Pokemon Free Roam RolePlaying Game Idea

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April 12, 2018 2:33am

Ok, so a group of playdippers turned me onto an online pokemon battling sim site, which allows people to set up pokemon teams and battle others online, without having to train them or anything like that. To me there has always been a huge gap between the anime pokemon world and the poorly coded, somewhat tedious and linear pokemon games. I suggest getting some 3-6 people together and creating a pokemon universe of our own, using the online pokemon sim to wage battles as needed. Players could travel in groups or on their own- and a paint.net map would keep track of each players location (I think that using the kanto region with only the most basic pokemon from generation I would be best to start with this). Theres alot of blanks to fill in here, im aware- but i was hoping a little more brainstorming could yield something. Any thoughts from others?

Please help.

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