The Cruise of a Lifetime

SS Anne

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July 21, 2020 6:44pm
Alarmingly quickly, the fight scene between Polteageist and Sylveon turned into an all-out brawl. Emilia sputtered ineffectively to herself as she watched more and more Pokemon join in with their own shenanigans. A man about her age was nearly blasted with Oolong's Shadow Ball attack, quickly followed by a Volcarona blasting fire across the deck. Even more confusingly after that, there seemed to be multiple Absol running around- or was it a Double Team attack? Emilia thought it was the latter, but she couldn't be 100% sure.

Her stress levels rose steadily until the pretty woman who owned the Sylveon spoke up, smiling a gorgeous, apologetic smile to her. She mentioned something about yelling, but Emilia didn't really see how she could yell any louder than this din going on around them--

But she was wrong! Man, that girl had some pipes! The sophisticate's ears were ringing after the girl shouted her apology to the ship at large. Wait, did she just call me her friend? Emilia perked up at this, not sure why the idea made her feel strangely giddy. Wait, wait. Oolong just attacked, her, she DEFINITELY doesn't mean that...

Speaking of Oolong, where did that impish Pokemon get off to? Seemingly pleased with the amount of chaos it had caused, Oolong had started floating off to the side of the ship, giggling maniacally to itself. "Oh, no you don't! Get back here!" Emilia jumped towards her Pokemon, managing to grab the teapot by the handle. Oolong let out one more surprised squeak, which sounded identical to a teakettle reaching boiling point, which was then cut off sharply as she returned the Polteageist to its Pokeball.

Biscuit, who had long since jumped back to the ground and stayed to the edge of the fray, was shaking her head wearily. "Fuuuuur." The fluffy Pokemon trotted back to Emilia's side, seemingly irritated but relieved that Oolong had been forced away for the moment.

"U-uuuuhhh," Emilia started, now self conscious of how many people were around. Besides her and the pretty stranger, it seemed a young girl had joined them as well, as well as the two men. "Yes. Eccentric is a nice way of describing my Polteageist. Some other descriptors could include 'unruly', or perhaps 'an absolute tyrant stuffed into a teapot'." She stared out at the sea, hoping none of the other ship passengers caught that her face had grown quite red. "I do apologize."

Now, just what would her parents say? She grew irritated just imagining the chewing out they would have given her if they were here. Perhaps carrying some of that shame, she felt the urge to smooth things over. "A-as apology, I suppose I shall extend an invitation to dinner. Although there is no amount of money that can alleviate the undue stress brought upon you all, perhaps you might all wish to join me in the dinner hall tonight. My treat." She paused. "I won't bring my Polteageist, I swear."

There! Now they would all be charmed by her, rather than look down upon her. I am responsible, after all! Take that, mom and dad!
July 23, 2020 5:35pm
Clive ran up to Atlas as soon as the flames erupting from his wings died down. The two battling Pokemon that were stirring up trouble seemed to be okay, if not a bit ashy. Clive heard the announcement from the owner of the Sylveon that she was some sort of entertainer onboard the ship. She also asked that all parties involved retrieve their Pokemon.

“Atlas, you know I hate to do this, but for now, I think it’s for the best…” Clive trailed that sentence off, looking into the compound eyes of his large moth companion. Reaching into his pack, he pulled out Atlas’s Nest Ball and pressed the central mechanism to the Pokemon’s head. Atlas let out a chitter of understanding and then disappeared into white light, returning into the capsule that so frequently housed him.

Taking note of his surroundings, there seemed to be remarkably little damage to the boat. Just a few scorches to the deck that could probably be washed away. The two girls engaged in the battle and the boy with the green blob Pokemon were still present, but there was now a fourth party. An Absol seemed to be watching the combat from multiple places, clearly a Double Team setup. Clive turned around and saw a new face, one who he could assume was the owner of the Absol.

One thing about this situation bothered Clive, however. Just as a thought was forming in his head, the girl who was controlling the Polteageist announced that she was inviting everyone present to a dinner. Clive turned to respond and realized what he had been thinking. That voice, that outfit, and the Polteageist. Clive knew her. Well, as well as someone can know a person they’ve never met. She was the daughter of a tea baron from Galar! He drank their family’s tea almost daily.

