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who doesnt like magical girls and death amirite

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July 26, 2017 5:29am

✦ Based off of the world of [miscroscopic] ✦

✦ Plot ✦

✦ Occupations ✦

✦ Objective ✦

✦ Districts ✦

✦ Forms ✦

I will be taking the role of Faceless but if you guys want to recommend anything I'll be happy to listen! Oh, yeah stick to the rp guidelines. Thankies~

You cannot be a magical girl without dying first.

August 8, 2017 4:11pm

August 10, 2017 12:45pm
Hope this is okay!:3 I'll add a picture later, because I don't have one right now...

Name: Marie

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Zodiac(Optional): Gemini

Appearance: short brown bob, brown eyes. White sailor-military dress and low-heeled boots. She's very aloof at first glance. Little star and anchor hair accessory.
Her archer's bow doesn't look entirely cohesive with her outfit, strangely. It's black and toxic pink, and thin. There are white flame-like embellishments at their edges with little black and gold metal stars that match up with her outfit, but otherwise it looks too simplistic, and dangerous.

Occupation: Archer (psychic)

Sexuality: Doesn't know (never been in a relationship), but thinks she might be Demiromantic

Personality: Distant, unsure and avoidant. She is antsy, and copes by grounding herself with reluctance and aloofness. Secretly, she wants to be princesslike, elegant, luxurious and free, but knows that such lifestyles can't sustain existence in reality.
She's a bit of a NEET, and used to be very responsive when her self-worth was challenged by it.
Now, she's worryingly relaxed about her laziness and indulgence, and is quite go-with-the-flow. It usually takes some sort of gratification or immediate conseqeunce to move her into doing something difficult.

Background Info:
As a child, she wanted to save the world, but slowly deradicalised, and deflated. To her, there is a vainglory behind such a wish - feeling like a hero is feeling competent, able and beloved. Being a hero is much more difficult than feeling like one.

She grew up mildly neglected, self-loathing, repressed, and tormented by her gritty worldviews. Her life was otherwise an incredibly normal one, but her inner frustrations and conflicting criticisms built up like toxins. Despite having most of what she could have asked for, she felt more and more turmoiled, less and less caring.
She is rational enough to understand that being a magical girl is not the most prudent form of justice. She became a magical girl to feel powerful, beautiful, cool and alive, and like a hero. She did it for herself.

Anything Else?:
>>really likes short, flattering clothing; poses like out of anime visnovel or magazines; rhinestones; and low heels
often worries that she smells weird
>>pays more than average attention to her voice, and has a sometimes strange inflection as a result
her sentence structure is occasionally awkward, and she mispronounces or says the wrong word sometimes
>>transferred from overseas
>>always wanted to be part of a school council club
>>currently stationed in Ryu
October 21, 2017 7:45pm
lol accepted ^^^

let's bump dis

September 20, 2022 12:11am
I agree with you, thanks for your sharing.
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