupid. Like that dragon he’d seen flying around the outskirts of the city, easily seen by anyone looking up to the skies that night. Breathed fire, acted all showy - and suddenly it vanished. Another one was the strange-looking aircraft that had flown about the city a few days ago – it too had ceased to exist. Ardyn thought this one up over a glass of substandard champagne: this sturdy world with its hard-line laws of physics and sense of what was natural somehow shunted out anything that broke the laws of physics. Or maybe it had something to do with people watching – he did manage to fly around his room for a solid hour without being shunted out of the world.
He wasn’t really sure what to do in this place. Without a certain prince to murder, or a certain crystal to steal he really didn’t have any aims. He lost the Armiger ability – or the Starscourge affliction that got him cast out in the first place. He could feel pain, so he was mortal. Maybe this world was meant to be his second shot at a decent life? For the first time in his life, he felt aimless.
So this is what it means to be free of the gods.
“Ardyn Izunia, I take it?” asked a woman.
He looked over to the woman – dressed in somewhat formal attire, befitting an office worker or secretary. She held in one hand a phone, the other a silver briefcase. She must’ve been the emissary of this world’s emperor, the ‘Phillipa’ he had been contacted by yesterday.
“Ah, so you must be the one sent to greet me.” He stood from the bench and bowed low, putting a hand to his chest and extending his back leg to the side. “I am Chancellor Ardyn Izunia of Niflgard – although you must be well informed of this already. I am sure you have been informed of my origins as well?”
The woman tapped something at her ear, her face remaining stony and unchanging. “Yes. I’m with the Federal Bureau of Intelligence, in the newly created Exceptional Circumstances branch made to… mitigate this occurrence.”
Ardyn grinned. “Is this ‘Bureau’ the name of your empire?”
She frowned slightly, as though displeased. “My mistake. I’m from the United States Government, the United States being the country you are in. It’s not an empire, merely a federal republic – headed by a president. Additionally, the FBI is just an authority for the government.”
“Ah, I am enlightened.”
“I presume you got here via the subway train?”
Ardyn laughed. “No, miss, not me. I do not share transportation with people of such… inelegant nature. I flew above the tracks.”
She sighed, looking more disappointed than amazed. “We can’t allow you to do anything of the sort in public. It would scare the civilians into a panic.”
“Not to worry, for I am not as careless or foolish as my fellow… otherworldly… beings?” He searched for the right words. “I am aware of the consequences of being seen by too many people.”
She frowned. “What are you referring to?”
Ardyn started to explain what he’d seen, then stopped. Surely this ‘FBI’ were to see such an event happen. Perhaps such happenings immediately vanished from the memories of these people?
“Anyway, for now, we are labelling your sort ‘Characters’. Please don’t do anything too dramatic.”
“Characters, I see. Sensible.”
She opened the briefcase, unveiling a large pile of what looked like green leaflets. “Here is precisely ten thousand dollars – the currency of our country. Since you are very much alike us as a race, and do not stand out of the crowd at all, we have decided that for the interim you are permitted to live in the US until this anomaly disappears – provided you don’t leave the country or expose yourself to the public. Relevant documents for your citizenship are enclosed. I trust that you’ll be able to-“
He heard it there and then. The metallic screech of a sword being drawn.
Materializing the only weapon he had, The Sword of The Wise, he swung the blade over his head, deflecting someone’s strike mere inches from his neck.
He whirled around and identified his attacker; another woman, this time evidently from another world like his. Her attire, her sword on display, it was all too ‘outlandish’ for this place.
Behind him, the emissary dropped the briefcase and began to draw a black pistol – before a blade shot from the air and obliterated her firearm.
“Ardyn Lucis Caelum, I’m disappointed in you. Surely you’d be an enemy of this world, after being cast as evil in your game?” the swordswoman asked, rapier one lunge away from his throat.
“Ah, so you identify as one of my ‘fans’? Perhaps you just wanted to cross swords with me after seeing my story?”
