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June 29, 2020 8:09am
Hey everyone!

You did your waiting. 12 years of it. In Azkaban!

That said, I've officially started a very slow project of beginning a mobile view. The first part of this new mobile view is optimizing the stream. There's a lot of functionality on Route 50, and working on a mobile view for a website not particularly formatted with HTML for one, is going to take some time.

Here are my current acknowledgements of what is not finished:
  • Individual gallery posts
  • Browsing the gallery
  • Forums are not optimized
  • Bases are not optimized
  • Notifications have not been optimized
  • I haven't even looked at account configuration

Here is what I feel like is complete and am soliciting bugs for:
  • Nothing

Please feel free to give general feedback, thoughts of what you would like to see, and ideas for how to tackle pages that have sidebars. Handling base widgets, in particular, is going to be a challenge due to the sidebar.
June 29, 2020 2:59pm
No matter how long it takes, this is still exciting. Thanks for all you do, Navs!
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