Clive, ever the socialite, walked over to her, Band of Bugs in tow. “Excuse me, ma’am. You’re from Galar, correct? You’re the daughter of one of the big tea company founders. I recognize you from what I’ve seen of your mother and father. Thank you for the invitation. I deeply apologize for what my Atlas did. He… oversteps his bounds sometimes.” Clive placed a hand on the back of his head and gave an awkward laugh. He had potentially angered old money. This could be bad.
July 23, 2020 10:13pm
Both Rei and Winston seemed confused at how suddenly the conflict de-escalated as soon as they arrived; it seemed like that Farah woman and the fancy-looking woman were the ones to cut off the altercation as soon as it started. Winston silently withdrew his Double Team and returned to Rei's heel, the sudden shock of the situation wearing off, allowing her to think about the situation. Wait... was that a Polteageist, she thought. While she had never been to Galar herself, she was a big consumer of Galarian fashion, and very obviously its market of tea and herbs. To that extent, it amazed her when she found out that there was a tea Pokemon that was native to Galar, and heard stories about Polteageist sharing its own tea with its trainer. The thought that someone on this very ship might be able to--

Winston nudged her in the leg to help her snap out of her own rambling thoughts. Shaking her head to dispel her several tangents, she took a good look at her surroundings. Lots of bystanders, but only like... three combatants, plus Winston. And I think there was a dude with a Pokemon off to the side? Whatever. Rei then had the more pressing realization that, since the fancy-looking woman was inviting them to dinner, she would have to know where the dining hall was on the ship.

Nodding her head to ritualistically wrap up her thinking process, she weaved through the crowd of remaining strangers, waving to Farah with a smile as she grew near her, then moved on to the fancy-looking woman. As she approached, she noticed that the woman seemed busy talking to the man that owned the Volcarona from earlier that Winston tried to throw off. Rather than try to interject, she simply stood behind him and listened as she waited for them to sort out whatever it is there was. Winston left her side, rounding up next to the fancy-looking woman and staring up at her with his piercing green eyes, making sure she at least knew that someone else was around to talk.

Listening in on their conversation, Rei heard the Bug trainer's remark about her being a daughter of a tea tycoon. Leaning to her side to squint at her appearance, it clicked in her head. Rei herself hadn't gone to Galar because of their rather restrictive policies on Pokemon entering the region, which would've only left Checkmate by her side. While she normally brews her own tea for herself and others, she does occasionally buy into off-the-shelf teas to recommend to her local Day Care Couple for when she's out of town. Having never gone to Galar herself, she couldn't secure any tea from region in-person, but instead had to have it imported to Canalave City for her to pick up from there. Galar had a diverse and rich tea ecosystem, and out of the tens of teas that she tried over several months, one of a handful of brands that she had recommended to the Day Care Couple was from a Galarian tycoon. Due to her exhaustive amounts of both in-person and online research, she learned that the tycoon had a daughter, which... apparently stood right in front of her. Linking this fact with that of the Polteageist, she became internally giddy, realizing the amount of discussion she could have with such a character, but not wishing to impose on the one she was already having.
July 28, 2020 3:34pm
Oh thank god, it seemed like the two trainers had listened to her. However, even so, she was a bit disappointed that no one seemed to recognize her. Maybe she wasn’t as big as she thought? Ah, oh well, these people wouldn’t treat her differently then, she could live with that.

Her eyes went to the novice trainer as she had jumped up to her Pokemon, managing to grab ahold of its handle. Once she put her Pokemon in its pokeball, the girl shifted uncomfortably. Farah shifted her eyes to look at the ocean instead, she and the others were probably staring at her. Poor girl. "Yes. Eccentric is a nice way of describing my Polteageist. Some other descriptors could include 'unruly', or perhaps 'an absolute tyrant stuffed into a teapot'."

Farah looked back at her, putting a hand to her mouth to cover a snort of laughter. Rick had always commented that her laugh was ugly… However, the description that the girl gave to her Pokemon, was too funny for her not to snicker. “Maybe if I catch my own Polteageist I should call it ‘Tyrant’?” She said, mostly to herself. She did like the thought of naming a Pokemon after a funny memory such as this.

