What are insects?

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October 28, 2018 6:23pm
Insects have many different definitions, each one more specific than the last. The broadest possible interpretation of insects, according to Wikipedia, is any animal that is a hexopod. This means any animal with six legs (or arms). By this definition, Machamp is an insect.

However, the next most popular interpretation is that an insect must have wings as well as six legs. This definition of insects would make Giratina an insect.

Although many animals generally regarded as insects, such as mites, ants, and silverfish, don't have wings at all. A more accurate definition might be that an insect must be a six-legged arthropod, being defined as an animal with a hard exoskeleton and a segmented body. Given that it has skin literally made of rock, and at least two defined segments that we can see (head and body), this would definitely make Graveler an insect.

You might argue that none of these can possibly be insects because none of them are Bug-types, and while this is true, many Pokemon that are based on real-world insects are not Bug-types either. Vibrava, for example, is very clearly based on an antlion or a dragonfly, yet no part of its evolutionary line has the bug type (despite being part of the bug egg group).

So where is the line drawn? Is Vibrava an insect? Is Graveler an insect? Are Giratina or Machamp insects? Is the very word "insect" merely a social construct that can never be truly defined?

October 28, 2018 8:35pm
machamp is WITHOUT A DOUBT an insect. this much I know for certain.

Vibrava is also a definite, and for me personally.. while I'd prefer not to consider gira an insect bc of my love for his little face and my incompatibility with a multitude of bugs.............he does seem to fit the bill
October 29, 2018 7:23am
a spineless invertebrate
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