Finally... An Introduction!

It only took about 8 months...

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June 10, 2018 5:40pm
Hey there,

My name is Fiddledo, but you can just call me Fiddle. A while back I found this site but failed to actually make a post to introduce myself. After looking back on my bookmarks, I ended up finding the site again. I guess I'm really bad at keeping track of sites that I'm on.

I got into Pokemon through the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. I've been invested into the series for the last 12 years of life, playing pretty much every game and getting involved in all aspects of the community.

Some of the things that I do online are... running a YouTube channel, that's pretty cool. Most people know me for adding lyrics to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon soundtrack, you can check out my covers for "At the Beach at Dusk" and "Memories Returned" by clicking on the titles. I've also run a radio station and podcast dedicated to Pokemon getting the opportunity to work with content creators and building a community. I decommissioned the station last year but I hope to bring it back in the future.

My favourite Pokemon is Noibat followed by Mothim, of all Pokemon.

I really hope I get the opportunity to meet awesome people and I look forward to chatting with you all.
June 11, 2018 11:31pm
Heya, welcome back to the site! A Pokemon radio station sounds pretty badass @_@
You do seem to know what is needed. Yes, what a Trainer needs is a virtuous heart. Pokémon touch the good hearts of Trainers and learn good from wrong. They touch the good hearts of Trainers and grow strong... Go onwards! The Champion is waiting!
- Drake of the Hoenn Elite Four

August 20, 2018 9:56pm
Appreciate it!
August 31, 2022 9:54pm
We and our sisters think this is a very good website.
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