The Cruise of a Lifetime

SS Anne

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July 11, 2020 4:20pm

Welcome aboard the luxury cruise ship, the SS Anne! Please relax and enjoy the ride with entertainment including performances by famous singers and dancers, as well as many other activities, all while enjoying the fanciest of foods you can only experience here. This cruise will be travelling from Kanto to Johto, Hoenn, and various other regions of the Pokemon world.

However, on this voyage, unknown to the passengers and crew members boarding this ship, the SS Anne was destined to sink.


My idea for this RP was based off the Pokemon episode, "Battle Aboard the St. Anne," the 15th episode of the original anime series. In this RP, I plan on giving our characters enough time to bond before the ship somehow starts sinking, and they'll have to figure out a way to escape before it's too late.


1. No godmodding.
2. No flamming / spamming the RP page.
3. While not a serious RP, please don’t write one sentence posts. Aim for at least three sentences.
4. No OOC posts.
5. Only the Mod can move the plot forward with MAJOR events.
6. A Pokemon can know more than four moves, but please make sure the Pokemon is able to use said move in-game.
7. Your character cannot have a legendary Pokemon.
8. You can make edits to your Pokemon team while the RP takes place on the ship


Occupation: (Trainer, Gym leader, Model, etc. Think of the different trainer classes in the games)
History: (Optional)
List of Pokemon:

FORM FOR POKEMON (optional, only for extra detail)

Appearance: (optional)
Personality: (optional)
History: (optional)

Character List

Rei, Female, 18, Cafe Master / Trainer
Pokemon: Mafia Boss (Honchkrow), Winston (Absol), Checkmate (Bisharp)

Emilia, Female, 20, Baroness
Pokemon: Biscuit (Furret*), Oolong (Polteageist), Brin (Dragonair)

Ilya, Male, 22, Scientist (maybe)
Pokemon: Milo (Reuniclus), Beta (Porygon)

Farah, Female, 25, Model / coordinator
Pokemon: BB (Sylveon), Silkie (Sylveon*)

Clive, Male, 28, Bug Maniac
Pokemon: Atlas (Volcarona), Snowcone (Frosmoth), Zipzap (Galvantula)

NPC (anyone can control these)

Rick, Male, 45, Farah’s boss
Pokemon: Guard (Houndoom)
July 11, 2020 5:41pm
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Name: Rei
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Café Master / Trainer

History: Rei hails from Solaceon Town in Sinnoh, running a small café out of the inside of her family's house. While she does it out of respect for passing archaeologists that are interested in the local ruins, as well as neighbors, she tends to get recompense from the patrons, especially the Day Care Couple that frequents for the varieties of tea she is able to brew. She likes to travel the world to accrue knowledge of her hobby, having Pokémon to both defend her and aid her in her exploits. Due to her need of knowledge of various herbs for brewing, she tends to seek out Grass-type Gym Leaders. Rei boarded the SS Anne to sail home after having paid a visit to Erika in Celadon City to learn about herbs scattered around the Tohjo border and the base of Mt. Silver.
List of Pokemon: Honchkrow, Absol, Bisharp

Nickname: Mafia Boss (or just Boss)
Gender: Male
Species: Honchkrow
Personality: Tries to be brooding, but in actuality is just a big softie.
History: Rei's first Pokémon, acquired as a Murkrow on a visit to the Lost Tower to honor a past family pet. He likes keeping Rei company but feels like he has a reputation to keep as a Dark-type, so he tries to intimidate other people or Pokémon until Rei says otherwise. Rei frequently has Boss retrieve things from higher or riskier locations that she isn't able to reach, which sometimes leads to some sticky situations.

Nickname: Winston
Gender: Male
Species: Absol
Appearance: While not shiny, he has the green eyes of a Shiny as opposed to an Absol's normal red eyes.
Personality: Stoic and utilitarian, often using his environment to his advantage when needed.
History: Rei's final teammate whom she met while summiting Mt. Coronet. Winston blocked Rei and company from continuing into the Spear Pillar, but opted to come back down the mountain with them after some convincing from both Rei and Checkmate. Because of her relative lack of knowledge of overall Pokémon species, Rei didn't notice that Winston was unique until she had returned to Solaceon Town and chatted with the Day Care Couple. Winston typically takes the role of the scout on her escapades, running ahead to make sure no dangerous humans or Pokémon are between Rei and whatever she intends on doing.