The woman lowered her sabre, smiling. “You aren’t of any use to me, after allying with these false gods.”
He looked around. Either this impudent fool had murdered all of the passersby, or this was a very convenient break. He started to hover from the ground, ready to rush her. “Before I strike you down, might I know your name?”
She pointed a hand at Ardyn and the woman behind him, summoning a trio of swords aimed like compass needles pointed towards north. “I’m afraid that you…”
A rush of air interrupted her.
It was a subway train, only a few seconds out.
Ardyn narrowed his eyes. Was this woman foolish enough to…?
“…I’m afraid I’ll have to take my leave.” She grimaced, the sword missiles fading away, including the one impaled in the floor next to Phillipa’s feet.
Ardyn laughed. “So you do know.” He dematerialized his own weapon. “I dearly hope to see you again.” He curtsied the empty air as she retreated.
Phillipa released her breath as the train arrived. “Know her?”
“Does it seem that I do?”
Ignoring the remark Phillipa urgently dialled a number, picking up the destroyed fragments of handgun from the floor. “Yeah, we’ve got a Code Red at the Hollywood Highland station, no witnesses, can I get a containment team in the Hollywood area right away, Sector two-four to sector…”
The chancellor peered down the rails, spotting a red-hooded boy staring at him. He seemed utterly gobsmacked, almost frightened as he stared back. “Hmm, it seems as though we have one witness.”


It was the actual Chancellor Ardyn Izunia.
The real thing. As in, out of the game. As in, he was really really there. And he really really pulled a sword out of thin air. And he really really really just almost fought someone else that could make swords appear. And he was walking at him.
James had played Final Fantasy XV to completion. It was an alright game, he guessed, but holy crap that was the actual guy right there walking towards him. Was he gonna kill him? Did he know too much? Did he see too much?
“Um, I swear, I’m sorry, but I won’t tell anyone, swear to god, please don’t kill me,” the boy whimpered, holding up hands.
Ardyn smiled, standing over the boy. “Why, I would not kill an innocent child, not at all!”
Even though he was somewhat tall among his classmates, Ardyn Izunia seemed to overshadow him. He was a lot taller in reality than he was in game.
“Um, I played Final Fantasy and I don’t believe you.”
This made the man laugh rather hard. “It seems as though you have misinterpreted my intentions. Why, I have never personally done anything horrible to anyone innocent. The Lucian people are just…” He trailed off. “Well, that doesn’t matter.”
Phillipa rushed over, concern slightly evident in her face. “Hmm, you’ll have to come with us.”
Ardyn shrugged. “I must agree, you have seen too much for you to be trouncing about spouting nonsense.” He looked over his shoulder. “Also, such a showdown, however small, is bound to have some kind of repercussion. I think some of the others might start to congregate.”
James frowned. “Others…? You can’t possibly mean…”
Phillipa glared at Ardyn. “You weren’t meant to-“
“It will do the boy some good, believe me. He has already seen too much, we might as well enlighten him on what is going on.” Smugly, he paused for a few moments. “Also, I have not been duly informed as well.”
Phillipa sighed, ensuring to speak in a voice low enough to be drowned by the clamour of the station. “A few weeks ago, we detected some strange electromagnetic transmissions – radio signals. Never heard before. This turned out to be the precedent of… fictional characters popping into existence. We don’t know how, or why, but we need to figure that out and stop these characters from making themselves known to stop a mass panic. Now, however, we have what sounds like a group of characters on the loose, forming what sounds like a highly dangerous terrorist cell. Now, we need to figure out who this woman is and who else could be with them – not to mention figure out how we can… neutralize them.”
James stared at Phillipa as though she had grown a second head. “What???”
In a world of war and conflict, an extermination throws the last great bastion of peace into aggression. In the midst of this, a child sorcerer seeks justice for his fallen home. A repentant assassin and a messenger of the future rush to save their last refuge from destruction. The dead return, backed by a forgotten god. Ideals clash. Morals crumble. And it will not end until one half of the world stands in the ashes of the other.
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