a high school for pokemon

cute and fluffy and diffucult

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May 11, 2018 7:37am
you are a fluffy little pokemon at a big high school with exotic dorms and a combat clasess as well as regular classes. you can explore a big campus as well as do your classess. If you can pass this school you may pick a job related to the roleplay. However only the most clever of pokemon can pass I wil mail you your grades maybe DON'T quote on quote me if i don't.


1. No godmodding please
2. no spamming it is ok to have a lot to say but only 2 posts before you have to give someone else a turn
3. no legendaries or mythicals
4. no getting out of charter you'll ruin the fun
5. no power play in combat there must be winner in every battle
6. you must wear school uniform boys a black suit girls a red plad long sleeve frilly at the bottom dress and white stockings
7. if u get detention your in detention
8. teachers re NPC's unless you pass high school then be a teacher if you want
9. romance is allowed but keep it at a pg 13 level

if ANY of these rules are broken you will get BANNED and NOT allowed to roleplay. ( plz call out banned ppl if trying to roleplay. )

Form for roleplay ( you may only enter once )
Gender: no bieng a gender less pokemon
personality: no saying that your popular or not the roleplay will decide but you can say your high school sterotype (if not saying that your popular)
apperence you can describe your feature but say that your wearing the school uniform
history: doesn't have to be descriptive but at least 4 characters

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