Nickname: Checkmate
Gender: Female (because apparently Bisharp aren't genderless)
Species: Bisharp
Personality: Wants to be nice to the things around her, but struggles due to all of her sharp edges.
History: Rei's second Pokémon, acquired as a Pawniard while parading around the Unova region in search of Drayden so she could discuss the topic of boiling water with him because, in her own words, "He's a Dragon-type Gym Leader and an old guy, so he has to know something about boiling kettles." Checkmate typically takes the role of bodyguard, as well as gatherer on occasions where Rei's hands are already full.
July 11, 2020 10:18pm
awh yeah let's do it

Name: Emilia
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Occupation: Baroness
Appearance: Fair skinned with strawberry blond, bob length hair. Typically wears dresses, and almost always wears a sunhat.
History: She's taking a tour of the world right now to 'find herself'; her parents are extremely wealthy, but want her to participate in the family business now that she's no longer a child. Emilia, however, does not want to work in any way, shape, or form, and is therefore avoiding all responsibility for as long as she can.
Grew up in Galar.
List of Pokemon: Furret, Polteageist, Dragonair

--- Pokemon ---
Nickname: Biscuit
Gender: Female
Species: Furret
Appearance: Wears a red bow around her neck.
Personality: Biscuit is essentially as spoiled as Emilia, and has never been in a fight in her life. Refuses to eat any food that isn't 'gourmet'.
History: She's Emilia's first Pokemon, and has been with her since they were both very young. They're inseparable.

Nickname: Oolong
Gender: None
Species: Polteageist
Appearance: An antique.
Personality: Mischievous, sometimes to the point of causing harm. Easily bored.
History: Emilia went through great pains to attain her own authentic Polteageist. And by great pains, this means that her parents spent a good deal of money on it.

Nickname: Brin
Gender: Female
Species: Dragonair
Appearance: Shiny.
Personality: Kind of grumpy, but it seems like that's just because she's usually irritated by Emilia and Biscuit's spoiled attitudes. Her deepest desire is to be left alone.
History: Another Pokemon that was paid for with Emilia's family wealth; imported AND shiny- a double whammy!
July 12, 2020 12:49am
yes I'm up at 4 in the morning posting an RP introduction, what of it

Name: Ilya
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Occupation: I guess in terms of trainer class he'd be closest to a scientist?
Appearance: On the shorter side, with glasses and medium length black hair. Dresses casually, and always wears a backpack.
History: A hacker who got a bit too far in over his head. He was part of a project to bypass Porygon's copy protections and reproduce it without the approval of Silph Co. While he was successful in replicating Porygon, the copy he made was incomplete and unstable. To make matters worse, Silph Co. caught wind of his actions, and are attempting to shut down his operation and reclaim what they see as their stolen property. Taking the cruise was mostly a cover to get Ilya out of Kanto and as far away from Silph as possible, and he also has plans to meet up with a colleague in Hoenn to discuss how to finish the Porygon project.
List of Pokemon: Reuniclus, Porygon


Nickname: Milo
Gender: Male
Species: Reuniclus
Personality: For a Pokemon with multiple brains, Milo has a very one-track mind. If he wants something or has to do something, he focuses on that over everything else. Can't put up with being sidetracked or distracted.
History: Ilya's partner and very first Pokemon. Milo helped him develop Beta.

Nickname: Beta
Gender: None
Species: Porygon
Appearance: Smaller than average for a Porygon. Beta is too unstable to be kept in a PC or Pokeball, so it rides in Ilya's backpack. It twitches occasionally due to bugs in its code.
Personality: Incredibly curious due to being created very recently and having collected very little data on the world. Beta is easily distracted and has a short attention span. Basically the opposite of Milo.
History: An unstable (and illegal) Porygon copy created by Ilya and Milo.
July 12, 2020 9:32pm
Everyone is accepted. Post whenever you wish (:

