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June 25, 2020 1:45am
Sit down folks, and prepare for an unnecessary dissection of Oingo Boingo's final three albums! Maybe you'll get a ranking of their albums someday, or their singles! An entire dissection, maybe? Idunno! I spent quite some time writing this and closed the tab by accident, so I had to start over COMPLETELY. :))))))

Oingo Boingo!

Active from 1979 to 1995, Oingo Boingo released 5 singles (not counting Only A Lad, which was released on their debut album as well) and 7 studio albums. They've been described as ska, new wave, and even "techno-pop"! (from Elfman himself!) They've clearly changed over the course of their sixteen year run. Their first four albums are pretty standard, each being what most people immediately think of as "Oingo Boingo", with that idea of "Oingo Boingo" being a funky beat with spooky (yet comedic) lyrics. Elfman's voice often bends quite impressively (such as in Private Life, Controller, and Running on a Treadmill), and the band's lyrical content often gives way to something more satirical, or otherwise intriguing (such as in Capitalism, Impostor, Only A Lad)

And yet their last three studio albums (Boi-Ngo, Dark at the End of the Tunnel, Boingo) seem to elude this previous description quite well.


Boi-Ngo is much more concentrated than the previous four. Still zany, yes, but Elevator Man isn't as goofy as, say, On The Outside. The album is what many would think of as "stereotypically eighties". Yes, synthesizers are still present, as well as occasionally ghoulish lyrics, but they're much more subdued, in favor of, well, blending in. Let's face it, "Not My Slave" sounds much too similar to Bowie's "Modern Love" to be passed off as mere coincidence. While it personally receives a lot of ire from fans for being like that, I'm rather fond of it, personally. Yes, it sounds relatively samey, but it doesn't sound bad. And, tbh, Not My Slave goes hard.

Personal recommendations from the album would be Pain, Where Do All My Friends Go, and Elevator Man. 7/10

Overall, it's a good listen.

Dark at the End of the Tunnel.

I have conflicting feelings about this album. Incredibly conflicting, in fact. It was released in 1990, and... well, if Boi-Ngo was blending in, Tunnel was pure assimilation. The songs sound virtually indistinguishable from any odd hit at the time, with almost nothing but pop for the entire album. It's quite frankly baffling as to why they would go this route. Is it completely bad? No, it has Right To Know! However, Tunnel also contains Try To Believe, giving it a resounding "hm, that was an album" out of 10.


Danny Elfman wields a guitar and says fuck


Final notes:

For those who haven't heard any Boingo and have no idea as to what I'm talking about, I'd recommend listening to their first four albums! However, if you lack the time (or want), here are a few highlights. Keep in mind that Elfman often uses POV as a device for satire, portraying horrid people to point out just how nasty they really are.

Only A Lad
- On The Outside
- Only A Lad
- Controller

Nothing To Fear
- Grey Matter
- Private Life
- Running On A Treadmill

Good For Your Soul
- No Spill Blood
- Sweat
- Wake Up (It's 1984)

Dead Man's Party
- Dead Man's Party
- Heard Somebody Cry
- No One Lives Forever

They're pretty good! Check 'em out (or not, I don't control your actions. The choice is yours)

Anyways, rant over. Ciao!
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June 25, 2020 2:38pm
June 26, 2020 12:32am
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"Anybody ever tell you you look dead, man?"
October 15, 2022 9:55pm
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