Then the girl went on to apologize for her Pokemon’s actions and invited all those here to dinner. Ah, could she have dinner with them? She went to get the little notebook she kept in her rather large purse. She quickly flipped through the pages until she landed on the current day. She looked through the times for the day, seeing they were all empty. She even wrote a note that she wasn’t doing the opening ceremony tonight, it was a pair singers, apparently. Nice.

“Yeah, I can make it!” She said, scribbling down notes in her planner. “However,” She closed her planner, looking at the girl, “You can’t invite all of us and not give us your name~” She then stuffed the planner back into her bag. Her eyes widen slightly, noticing the pokeblock machine in her purse. She had nearly forgotten she made a batch before boarding on the ship. She opened it and held out a pink block for BB.

The Sylveon perked up at the sweet scent and used her ribbons to gently take the block from her trainer. She nibbled on it, watching as the humans began talking more. She didn’t understand what they were jabbering on about, but all she knew for sure was she wanted to play with that long Pokemon. She leaped off her trainer’s shoulder, landing next to the Furret. She held the leftover Pokeblock to the Pokemon, waving it in front of the Pokemon.
July 28, 2020 10:34pm

Emilia felt the blood draining out of her face as everyone recognized her, almost simultaneously. On the one hand, it felt kind of nice to be important, but also, daughter of a tea tycoon was the identity she was trying to take a vacation from right now! Nothing to be done for it, now.

"Ahaha, yes... My manners seem to have escaped me? Although it seems some of you may already know me," she started, coughing awkwardly a bit. "Yes! My name is Emilia. Emilia Applingdale. My family owns and runs the Applingdale Tea Company."

She hoped her expression didn't sour as she considered her family's legacy. Their tea was known worldwide, with a cute Applin mascot to really ensure they stuck in people's memories. Emilia could speak at length about teas of any kind- the correct amount of bergamot for a proper Earl Grey, what constituted a truly fine jasmine tea. However, no matter how much tea she consumed, she just couldn't seem to develop a taste for it. Really, she didn't understand all the hype- a good cafe mocha could beat tea for her any of the week for her.

She swore that she would go to the grave with this secret. None could know.

Snapping back to reality, Emilia turned to Clive, smiling and giving a polite laugh. "How well traveled you seem, sir! A pleasure to meet you!" She extended a hand to shake his, the gesture practiced. In truth, his collection of bug Pokemon made her rather squeamish- she would have to wash her hands thoroughly later. Who could tell what manner of pollen and... chitinous debris could be hanging around this man at this very moment?

During her greeting, Emilia was also extremely aware of the young lady from earlier in the fight staring a hole right into her very soul. The woman seemed very, VERY excited, and the excitement was all being channeled in her direction for some reason. Emilia's smile widened as a bizarre defense mechanism. She was used to people paying her respect, but it wasn't often that she actually had people excited to see her. Emilia offered her hand to the young woman as well, flashing her most winning smile.

"A pleasure to meet you as well, ah... what is your name? And yours, sir?" She realized she still hadn't gotten either of these people's names. Drat, she would have to really try to remember them before dinner tonight.

"And how pleasant that you can make it to dinner! You most certainly should name your future Pokemon 'Tyrant', although I hope for your sake they're more manageable than my Oolong." Emilia gave a withering glance to her Pokeball where the Polteageist rested... for now.

Biscuit, meanwhile, had also gotten bored of the humans chattering. She trotted over to the Sylveon, eyes carefully tracking the Pokeblock. She wasn't quite sure what it was- Emilia typically gave her Pokepuffs instead- but she was definitely interested. "Fuuur?" she said questioningly, gingerly putting up a paw to try to take the treat from the Sylveon.
July 29, 2020 9:46am
It was all over in little more than a minute, and Ilya could barely make sense of what had happened. The number of Pokemon involved in the battle had doubled out of nowhere, then a woman proclaiming herself to be the ship's entertainer had somehow ended the chaotic melee as quickly as it had began. Milo looked furious, but restrained himself from reigniting the situation.

"We should probably head back. That was a little too close," Ilya said. He turned and began to walk away, when he heard one of the trainers say something that made him pause: "A-as apology, I suppose I shall extend an invitation to dinner..."