Name: Farah
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Occupation: Ex - Kimono girl, now model and coordinator
Appearance: Dark skin lady, with braided faux-hawk styled hair (pink in the front, blue in the back). She is usually seen wearing earrings in the shape of Konpeitou (colorful candy stars). She usually wears dresses in a variety of colors (she even has one that is just rainbow, she calls it her ‘Color vomit’ dress).
History: her moms were Kimono girls from Jhoto, all her sisters too were kimono girls. However, Farah did not want to fall in line with her family, she watched shows of beautiful women entertaining billions of people with their talent and even their pokemon! She wanted to be that! She wanted to entertain people, she wanted to become a role model for girls around her.
She had been afraid, slightly, to tell her moms the ‘bad’ news. However, they were more than happy for her. They even helped her with her dream, giving her first Eevee, a family tradition, when she became of age. When she started to go to shows, they would stream them with the whole family. And if they could, they would even travel to the town she was in. They were always the loudest of her supporters, which though was embarrassing, always made Farah want to tear up in joy.
Currently, Farah is one of the top coordinators in the world. Of course, Farah is always aware that her place at the top is fleeting...
List of Pokemon:

Nickname: Silkie
Sex: Female
Species: Shiny Sylveon
Appearance: Click here, ignore the name change.
Personality: Silkie is a well mannered Pokemon, as she is Farah’s first and commonly used Pokemon. She was born to show and has the attitude to back up her pedigree. She also looks after BB when Farah is busy with work, often soothing the anxious Pokemon with her ribbons and song.
History: Silkie was given to Farah as a gift from her mother in Johto. From then onward the two became best friends quickly. She was the main show stopper from Farah’s acts and won many ribbons.

Nickname: BB
Sex: Female
Species: Sylveon
Appearance: Only a tad bigger than an eevee. She also has long fur, with floppy ears.
Personality: She may be small, but is a BIG baby. She wants to be held, pet, looked out, something, anything! If her trainer isn’t near her she will straight whining, as she has separation anxiety.
History: BB was born in a fur farm. She was left alone in a cage for most of her life as an Eevee. Then, what seemed to be all of sudden, she was rescued by Farah. BB became unhealthy attached to Farah from then onward.
July 12, 2020 10:33pm
"Everything appears to be in order," the guard said, handing the ticket back to Ilya. "I hope you enjoy the cruise."

"Thank you very much," Ilya replied, quickly stuffing the ticket back in his pocket and hurrying onto the ship. He made his way as quickly as he could to his cabin, keeping his head down and trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

A voice came over the loudspeaker. "The SS Anne is now departing. Repeat, the SS Anne is now departing." Ilya looked out the window and as he saw Vermilion City disappearing into the distance, he let out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding. He opened up his backpack, and immediately an energetic Porygon zipped out. It started wandering the unfamiliar cabin, rotating its head to take in its surroundings.

"Okay Beta, remember what we talked about? You have to stay out of sight. I want you to stay here, in this room, and if we have to leave, I want you in the backpack. Do you understand?"

Beta continued to wander the room, seemingly oblivious to what its trainer had said. "Beta? Are you even listening to me?"

Beta's silence indicated that it wasn't listening. Ilya rolled his eyes and grabbed a Pokeball from his backpack. Without even needing to issue a command, a Reuniclus popped out of the ball and faced Ilya, awaiting an instruction.

"Milo, would you please tell Beta not to leave this cabin without me?" Milo turned and relayed the message to Beta via telepathy. It wasn't possible for Beta to ignore the order being directly implanted in its mind. The Porygon looked at Ilya and slowly nodded its head.

"Good. Thank you Milo." Milo nodded, satisfied with himself, and returned to his Pokeball. Ilya glanced out the window again. He could barely see the Kanto coast anymore. "I'm not sure I can handle any more stress in my life right now," he said to himself. "At least there isn't much that can go wrong out here."

July 13, 2020 1:34pm
From the edge of the dock, Rei made a mad dash to the gate to board the SS Anne, Checkmate rushing behind her as she handed her ticket to the guard, very visibly out of breath. The guard took the ticket, running it through the system, before handing it back to her. "You're good to go, miss. Enjoy."

"Thank you," Rei responded, having caught her breath. She motioned to Checkmate to follow her on board, to which Checkmate nodded and trailed closely behind her. Twisting and turning through the halls of the ship, she finally found her cabin, in which she promptly plopped down on the edge of her bed. Setting aside a larger bag she had for luggage, she dug through her handbag until she found two Premier Balls, releasing both Mafia Boss and Winston into the cabin.

