Save problems with Pokémon games

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April 12, 2018 2:37am

Yesterday i bought the emulator after watching some videos of people saying it was really good. So right after i bought it i downloaded some roms from my pc and transfered them to my phone with dropbox and started playing. The first problem was when i tried to save in-game, when it's done saving it brings me back to the app menu, but i thought it was just the rom and tried again but with savestates. The second problem was when i tried to load the state, when i press any of the savestate buttons it does nothing, so the "load savestate" option is always grey, and when i go to the savestate folder there is nothing, this always happens with Diamond and Heart Gold. It's probably not my phone (Galaxy J2) beacause with GB and GBA emulators saves and save states work just fine.

Please help.

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