The girl who had made the offer seemed to be the owner of the Polteageist that had sent a Shadow Ball their way. As she continued to speak, more and more people approached her, as if they recognized her. Were they all on this ship together? Maybe this offer wasn't intended for him. Ilya noticed Milo beginning to drift towards the group.

"Hey, what are you doing?" he whispered. "You don't know she meant us!"

She attacked me. If she's apologizing to anyone, it should be me. Milo wasn't even trying to be subtle with the telepathy anymore. Ilya sighed. He couldn't really argue with that logic. The Reuniclus continued to approach the group, his trainer following close behind.

"Hi! I'm Ilya and this is Milo. I'm sorry if we're interrupting something, but my partner here is very...

Hungry, say hungry.

...CURIOUS, about what just happened."

August 7, 2020 2:25am
All within a single moment, Clive could tell that he had overstepped his bounds. As the tea baroness before him reached out her hand, Clive could see the color drain from her face. This situation was already bad and was getting worse by the second. Truly, he had made a grave error. The baroness introduced herself as Emilia Applingdale, the latter name Clive had been sure of. Taking her hand in his, Clive gave a single one-pump shake as she asked for both his name and the name of the performer who had stalled the engagement they were all tangled in.

“Clive. Clive Blything. Bug Pokemon researcher from Galar. Again, I do deeply apologize for the troubles I have caused you. I’ll do better in the future about keeping Atlas in check.” Clive managed to choke out the sentence before he heard an unexpected response. Turning away from the baroness, Clive saw the young man with the blobby, green Pokemon from before walking towards them. He had posed a question about the goings-on of the deck.

“Well, it would seem that these two were engaging in a bit of a battle on the deck here. I was busy in my room when I heard a ruckus and came out to chide them, but then I happened to get involved as well.” Clive patted the ball that was currently storing Atlas. “However, everything seems to have been a misunderstanding. Just a bit of roughhousing between some free-spirited Pokemon. I think that about sums it up.” Clive looked to Emilia and the performer, Farah, for approval in his summary.

Turning back to the young man, Clive decided that he might as well sate his curiosity now that he had been given a chance. “Ilya, you said your name was? If I may, what is that Pokemon that you have accompanying you? It’s like none I’ve ever seen. While my research does largely pertain to Bug types," he said, gesturing to Snowcone and Zipzap, "as I’m sure is more than obvious, I like to think of myself as well traveled and never before have I encountered such a Pokemon.”
August 9, 2020 1:38am
Well he didn't seem to be unwelcome at least, that was a good sign. The man who had explained the situation to him, Ilya heard him introduce himself as Clive, and the girl he was talking to before both looked shaken up for some reason, but the moment must have passed. Clive was now addressing him.

"Yes, that's right. Ilya Kinovar. A pleasure to meet you," Ilya replied. Gesturing to his partner, he continued, "This is Milo, a Reuniclus. I can't blame you for not being familiar with them, they're native to Unova and regions near there, but even then they're not particularly common. Reuniclus function as a sort of hivemind, which means they can analyze patterns and solve problems much faster than you or I ever could. Milo has been invaluable in aiding me with my work." Milo did a proud little flip, as if on cue.

Ilya paused a moment and glanced around at the Pokemon assembled in the group. Everyone else seemed to have at least two or three with them. "I'm not much of a trainer though. Milo is actually the only Pokemon I brought aboard with me. He's a capable enough battler, but I don't have much interest in that myself."

Milo impatiently prodded the back of his trainer's head, clearly getting tired of all the pleasantries. Ilya had to keep himself from rolling his eyes, but made an effort to oblige, "what does interest me more is your research. Perhaps we could discuss that during dinner." He turned to the rich-looking girl who owned the Polteageist. "That is, if your offer extends to us as well."
August 11, 2020 7:49pm
Oh, so the rookie- No, Emilia was the daughter of someone that owned a large tea company. She wouldn’t tell her this, but Farah was not very… Knowledgeable about tea. She was the kind of girl that would treat herself to one of those cheap cans of Orre Tea now and again. She could see Emilia rolling her eyes at this fact. Better keep it to herself then.

Her eyes went to the young man, who had nearly dodge a shadow ball to his face earlier. She gently nudged Emilia with her elbow, whispering, “This guy nearly got hit by Oolong’s curveball.” She wanted to say more, such as if he got hit, he could have been thrown into the sea. But the rich girl probably wouldn’t understand her dark humor, and see it as a guilt trip. Though, to be fair, if Ilya did get thrown into the ocean, there were plenty of rescue water types aboard the ship to rescue the poor man.