"Ohhhhh my goodness, I thought we were gonna miss the boat," she remarked, flopping back onto the bed. Rather than remaining on the floor, Mafia Boss took to Checkmate's shoulder, cocking his head down at Rei. Winston simply observed from the edge of the bed.

After staring at the ceiling for a good moment, a PSA from the loudspeaker caught her attention, and she shot back up to attention to watch Vermillion City slowly drift out of sight and be replaced with the wild Kantonian coast. She melodramatically shook her fist at the window, remarking about how if Erika weren't "so darn interesting," she wouldn't have cut it as close to making her ride out of the region, to which Checkmate simply imitated a chuckle and Winston rolled his eyes.

Hopping back up from bed, she distributed her affections to each of her Pokemon with a head rub, each of them receiving it accordingly. After rifling through her own belongings to make sure she didn't have to contact anyone to send her belongings all the way back to Sinnoh, she returned both Mafia Boss and Checkmate to their Premier Balls, leaving out Winston. "C'mon, Winston, it's your turn to stretch your legs and I'm hungry! Let's find the cafeteria on this thing!" As opposed to any kind of verbal response, Winston simply heeled to Rei, and they both exited the cabin to search for food.
July 16, 2020 10:03pm
Finally... a break.

Emilia sprawled across a beach chair on the deck of the SS Anne, her eyes shaded by a large pair of sunglasses. The sun was warm on her body, and the smell of her tanning oil was heavy in the air. Her beloved Furret, Biscuit, lay beside her in a smaller folding chair, also wearing her own set of designer shades.

Peace and quiet. No parents telling me to get my act together... Perfect.

The young woman was dozing off by this point. Who could blame her, though, with the beautiful combination of sun and sea all around her? It was the peak of relaxation, and something that Emilia had been sorely missing for weeks. This cruise felt like a much needed escape from her family's expectations- although, to be fair, almost any level of expectation was cause for Emilia to feel stressed out.

Her moment of peace didn't last, though. The sky was beginning to cloud over, and a chilly wind swept over the boat. "Augh! Turn that off... I'm cool enough, thank you...!" Emilia was nudged uneasily back into consciousness, frowning and swatting at the air in confusion. She realized why she had woken, and pouted. Even the weather was out to get her! Why could nothing ever go her way?

She sat up suddenly, knocking one of her Pokeballs to the ground. It bounced once, then released her Polteageist, Oolong. The possessed teapot looked surprised by its surroundings, then chirped happily, doing a tiny flip that spilled a splash of tea on the deck. With what Emilia could have sworn was a mischievous grin, Oolong then darted quickly away from their beach chairs, floating off to another part of the ship. Drat! Double drat! I knew that cursed Pokemon would do something like this! I wanted to wait to let it out in my cabin! This trip is already awful!

Grumbling, Emilia quickly stuffed her tanning supplies and towel into a duffel bag, then allowed Biscuit onto her shoulder. "Oolong! Come back here!" She was on a mission now, unfortunately. Grumpily, the heiress stomped off after her missing Pokemon.
July 17, 2020 1:26pm
Cruises were for people to get some R&R, however, for Farah it was eighty percent work. Her modeling company had forced her to sign the deal with SS Anne. Their thinking was that the cruise would be a good way to network with some of the businessmen and women. In short, Farah was just a tool to be used by her manager. She did not sign up for this, right?

Farah lay down the brush she had been using on the vanity with a sigh. She slouched, resting her head on her arms. Is this what being a model was really like? Her eyes narrowed, why didn’t any of the models she followed speak out about this? Another sigh, they were probably forced to save face, fearing for their well-being.

Her depressed thoughts slowly started to evaporate with a small squeeze of a ribbon. Her eyes looked down to see BB looking up at her, worried. Farah smiled and gave BB a pat. She was glad to have Sylveons, their ability to calm people and Pokemon with their ribbons was very helpful, especially with how stressful life was suddenly becoming.

“Thank you BB,” she then proceeded to scoop up the small Sylveon. She gave her Pokemon a hug, making the Pokemon chirp. “How about we get outside? Maybe we can find some cute girls to flirt with?” She joked, giving the Pokemon a wink.

