Secret Santa 2020

It may be 2020, but we can have fun still

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October 10, 2020 7:34pm
Thanks to popular demand, we are bringing back our Secret Santa event.

Please comment down below if you want to participate. We would also like you to state if you are uncomfortable or comfortable receiving a physical gift. Of course, this means we will need your address. For your safety, Frosti or I will PM you for the address, DO NOT give it to anyone else/post it on here. Also, physical gifts are limited to those that are 13 years or old, thank you.

Along with your comment, please include a shortlist of hints for the person who will be your secret Santa. For example, if you would like art of a specific character, or if you have a favorite Pokemon that you would love to receive in the plush version, mention that! It’s good to provide a wide description so that it’s easy for someone to come up with a gift for you.

Remember, you are not limited to physical gifts. You can draw, write, create music, base themes- anything that you can come up that would make a nice gift for that person. Do not limit yourself, get creative!

Please sign up by November 1st to join.

Let us know if you don't get a present by December 31st let Frosti or I know, so we can do something about it.
October 11, 2020 6:16pm
Helloooo! :D I'd love to participate in this year's Secret Santa event!

I am comfortable with sending/receiving physical gifts (though for sending physical gifts, I'm only comfortable with sending within the US and Canada).

Here's a list of hints for my Secret Santa:
  • My favorite Pokemon are: Charizard, Flygon, Tyranitar, Haxorus, Krookodile, Altaria, Donphan, Entei, Groudon, Politoed, Quagsire, Sceptile, Shuckle, Torkoal, and applicable pre-evolutions (see what I already have in my collection here!)
  • I'm a huge fan of physical versions of items that exist in the Pokemon games
  • I'm a Pokemon card collector
  • I also love everything and everyone from these non-Pokemon franchises: Animal Crossing, Mario, Kirby, Pikmin, Spyro, and Metal Gear Solid
  • I LOVE custom charms, acrylic stands, pins, art prints, and digital art!

Super excited about this! <3
October 11, 2020 8:44pm
YES I'm so excited to do this again!

I'm comfortable with sending and receiving physical gifts, though I'd prefer to not have to send things outside of the US/Canada.

Some hints and interests
  • Pokemon ofc, my absolute favs are the Porygon line (all of them), but others I like include Wooper, Absol, Misdreavus, Snom, and pretty much any Poison types.
  • Other franchises I love are Monster Hunter, The Elder Scrolls, Metal Gear Solid, Payday, Hazbin Hotel, and RWBY. Anything from any of these is probably a safe bet.
  • History is probably the biggest interest of mine, I know that's a bit vague and not really a tangible thing, but like, books or relevant art, or really anything that has some kind of historical background to it, I guarantee I'll find it interesting.
  • Weapons, I guess? Idk a better way to really put it. It's probably my weirdest interest but like... I appreciate cool knives and stuff like that lol
  • If you can't/don't want to send physical gifts, any kind of creative anything made for me will be loved and cherished forever, and if it's art it'll probably end up being my pfp for a while (with permission and properly credited). I also have a decently sized Steam wishlist, but feel free to send anything on Steam that you think I'll enjoy. FPS and strategy games are probably the two things I tend to play most, but I'll try anything!

Thanks to Sky and Frosti for setting this up again! I'm looking forward to it
October 12, 2020 9:06am
*Cat bongos*

I'm comfortable sending and recieving physical gifts, and I'm happy to ship anywhere but I can't guarantee it'll arrive on time with international post. ^^; Please note we're based in the UK.

For hints and interests:
  • Favourite Pokémon are: Sceptile, Snom, Flygon, Purrloin, Luxray, Mareep, Eeveelutions, pretty much anything Fakemon. But I also don't really dislike any Pokémon either! Pokémon's almost always a safe bet.
  • Outside of Pokémon, I'm still into Homestuck, and freakin' love cats, foxes and birds. Pastel and that sort of aesthetic is a very quick and easy way into my heart. We like collecting original art prints, stickers, etc. from small artists too.
  • To be honest if you gave me a rock because you saw it and thought of me I would probably happy cry.
  • Anything LGBT pride related, or System pride related.
  • Custom art etc. is always an option! We have our system's fursonas and our OCs listed here if you wanna check em out.

Thanks for setting this up!! I hope everyone has a good time with this.
Is changing my signature legal?
October 13, 2020 8:08pm
woohoo secret santa!!! it was so wholesome seeing everyone post their gifts last time, it's great this event is being brought back!

I am comfortable sending and receiving physical gifts within the US & Canada, though I'd be equally happy to be matched with someone from elsewhere for a digital exchange :^)

anything related to the following sparks major joy :
  • stationery!!! pretty paper, stickers, funky/collectible stamps, colored pens/inks, letter sets, etc.
  • ghibli films! particularly nausicaa, princess mononoke (i love yakul so deeply), and castle in the sky
  • houseki no kuni! watermelon tourmaline, antarcticite, and ghost quartz are my favorites
  • anything trans pride! goofy pride-related animal art (worm on a string, frogs, etc) makes me wiggle w/ joy
  • other misc things that i Luv, in no particular order: turtwig, luxray, waddle dee, jinbe-san, moss, those d&d dice with flowers in them, mostly anything nature themed
October 15, 2020 12:52am
Yess I love this!! I'm so glad I get the chance to participate this time! :D
I’m comfortable sending, but not receiving physical gifts considering the high shipping costs for sending oversees, and since most people on here seem to be from the US I don’t want youl to pay too much! if i send you something it might take more time though!

Some of my interests:
  • Favourite Pokémon: poliwag, politoed, aggron, treecko, grovyle, murkrow, skarmory, absol, umbreon, zangoose, sableye, mightyena (pretty much dark types in general)
  • Neopets! favourite pets being Hissi, Techo and Shoyru or characters like Lord Kass/King Jazan!!
  • Digimon: My favourites being Gatomon, Agumons entire line, Veemon (but I like most digimon from the early days)
  • I love mythology, mostly creatures that are bird/reptile-like
  • I love the vaporwave/80s/cyperpunk aesthetic !!

October 22, 2020 10:06pm

I'm good with sending or receiving physical gifts, fine with
whatever location. Also totally fine with digital gifts!

Things I like:
• Pokemon (specifically Furret, Whimsicott, Polteageist)
• Arknights
• Hololive (favorites are Kiara, Korone, and Fubuki)
• Fire Emblem: Three Houses (BIG FAVE is Edelgard... I love her)
• I really like trying new snacks, especially sweets!
• Anything cute and/or fluffy
October 24, 2020 6:58am
every time someone posts I start plotting what I could get them.......... secret santas are so fun!! :")
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