Thanks to her meetings with the captain, she knew these Pokemon even existed. She remembered the captain had assured her that these Pokemon were here to protect its passengers and workers. However, Freya had a sneaking suspicion that it was also for security reasons. Many, if not most, of their passengers were high ranking members of society around the world.

She flashed a smile at Ilya, “So does that mean you’re from Unova?” She placed a hand on her chest, “I’m from Jhoto, but my coordinating and modelling career has made me visit all the regions.” Not equally of course. For example, she barely touched places like Hoenn and Alola. Kanto and Jhoto, of course, were probably the regions she spent most of her career in.


BB smiled, relaxing her grip on the pokeblock so the furret could easily pick it up. The pokeblock was made of several sweet berries that were blended together. The pulp would then be freezed to create a sweet treat. Or at least, that’s BB thought.

“Mom says these make my coat super soft!” And thus make her more cute!
August 12, 2020 1:55am
Rei blinked at Emilia's outstretched hand for a moment, not quite registering that she was talking to her. After a nudge from Winston, she shot back to her senses and took Emilia's hand in both of her own, shaking with a shiver of excitement. "I-I'm Rei Suzuki! I really like some of your parents' products, so it's really exhilarating to meet someone like you out of the blue like this." Winston turned himself to jab Rei in the leg with his horn, anticipating her impending spiel on some sort of critique of the Applingdale family's products.

Rei flinched, smiling down at Winston for a moment and releasing her clasp on Emilia before quickly canvassing the immediate area to catch everyone's names. So, including the entertainer lady Farah and Emilia, there are these two other guys... Ilya and Clive. Nobody else seems to be coming toward us, so that about adds up... although, maybe someone is still trying to push through the crowd or something... Ehh, whatever happens happens. Right now is basically my only chance to talk to this lady, outside of the dinner tonight.

Fixing her attention back on Emilia, Rei's giddy expression reverted to one of sheepishness, her hands dropping to her sides, the one closest to Winston beckoning him to properly heel. "S-Sorry if I came on a bit strong, I'm just a bit... invested in the tea industry. Maybe you could try some of mine at dinner tonight? I have the stuff to brew it in my cabin."
August 13, 2020 9:31pm
“This guy nearly got hit by Oolong’s curveball." Emilia couldn't completely hold back a snort of laughter as Farah whispered in her ear. It was just the way she said it... clearly it would have been a bad thing to happen, but wouldn't it have been hilarious if her terrible, haunted teapot took someone out like that? Realizing that this probably wasn't an acceptable thing to laugh at, Emilia pursed her lips and looked around guiltily. Seemed like nobody heard her laugh? Phew.

"A-ah, yes, of course! You and your Reuniclus are quite welcome to dinner as well, Ilya." Clive and Ilya seemed to be getting on quite well- that was perfectly fine with her. Maybe they could talk about bugs AWAY from her for the rest of the trip. On the far end of the table away from her, at the very least. Maybe the bugs could have their own table?

Rei picked up the conversation with her again, and suddenly it made perfect sense why her stare was so adoring. A tea enthusiast, and seemingly a very dedicated one, if she brought her own blend aboard. "At dinner? Tonight? Oh, that sounds delightful! I simply love trying new teas! I look forward to the occasion" Lie. Blatant lie! Why did she even say such a blatant lie? Oh, well. One more cup of leaf water wouldn't kill her. It certainly wasn't the last cup of tea she would need to stomach. And typically, she would worm her way out of a tea tasting, but the look in Rei's eyes was just too pure and wholesome. It would feel like kicking a Lillipup!

"I'll see you all at seven in the dining hall, then," Emilia said, waving her hand casually. Now that she had made this commitment, she would need the next few hours to freshen up- meaning, she desperately needed a nap. Not looking back, she made her way to her cabin.

"A super soft coat?" Biscuit trilled excitedly, ears perking up in excitement. "I want a super soft coat, too!" She helped herself to the Pokeblock, pleasantly surprised by how sweet it was. "That's sooooo good! I'll give you a Pokepuff later, they taste really good too!" Pleased at her new friendship, the Furret bounded off after Emilia, not wanting to be left behind.