BB nodded her head and leaped out of her trainer’s arms. Her ribbons on her neck stretched, wrapping around the knob, giving it a twist. Their room was on the top floor of the ship, a place for the privilege to hang out. There should have been no commotion outside, given their status, but Farah was thankfully wrong.

A shadow had darted by the door, following with a blonde girl running after said shadow. BB squeaked, her fur started to stand up. She shook her head, trying to ignore the need to give chase to the shadow.

“You wanna go help that girl?” Farah asked, stepping out of her room. BB nodded, of course. “Alright, GO FETCH, BB!” She commanded, outstretching her hand in the direction of the running Pokemon.

With that command, the small sylveon was off. The fairy type jumped onto the railing and with grace, ran across the thin bar. It didn’t take long for her to see she was chasing a Polteageist. She wouldn’t be able to grab the teacup with her ribbons, as ghosts could phase out of her grasp without a second thought. Then there was only one other option!

BB jumped off the rail, cutting off the blonde girl. She opened her mouth, gathering fairy energy, morphing into a small pink ball. She wouldn’t hit the pokemon too hard, just enough to make it aggravated. It would make the Pokemon, hopefully, want to fight her, instead of running. She let out the Moonblast towards the Polteageist.
July 18, 2020 2:43am
Name: Clive
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Trainer Class: Bug Maniac
Occupation: Pokéntemologist

Appearance: Tall, lanky, and with skin tanned from many hours of field study, Clive is just about what you would expect from any Bug Maniac, barring his unkempt, shoulder-length brown hair. Usually walks around in a lab coat but wears short-sleeve button ups and jeans underneath. Wears thick-lensed glasses and carries a red backpack full of field study supplies.

History: Born and raised in the mushroom forest of Ballonlea in the Galar region, Clive developed an interest in Bug Pokemon quite early in life. Exploring the forest introduced him to a number of Bug types, but eventually he would have to move outside of his shrouded home to experience the plethora of Bug types in the Galar region. As he aged, he began to study all of the Bug types available in the Galar region and beyond, travelling to various regions across the globe. He currently finds himself aboard the SS Anne after exploring through the Kanto region and its unique Bug type offerings, hoping to venture to Johto and Hoenn, the two regions he has never step foot in.

List of Pokemon: Volcarona, Frosmoth, Galvantula

Nickname: Atlas
Gender: Male
Species: Volcarona

Appearance: Pretty standard Volcarona.

Personality: Atlas has quite the fondness for getting into situations that cause Clive stress. Very curious and often forgetful of his large, fiery wings. A powerhouse in battle and only “slightly” afraid of rocks.

History: Caught as a Larvesta while Clive was exploring the Isle of Armor, Atlas has secured a place in Clive’s Bug type team. While technically the newest member of Clive’s team, the two have travelled together for many years.

Nickname: Snowcone
Gender: Female
Species: Frosmoth

Appearance: The scales of her wings are nearly see-through.

Personality: Though a bit moody at times, Snowcone tends to have quite the laid back personality. She likes to relax, often perching on a nearby branch or log while Clive and the other members of his team study various Pokemon. Was secretly happy when Atlas evolved, adding another moth to Clive’s team. Tries to keep a cool head around rocks.

History: Captured in the snowy north of Galar, Snowcone was the second of Clive’s band of bugs. Snowcone developed her laid back attitude after spending much of her time perched on Clive’s head while she was still a Snom.

Nickname: Zipzap
Gender: Male
Species: Galvantula

Appearance: A lot fuzzier than a run-of-the-mill Galvantula.

Personality: Having been with Clive the longest, Zipzap has a very close bond with his trainer. He does his best to keep Clive happy and is always ready to receive a pat on the abdomen. The least afraid of rocks of the bunch.

History: Clive’s very first Pokemon, caught as a Joltik in the Wild Area of Galar. Zipzap has been on countless adventures with Clive and will often assist Clive in his studies, to the best of his abilities.
July 18, 2020 10:33pm
Oolong seemed to be having a ball with its scurrying around the ship deck. The ghost was so caught up in its venture that it didn't notice the Sylveon attacking it until it was too late, the pink ball of energy slamming straight into it. "Geeeeiiiiiii!" The Polteigeist gave out a little ghastly shriek as it spun around, tea slopping onto the ground as it continued to whirl about.

