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plz join

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March 20, 2018 9:13am
After the recent downfall of the legendaries rule the mythicals have stolen the throne and it hasn't been peaceful . The rulers are taking things for themselves and all of the normal pokemon are struggling to survive . We don't know why they are doing this but it needs to stop. But can a group of regular pokemon stand up to such powerful pokemon before everyone is doomed .

Here are the rules
1. don't get anymore violent then PG 13 content plz
2. some of u can be mythicals but if too many u will be rejected btw meloetta will be my charcter plz don't take
3 . If u die u die no coming back
4. U only get one charter chose wisely
5. Don't get off topic u will ruin the roleplay
6. Have Fun

Form for joining is
Name: enter your charters name here ( no naming mythicals PLZ)
Species: you can be any pokemon spieces but if too many legendaries and mythicals i will not allow them.
Gender : no genderless pokemon plz
shiny: just awnser yes or no if your charter is unsure just say unsure (yes / no (pick one) )
Extras: any chlothes or magical abiltys other than moves put here btw NO tattos or pircings except earings
May 10, 2018 3:30pm
does anyone wanna join
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