Hours passed, and the sun was tinting the ocean's water a beautiful orange tone. Down below deck, in the dining area, there was a string quartet playing. Waiters bustled around, toting plates of food that would have fit in perfectly at a five-star restaurant.

Emilia came in through the main entrance, heels clicking on floor beneath her. Her hair was done up with just a bit coming down in curls, and she wore a stylish, floor-length burgundy dress. A pearl broach hung down from her neck, clearly not a cheap costume prop. "Ah, Miss Applingdale," the host greeted her, recognizing her instantly. "Your table is ready, please follow me."

Nodding curtly, she followed him across the hall to a long table, marked with neat little 'Reserved' signs at each chair. She was the first one here- excellent. It wouldn't do for her to be here later than her guests. She sat for a bit, slightly bored- she wished for at least the company of her Pokemon, but Biscuit and Brin were tucked away in their Pokeballs, rolling around in her clutch purse. And Oolong... he was left behind in the cabin room, although she was sure he would escape his Pokeball somehow. He always seemed to find a way...

Ah well. Now, we wait...
August 13, 2020 11:26pm
The group began to disperse. The rich-looking girl called back, providing the time for dinner. Milo was quick to turn and float off after hearing that. Ilya didn't notice at first, he was busy answering Farah's question, "I was actually born in Kanto originally, but I've lived most of my life in Unova. I only came back a few years ago for- MILO, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?? I'm so sorry, we'll have to continue this at dinner!"

Ilya caught up to his Pokemon. "I know you hate pointless chit-chat, but that was just rude." Milo ignored him. Ilya sighed. "You know you're gonna have to endure a whole lot more of that at dinner, right?"

It's more bearable when I get food out of it. Ilya shook his head. "Well, she said it isn't until seven. That still gives us a few hours to explore the ship a bit more if you want." After all, despite all the chaos, they had only really gone a few feet from their cabin. Milo nodded excitedly, and off they went.


"Alright, we should probably head back now, otherwise we won't have time to get ready for dinner." Ilya and Milo made their way back to the cabins, arriving at theirs only to find the door hanging wide open.

That's bad. That's very very bad.

The two rushed into the room. It was a disaster. Beta had torn the whole room apart looking for more things to investigate, and when he ran out, must've found a way to unlock the door. They searched every corner of the room, Ilya had never seen Milo zoom around as fast as he did, but they couldn't find a single trace of the Porygon.

Ilya checked the time. Ten minutes until he was supposed to be at dinner. A formal dinner, and he was still wearing a t-shirt. He rushed to change into his suit. He only owned the one. It was too small, but only slightly. Nobody would notice. As he changed, he told Milo what to do.

"Beta must be somewhere else on the ship. Go find it. Don't ask anyone for help. When you find it, bring it back here as fast as you can. Do. Not. Let. It. Leave."

Why even go to dinner? Isn't this way more important?

"If I don't go to dinner, it'll look suspicious. If people get suspicious, they might come here to check on me. If they do that, they'll see this mess, and then we've got a lot of explaining to do. This way, I only have to cover for you. Now go!"

Ilya and Milo dashed out the door in opposite directions. Ilya slowed down to a walk as he approached the dining hall. It probably wasn't proper to look like you were rushing to dinner.

Is it proper to look like you're afraid for your life? Nothing to be done about that now. Ilya was sure he looked pale as a ghost, but he entered the dining hall and gave the host his name.

"Yes, we've been expecting you Mr. Kinovar. Your party's table is just over there."

Ilya walked over to the table the host had indicated. Only the girl who owned the Polteageist (thankfully absent, as she promised) seemed to have arrived yet. Ilya sat down across from her. Trying to break the silence, and ease his own nerves, he spoke to the girl, "I don't believe I ever got your name. I was standing off to the side for most of the introductions, and I think I managed to pick up everyone else's name except yours."

August 14, 2020 2:23am
Rei's eyes lit up as a smile got painted clean across her face. "Oh my gosh, really?! Okay, I'll try my best to make something you'll love!" Deep inside, she was braced for any other answer to be what came out of Emilia's mouth, but acceptance was the absolute best-case scenario. She knew that she had to make something truly special to knock her socks off.