Thanks to this diversion, Emilia was finally able to catch up. Panting, she watched the scene unfold. In her opinion, Oolong was definitely playing up the dramatics- it didn't seem all that hurt, although its reaction made it seem as though it was in agony. "Oolong, knock it off! That should teach you better than to bother people!"

Oolong, however, did not seem ready to knock it off. The teapot Pokemon was chittering something angrily at the tiny Sylveon, seemingly as a word of challenge. The Polteageist started forming its own orb of energy, firing off a Shadow Ball attack at its opponent after a few seconds of charging up.

It was then that Emilia noticed the Sylveon's trainer- and she was gorgeous! Emilia had a rather high opinion of her own beauty, but this stranger took looks to a whole new level. "I-I'm so sorry for my Pokemon's behavior!" Emilia spluttered, honestly embarrassed that Oolong was causing such a scene. "Truly, I trained it better than this, I swear... Oolong! No!" Another Shadow Ball was fired off as she spoke, an awkward punctuation to her apology.
July 19, 2020 6:30pm
We should get out and explore the ship. The thought had entered Ilya's head suddenly and without warning, which usually meant it had been placed there by Milo. He gave the psychic-type a knowing look, and it quickly looked away, pretending to be focused on something else. Ilya shook his head. Planting thoughts in the mind of its trainer was Milo's preferred method of communication, but Ilya was well used to it by now and could fairly easily tell his thoughts and Milo's apart.

It wasn't a bad idea though. The three of them had been cooped up in this cabin since the voyage started. "Alright Milo, let's get out of here and explore the ship." Milo did an excited backflip and floated towards the door. Ilya followed, stopping at the door to look back at his little experiment.

"We're going out for a bit, okay Beta?" The Porygon was examining a TV remote with great curiosity and declined to give any indication that it heard what its trainer had said. Ilya sighed. "We'll be back in a few minutes. Do not leave this room." Ilya closed the door, making sure to hang up the Do Not Disturb sign on his way out.

As Ilya and Milo stepped out onto the deck, they could hear some sort of commotion up ahead. The pair made their way towards the sounds, arriving just in time to see a Sylveon fire off a Moonblast at a Polteageist, who retaliated with a Shadow Ball. "Are they having a battle on the ship?" Ilya whispered. Before he had a chance to react, the Polteageist launched another Shadow Ball. It missed the Sylveon but headed straight for Milo, who dodged out of the way just in time. "Hey, hey!" Ilya shouted, "watch where you're shooting those things!"

July 19, 2020 10:47pm
“Ah, yes! Finally done with that.” Clive set down his pen after writing several pages about the migration habits of the Butterfree here in the Kanto region. His most recent excursion had mostly involved watching the magnificent Bug types leave the Viridian Forest, flying south towards Cinnabar Island and beyond. Having returned to the SS Anne with plenty of time before its departure, Clive had spent the last several hours finishing up his latest paper.

Upon his exclamation of conclusion, a chittering was heard from the bed in the small cabin. His lifelong friend Zipzap, a Galvantula, was practically bouncing up and down on the bed, excited for what was promised earlier. After spending several hours cooped up in the cabin, Clive’s team was more than ready to explore the ship that had been their home for some time.

Fishing two Net Balls out of his pack, Clive pressed the circular mechanism at their center, releasing the other two members of his team. Atlas, his Volcarona, gave his massive, cindery wings a stretch. As much as Clive hated it, he had to keep Atlas inside his ball most of the time they were on the ship. The moth’s flaming wing scales had led to scorch marks on plenty of items that Clive had little money to replace. Snowcone, his clear-winged Frosmoth, emerged in a similar fashion. She landed on the desk next to Clive and gave him a look that let him know she was thankful to be released.

Just as the band was getting ready to wander the ship, several sets of loud footfalls and screams could be heard from outside his cabin. No doubt some sort of troublemakers. The SS Anne was a cruise vessel, after all. The spoiled brats would probably interrupt Clive’s many planned hours of writing he had ahead of him.

Opening the door, Clive and his Band of Bugs ventured towards the noise. Out on the deck, Clive could see several people, all of them likely the source of the noise. A girl who seemed to be the owner of a Poltegeist was having some sort of confrontation with another trainer and her Sylveon. There was a third who seemed to have become involved as a stray Shadow Ball had nearly struck a green Pokemon Clive didn’t immediately recognize.

