[casual] The Cat Kingdom!

the cat returns, but there's more!

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July 15, 2017 10:01pm
...the cat kingdom! From The Cat Returns. A casual, lighthearted roleplay that's just supposed to be fun. We have anime schools, wizardry, cafes, cute cats with fancy clothes... also, please note, twiggy is co-hosting this! :3

The Cat Kingdom is built around the edges of the five pawprint lakes.

The Cat Kingdom is a happy place of townhouses and plants, plazas and stones and bricks, warm and majestic and inviting.
There are little boutiques, cafes, artists, wizardry, festive parades and glamorous balls… but not just for cats!

The bustling and happy society of cats, and its prince, Lune, have been nestled safely as its own unfindable corner of the world. Protected by magic and barriers, normally only those (formally or without communication) invited to The Cat Kingdom could ever find it, or be led to it.
Cats may, as though trying to remember an important old dream of theirs, simply find themselves navigating to The Cat Kingdom. Humans are very, very rare in the Cat Kingdom, normally only invited after doing something wonderful for The Cat Kingdom. Humans can even be turned into cats!

As you can see, there is also a human here! They are looking at the wonderful Cat Kingdom with their friend!

Here are some houses!

Here is a picture of someone's home!

Here is a picture someone took of Prince Lune’s face.

Yet, even within The so-called Cat Kingdom, many, many other animals exist anyway!
Visiting as guests, welcomed to a refuge, free-travellers passing by to share news, settling in hotels, attending grand parties, and just non-cat resident… may find themselves there. The Cat Kingdom is known to animals, as other societies are known to The Cat Kingdom.

And outside - there are the rabbits in the Rabbit Networks and Kingdom, there are birds, free and with a voluntary half-society, settling in many places at whim, mice that build tiny homes from forest tree trunks to human structures, foxes in grotto homes or urban society, chipmunks just curious about the world around them...

Wherever you may be, whatever you may be - in the Cat Kingdom, in the human societies, or anywhere else unclaimed and secret… what adventures may be set upon? Who will you meet? What will you do?

Here is the sign-up form! Have fun!

Gender or pronouns:
Age: (in human years as a scale of maturity :’D)
History: (if you’re already in a non-human society, don’t forget to tell why! It’s okay to keep this short!)
These lovely little Chao were created By Coolio~ ^^ ...Well, go ahead and pet them c:

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July 15, 2017 10:03pm
Here are my forms! I can't edit my original post, but this is okay!

Name: Ciel
Gender: female
Species: Human
Age (in human years): 17
Appearance: she is a human, with brownish skin, dark hair and brown eyes, and a gloomish, transient and angry persona
Wears a camel trenchcoat.
Occupation: janitor, herbal oils & magic store clerk, and student
Relations: parents that she pays rent with
History: A student in a high-rent area. She is easy to humiliate, and has mostly isolated herself to make her life less dramatic.


Name: Syuri
Gender: female
Species: cat
Age: 19
Appearance: Calico, well-groomed and a cutie pie. Green-blue eyes.
Occupation: seamstress and designer (fashion)
Relations: Family in another household in the Cat Kingdom
History: She’s Cat Kingdom native, but has visited the Outside World and didn’t enjoy the stay too well.
These lovely little Chao were created By Coolio~ ^^ ...Well, go ahead and pet them c:

Step a little to the left. No wait, the right. Jump! Punch! Spin 'round and round! Now you're dancin' ;D
July 16, 2017 11:38am
WHOOHOO!!! the time has come

name: spoon
gender: male
species: kittycat
age: 22
appearance: all white; a persian cat. Eyes in a beautiful blue
occupation: runs a store of beautiful things, to put it simply. Sells gemstones, vintage trinkets, things brought from the human world, scraps of pretty cloth without alternative purpose, etc.
relations: has cat friends in the human world from his time as a pet there, visits them occasionally. he is somewhat absentminded and can come off as blunt, so he has some difficulty keeping steady relationships.
history: was drawn to the cat kingdom from the human world after his previous household moved away and left him behind. he wasn't all that attached to them, though, so there were no tears shed. his biggest annoyance was keeping his fur clean in the wild until arriving at cat kingdom. a pretty chill guy.


name: Trifolium Breweri, after the common forest clover. nicknamed trif or brewy.
gender: female
species: eastern chipmunk
age: 15
appearance: chipmunky!! cute, small and lithe. Amber eyes with shadows. always eating but super cute about it so no one takes offense.
occupation: student - dreams of exploring the lands her mother and ancestors came from, beyond the cat kingdom, but knows that she is too young and vulnerable to go. and so, spends much time wandering the wooded lands nearby the borders of the kingdom. Sells gems and plants she gathers to local stores.
relations: lives with her mother and older brother. (feel free to set your char to either of those roles if chipmunks sound nice idc!!) friends with her cat neighbors, as they often bring her snacks for the pleasure of watching her munch away.
history: her mother moved to the safety of the cat kingdom to raise a family, and so trif was born here. knows its intricacies and paths as well as the kittens she grew up with.


