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March 11, 2019 8:16pm
Before you formally start your journey buy Maple M Mesos, you'll be able to design your very own personality. While the choices are limited, it is possible to correct how they look and select from much superior choices in the future in the game. Once you unlock the menu, click on it at the top right corner of the display. You'll pull up a list of options, but you would like to click on the Character tab in the upper left side with a helmet marker. Once you click that, a second row of tabs will appear below, and from there, you want to click on Hair/Plastic Surgery.

You will then be brought over to a new character customization screen in MapleStory M in which you'll be able to select between changing either your own hair or your face. You'll observe that you have a lot of new styles to choose from, however they will cost you crystals to unlock.

These costs change from 45-95 crystals, which means that they aren't that expensive. Do take note, however, that crystals would be the game's premium money, which means you will need to either grind more or use actual money to purchase it. Either way, this seems to be the only way to change your look in MapleStory M.

MapleStory m is a magical game full of wonder and adventure at every corner. Playing as your own character, you may choose to follow along with an range of different quests and take on a broad range of dangerous enemies. Considering that the game is an MMO, you could always go through the pleasure with friends anytime you would like. Nevertheless, 1 question some players might have is how to add buddies in MapleStory m.

The process is actually fairly simple once you know how to do it. On the primary screen in your game, you should observe a row of icons located at the bottom right side of this display. There are small blocks which it is possible to interact with, each offering different options and menus in MapleStory m.

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