“Hey! You kids! Would you mind keeping the battling to yourselves! You’re clearly disturbing others onboard.” Clive shouted at the trio of trainers as he felt his lab coat rush up against him, as if struck by a strong wind. Atlas dashed past him, eager to get in on the fun that the other Pokemon were having. The large moth flew somewhat in between the battling pair and let out a joyous sound as its wings began to beat. A bad sign.

Clive and his team ran towards the crowd. “Atlas! No!” But Clive was too late. Atlas had decided that it was playtime and unleashed a Fiery Dance between the two battling Pokemon.
July 20, 2020 10:54am
Rei and Winston strolled through the halls of the SS Anne, both of them taking care to examine the various decorations and signs for later usage while still focusing on their prime directive of finding lunch. While her Pokemon were kept on a steady meal schedule, Rei herself didn't take too much care of her own eating habits, which usually resulted in all of her Pokemon trying to either remind her to eat something or scrape something together between the three of them.

As they continued, several footsteps and loud noises could be heard ahead of them. Both Rei and Winston looked in the direction of the noise, then at each other. "I know you wanna; let's go," Rei remarked, not even being able to finish before Winston dashed ahead of her to the nearest exit to the deck. Rei rushed behind, using Winston's wake between passengers as a path for herself to follow.

Rounding a corner to the source of the noise, they saw the situation: several trainers seemed to surround a Polteageist and a Sylveon that were fighting each other, while a nearby Volcarona tried to interject. While Rei stood confused, Winston took in the situation, then heeled to her and looked up at her for approval. Blinking, Rei looked down at Winston and nodded, looking back up at the situation afterward. With that, Winston quickly approached behind the Volcarona, activating Double Team to send copies of himself across the deck to disorient the combatants and hopefully distract them.
July 20, 2020 7:58pm
In retaliation, the Polteageist sent out its own ball of energy toward BB. The Sylveon chose to take the attack head on, this time. If it got past her it could easily hit Farah. And if they hurt Farah, BB wouldn’t get pets!

"I-I'm so sorry for my Pokemon's behavior!" The blond trainer said as Farah caught up to the mess, “Truly, I trained it better than this, I swear... Oolong! No!"

The trainer watched as the teapot let out another shadow ball towards her own Pokemon. However, before BB could send it back with an iron tail, the ball curved. Farah quickly ducked, allowing the shadow ball to go pass her. She felt the shadowy wisp on the tips of her hair.

“Hey, hey, watch where you’re shooting those things.” She heard a young man yell behind her. Out of the corner of her dark eyes she could see a nerd? Yeah, she was going to label him as a nerd.

Farah looked back at the young lady, she seemed like a novice to her, but she wouldn’t say that out loud. She also looked like she had money, at least that is what her outfit said. “Don’t worry about it,” she said, rising to her feet, “No matter how well we train our Pokemon, they still will have their personality. Your’s is… Eccentric?” Was that the word she was looking for? Ah, she would have to look it up later and groan at her possible mistake.

BB let out a shrill squeak that made her eyes snap back to the action. Why was there a Volcarona and an Absol? Did these people think they were helping the situation with MORE Pokemon? Or were they just poorly trained? She sighed, she resisted the urge to smack her forehead in frustration. She’ll have to pull the ‘I AM IMPORTANT SO LISTEN TO ME,’ card to hopefully deal with this mess. However, she doubted a bug and the nerd man would know of her.

She whistled for BB to return to her. Her once clean pelt was now covered in soot, from the Volacarona’s flames. The small Pokemon turned toward her, frowning before scurrying to her side. Once at her side the Pokemon shook her long pelt, letting the dust fly.

Farah coughed, “Thanks for that, BB.” The Sylveon smiled and leaped onto her trainer’s shoulder. Farah looked at the rich novice, “I’m going to start yelling so uh, maybe cover your ears?” She warned, flashing her an awkward smile.

She cleared her throat before she raised her voice, “Attention passengers of SS. Ann. I, Farah, am sorry for the disturbance that my friend and I have caused. Please call back your Pokemon.” She put her hand on her head, “Having a battle near the dorms was a bad choice, as your entertainer of SS Ann, I should have known better.”
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