Waving off Emilia as she departed to do whatever she needed to do, Rei turned on her heels and crouched to make herself eye level with Winston. "Listen, I need you to get out the others and get them up to speed while I make my way back, alright?" Taking her handbag, she looped the strap and delicately maneuvered it around Winston's horn so it could fall down to his neck and act like a necklace. Digging into her pocket, Rei got out the key to her cabin, passing it to Winston who took the ring of the key and bit down onto it. Rei nodded and stood herself back up, at which point Winston whipped around and dashed around the remaining crowd to go back to Rei's cabin. Rei simply waved everyone off herself with a wide smile, walking at a casual pace.


Arriving at her cabin door, she was let in by Checkmate to the sight of her handbag knocked onto the floor, its contents spilled to her expectancy. She simply cleaned up what needed to be back inside of the bag, then moved over to her larger luggage bag, hoisting it up onto the bed and unzipping it so she could access its contents. Checkmate shut the door and stood at the ready next to her; Winston once again stood at the bedside, with Mafia Boss perching on his back.

As soon as her luggage was open, Rei spun around to address her companions. "Alright, I know Winston gave you the low-down, but here's my plan: we're making it special, and we're making enough so every person at the table can have a couple glasses." Without turning around, she dramatically snatched a plastic half-gallon jug and a portable water filter out of her luggage and looped around Checkmate, blitzing into her cabin bathroom. She attached the filter to the tap and placed the jug under it, flinging the faucet on as hot as it could be.

She peeked out of her bathroom, all of her Pokemon looking bewildered at the proposition of making so much for so many people, especially in the way that she implied it. However, Rei had a fire in her eyes that was all too familiar to them, signifying that yes, she really did mean it. Rei pointed at Winston, authority radiating from the tip of her finger. "You and Checkmate, keep an eye on the water. Checkmate, pull out the jug when it's filled. If the water isn't hot enough, I want you to use Will-O-Wisp on it, Winston. Just make sure you don't melt the plastic." While any onlooker would've thought that Rei sounded like a war room commander, to all of her companions this was just another day at work.

Rei continued to lay down her plans as they all cycled around the room, with such steps as having Mafia Boss use Psychic to mix some tea leaves, having Checkmate use False Swipe to chop them, and even having Winston use Thunder Wave to some effect on the brew. After she was sure her Pokemon had the brewing under control, she rifled through her luggage for the formal wear that she had brought in case she ended up being directed to someone "worth their weight in leaves," as she would say. Snagging it from the depths of her luggage, she ducked into the bathroom, locking herself in to change.


Thankfully, she was able to identify and enter the dining hall with enough time to spare, her jug in hand. She herself still had her glasses and lace gloves on, but had replaced everything from the torso down with an elegantly designed pink dress, some black fish-net tights, as well as some fancy-looking boots since she didn't much like heels. Turning and giving her name to the host, he kindly directed her to where the table is, Rei quickly taking inventory as she approached.

Not a lot of people here yet, just Emily and... one of those other guys. Ilya, I think? They seem to be talking, so I'll just take a seat. Rei nodded toward both of the other current attendants, pulling out a seat for herself and placing her brew in the center of the table before sitting down.
August 18, 2020 12:54pm
The dining hall was bustling with activity. People finding their seats, catching up with new and old friends. Once it seemed that the majority of the people had found their seats, the lights began to slowly dim until you could hardly see.

Two spotlights turned on, shining towards the large stage in the center of the room. Pink mist covered the wooden planks, slowly spilling over the stage and onto the floor of the dining hall. Before the mist could cover the entire room, it dispersed, leaving the ground to glitter like stars in the night sky.

At the same time, the two spotlights changed their colors, to baby pink and baby blue. Farah had seemingly materialized out of nowhere, and she was accompanied by a shiny Sylveon to her left, and Braixen to her right. “Hello, ladies and gentlemen!” Farah said, resting a finger on her mouthpiece, “Welcome to the first voyage of SS Ann!”

She allowed the audience to clap before she flicked her finger to signal her Pokemon that it was time. The Sylveon leaped up, her ribbons slashed at the air, sending out a stream of stars into the air. The Braixen’s silver staff glowed as she used her physic powers to freeze the stars, once they were in the center of the room. She lifted her staff, swaying it in a circular motion. The stars obeyed the witch Pokemon, orbiting around the edge of the room until the Pokemon squeezed her staff, shattering the shiny stars.

