Skylanders: Cynder's Fall

Cynder has had enough... Now she's lashing out!

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October 7, 2017 7:26pm
Ahh, Skylands.
A world of magic, dragons, Mabu, and, more importantly, home of the Skylanders!
Based at the legendary Skylanders Academy, the Skylanders have been protecting Skylands for years.
But there was one Skylander shunned by the others for her dark past.
Cynder, former slave of Malefor, had been allowed to join the Skylanders on Spyro's recommendation.
But Spyro couldn't stop the others from tormenting Cynder, day in, and day out.
The nightmares weren't helpful either.
One day, she simply SNAPPED.
Taking off her Skylander Pendant, the symbol of her rank as a Skylander, she smashed it.
Returning to Malefor, she was welcomed back as his mighty General.
The first thing they'd do?
Destroy the Academy and take the Skylanders prisoner.
- Follow all Route 50 rules, that's a big one.
- All predesigned Skylanders are under my control, since I prefer it that way and so I won't constantly scold Roleplayers for not keeping to the character's design. Who will you play as, then? Why, you'll be designing your own Skylanders! Or, if you'd rather not be one, you can be on a different side.
- That's all I can think of. However, you might want to read the story of the same name I wrote on Deviantart: Part 1
For the sake of Mew...
January 27, 2018 11:40pm
I honestly have no clue why I put this here. Lessee how many mistakes I made here...
1. A Skylanders RP on a Pokemon forum...
2. When there's a forum called DarkSpyro that it would fit better on...
3. Too dark for the average person's taste...

Can't think of any more, but it was still an all-around bad idea. I'd say this was a prime candidate for deletion.
For the sake of Mew...
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