name: Chantal
gender or pronouns: female
species: mouse
age: 18
appearance: a pedigree fancy mouse (I looked it up ok this is actually a type of mouse bred for being a pet but she is also just classy as heck) with sleek lilac fur and a white nose. perfectly pink paws, and perfectly black eyes. likes ribbons and frequents spoon's shop for scraps of fabric to adorn herself with.
occupation: show mouse
relations: lives with Syuri, they get along well enough and is always willing to give her opinions concerning the clothes Syuri handles, though never with ill will.
history: She's a haughty little thing who's risen through the ranks of the Cat Kingdom Mouse Shows, where cats gather to contest their mice partners against each other in terms of style, poise, and intellect.
July 17, 2017 9:04am
Name: Dille
Gender: female
Age: 14
Species: Mouse
Appearance: she is a small grey-brown mouse with dark brown-black eyes!
Occupation: none
Relations: her mother. Vying for independence, Dille's estranged to her and though they get along perfectly well, Dille's away if she can be without being irresponsible.
History: Dille was raised in a somewhat lonely settlement built by human presences, but as a child, she and her mother moved to several small animal settlements occasionally, and years ago traveled to the warm and large Cat Kingdom. Despite being here for a while,with her moving history, she feels transient to the environment, like a cold wind ready to move. She also does not display the exact cultures of the Cat Kingdom, and is less recipient to them.
These lovely little Chao were created By Coolio~ ^^ ...Well, go ahead and pet them c:

Step a little to the left. No wait, the right. Jump! Punch! Spin 'round and round! Now you're dancin' ;D
July 19, 2017 6:39pm
I know but we have so many females, but here ;;;

Name: Bambi
Gender or pronouns: Female, but often is mistaken for being a male. She doesn’t really care, as she doesn’t see herself as overly female nor overly male.
Species: Bengal cat
Age: 25
Appearance: Bambi is a silver coated Bengal with bright green eyes. Has a Rapier at her side while she has a harp on the other side.
Occupation: Sword cat for hire / Soldier
Relations: Extremely close to Echo, dubs herself as Echo’s personal bodyguard.
History: Bambi is on a never ending journey to find her father, an Asian leopard cat. Due to his wild blood, he left her mother when she was younger, breaking her mother’s heart. Bambi swore to her should follow him and bring him back to her.
Following the rumors from fellow cats that lived in her neighborhood, she discovered the Cat Kingdom.

Name: Echo
Gender or pronouns: Female
Species: Ragdoll cat
Age: 25
Appearance: Bright blue eyes, long white hair with dark brown markings on her face, legs, tail, and ears. She likes to wear clothes that she describes as ‘happy’, like flowy dresses, flowers, etc..
Occupation: Therapist
Relations: See Bambi
History: She has always lived in the cat kingdom. She was part of a huge family. She was an ordinary kitten, doing nothing special while her siblings did amazing things. Echo became overshadowed by her siblings, making her depressed and feeling like she was worthless.
Once she drew old enough she changed her name to Echo and started to work on being a therapist. She hopes to one day help many animals overcome their illnesses.
July 27, 2017 12:58am
name: sondheim
gender or pronouns: male
species: kestrel
age: 20
appearance: typical for his species, although a bit smaller. his shoulders, back, and the top of his beak are dusted with white feathers, like freckles. a tattered orange ribbon is tied securely around his left leg, riddled with holes and creases from being picked at previously. carries a small and black canvas satchel with shiny golden buckles. often covered in leaves or grass or flower petals.
occupation: he considers himself a delivery-boy but it's really just an excuse to pick up on whatever gossip is floating around or to visit friends. sondheim is not the most productive, but can always be seen toting a package or two. his somewhat intimidating appearance is off-putting, though.
relations: sondheim likes to advertise himself as a friend to all, but really doesn't hang around a set group unless he absolutely has to. his family is alive and well, hopefully, but he just doesn't know where they are and doesn't burden himself with things like that.
history: born near a human city. when he came of age, sondheim traveled to the cat kingdom because word had reached him of sunny skies and bustling towns. he is gentle and kind compared to those of his species, and doesn't consider traveling anywhere else, at least not for now.

July 27, 2017 1:20am
Might as well.

Name: Honey
Gender or pronouns: Him
Species: Wolfdoggy
Age: 16
Appearance: derp
Occupation: Student
Relations: Very few. He likes to keep to himself.
History: He snuck into the Cat Kingdom under bad circumstances in the surrounding kingdoms as a thief. He took upon someone else's identity and name (Honey isn't his real one lol), and now goes to school in the kingdom. He plans to lay low until he can return to his home.

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