As the glitter rained on the passengers, Farah bent down to give her Sylveon, Silkie a head pat. She then petted her Braixen, Maple. She moved the mouthpiece away from her, and told her Pokemon, “Good job, I’m proud of you two.” This earned her a purr from Silkie and a happy yap from Maple.

She then looked towards the audience, “I hope you liked that brief display~!” She earned some claps, “My team and I have a lot of plans for the coming weeks! So please stay tuned, and enjoy the show.” She winked before being teleported away by her Braixen.

Farah appeared by Emilia’s table, she gave her Braixen another pet before returning the Pokemon to her ball, along with Silkie. “Sorry about that,” she muttered to Emilia and the others as she took a seat by Emilia. “My manager didn’t tell me that I was the opening person.” She looked out at the stage, where two singers were performing a song with their band.
August 19, 2020 2:34am
“Yes, I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have, Ilya. I’ll see you at dinner, then.”

Clive responded to the boy’s inquiry after it was certain that his presence at the dinner was welcome. As the crowd began to disperse, Clive began to head back to his room, Zipzap and Snowcone by his side. This was turning into quite the interesting trip. He had managed to meet someone from his homeland of Galar, a bit of a rare occurrence in this part of the world, and it was a daughter of the Applingdale family! Also, for the first time in ages, someone outside of the academic world was interested in his research. A day like this did not come often, and Clive was bound and determined to make a great impression on his new acquaintances.

Having several hours before the dinner, Clive decided it would be best to continue with his work. Returning Zipzap to his Pokeball and Snowcone to her Net Ball, Clive began to focus on his research documents. While he had recently finished his work on Butterfree migration, he still had several topics to cover before he would be finished with his research of the Kantonian Bug type.

During his stay, he had noticed an oddity that had seemingly went unnoticed for decades. Upon examination of a swarm of Venonat, Clive had noticed far too many similarities between the members of the swarm and the Butterfree he had been studying. It was certainly something worth investigating. Though the evolutionary line of Venonat ended at Venomoth, perhaps the two species shared a common ancestor?

Hours passed like minutes, as they often do when Clive gets into a writing mood, and soon it was nearly time for dinner. Clive, suddenly realizing how little time he had, sprung into action. After rummaging through all his luggage, Clive came to a horrifying realization. He had been invited to a formal dinner and had an astoundingly low amount of formalwear. Exactly zero formalwear. His search bore such fruit as the single long-sleeve button up that he owned, patterned with a wonderful mix of orange and blue plaid, a pair of khaki pants, a black tie, and a brown belt. Sadly, it would have to do.

Clive quickly got changed and grabbed his Pokeball and Net Balls, attaching them to his belt. Without his friends, Clive felt lonely. He felt bad leaving them in the room, even though they were tucked away in their safe, spherical homes. He quickly grabbed copies of several of his research papers on Galarian Bug types, hoping that Ilya would be interested enough to read through them. With his outfit sorted, he headed off towards the dining hall.


After finding his way to the hall, Clive realized he was just on time. He could hear Farah's voice as she concluded some sort of introduction to the dinner. The host at the front greeted him with a smile, but Clive noticed that they looked him up and down and that the smile was more of a mocking one. He stuck out like a sore thumb in this hall full of finely dressed people.

“I’m here meeting a party. The reservation should be under the name Applingdale, though perhaps, if she was specific enough, it would be under Blything.” Delivered just as he had rehearsed on the way over. The host’s eyes widened a bit when Clive mentioned Emilia’s name. The surprise quickly faded, replaced with an emotionless, practiced smile, and the host lead Clive to the table.

Upon arrival, Clive saw that he was the last to join. Taking a seat next to Ilya, he noticed that he was seated nearly as far away from Emilia as possible. This was probably for the best. He was thankful for the invite, but glad that he wasn’t close enough to invite more of her ire. Hopefully he would be able to patch things up from a distance.

Turning to Ilya, Clive reached into his bag and brought out the several papers he had brought along. “I was surprised when you took an interest in my research, Ilya. It’s not so often that I meet another interested in my field.”
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